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hello my love's and welcome back to my

channel it's your big sis of YouTube CC

here and today I'm going to give you

guys tips on how I raise my credit score

over 300 points in less than 3 months

when I was younger growing up and then

throughout high school transitioning to

adulthood nobody told me about a credit

score nobody told me about finances I

had absolutely no idea I was taking out

tons of credit cards and spending it on

things not realizing that I would have

to pay back the money plus interest and

just making the minimum payment would

not cover the cost and if you miss

payments eventually any bill you have

you miss payments it goes into

collections and that affects your credit

score negatively which I'm sure you guys

are all finding out or have found out

which is what brought you to this video

so I'm going to tell you guys how I

pulled myself out of a $5,000 debt you

ended up raising my credit score over

300 points in less than three months in

just quick and easy steps this video is

not sponsored in any way by any credit

company this is exactly just me getting

my life together finally at the age of

24 almost 25 realizing like I'm gonna

wanna buy a house soon and I'm screwed

the first thing you need to do is check

your credit score and get a rough

estimate ahead about where you're

sitting I use what is it called Credit

Karma I know a lot of youtubers on here

work with credit Sesame

honestly I've actually tried credit

Sesame I didn't like it

Credit Karma is where it's at it's free

to use they give you a ballpark estimate

they send you email updates when

something gets paid off when your score

goes up etc and I just prefer that one

like I said this video is not sponsored

but that's just one I prefer but you can

use any of them credit Sesame and then

once a year you can actually check your

FICO score through like TransUnion which

is the actual like company that does all

the like credit whatever and you can see

what you have so give a ballpark

estimate about what you had first

checked my score I'm gonna be completely

transparent I was sitting at 300 which

is horrible

if it goes up to about 820 or 840 sorry

there's something in my eye and for me

to be at a 300 it was like extremely

poor I had multiple bills in collections

medical bills passed previous random

invoices because you can always find a

way to owe someone money and

was me my parents we're not gonna help

me get out of it they had to struggle

through this and I wish they would at

least taught me how to be more credit

smart so that's why I'm here telling you

guys just don't do the credit card thing

don't do the credit thing don't miss any

payments if you do have the credit thing

like I could do a whole video on credit

and taking out credit cards if you guys

want to see that but just steer your

click I knew I had to do this on my own

actually of a video where I talked of

how I paid off the five thousand dollar

debt but I'm just gonna give you some

quick tips on what helps me raise my

score the first tip that I have is

anything that is in collections pay that

first and check and see if you can

actually pay not the company that it

went to collections to but the main

actual company things could take it off

your credit report faster they might

even disappear from your credit report

so for example let's say you owe money

to the doctor's office which I had a

medical bill in collections don't pay

the company who keeps contacting you pay

the actual doctor's office if you still

can if you can't then obviously pay the

collections agency but if you have a

chance to pay the doctor pay there it'll

get off your credit report faster none

of this really gets reported onto your

credit which is nice for future and like

I said sometimes it will just disappear

which is wonderful

so anything it's in collections you need

to take care of that right away and pay

that number too you need to go through

your budget you need to see where all of

your money is going each month and

anything that is unnecessary I know it's

gonna suck but it'll help you in the

long run you need to cut that off so if

you have unlimited gigabytes on your

phone and you know that you don't

necessarily need that you can constrict

yourself and sacrifice it only take

three to five gigabytes a month and cut

off that extra chunk of $30.00 do that

if it means cancelling your Netflix

subscription 20 not 20 dollars a month

it's like 10 dollars a month and you're

gonna have to stop binge watching all

your shows then do that there's always a

friend you can ask to borrow theirs and

use theirs and that will save you $10

which doesn't seem like a lot but $10 a

month going to something that is in you

know collections or a debt that you're

paying it's gonna help your credit score

so number three stocks but make payments

on your bills that are debt higher than

what you normally

make a vow to yourself maybe 10% more

maybe 20% more whatever you can do

because it will snowball and your bills

will get paid off quicker and it's

amazing I also start with the smaller

bills pay those fully off first and then

make way so the bigger bills like us

know well smaller and it gets to bigger

and then next thing you know it's like

addicting to pay off your debt once you

start you you're like wow I paid that

off next next next it's like a checklist

you really do feel accomplished but if

you can make payments higher than the

minimum payment also for other bills if

you think your payments are too high and

you really are strapped in you can call

them up and ask if you can make smaller

payments most of the time they'll let

you because they'd rather get your money

that they know and could count on

getting they're not getting paid at all

so you can call them you can work with

them you can see what you can do if

you're low income sometimes they'll

waive the bills you just have to call

and use that communication and see what

you can do

lastly this is where I come in I'm very

faith-based and spiritual but I believe

that giving will get you more and I know

that it's like psycho because so many

people think like no if I give all my

money I'm gonna have nothing but for me

I am Christian and I do believe in

tithing and tithing is giving 10% of

your monthly income or however much

incoming money you get to the church so

every time I get paid for something 10%

automatically gets ties to my tithes to

tithe to my church

I just do it online and I cannot tell

you guys the amount of blessings I have

received in return and that is me just

being 100% faithful in God that he has

got me and it's proven true for me every

time I also have a story my parents they

we I mean they're very established now

which is awesome but they had me when

they were super young and younger than I

am now and so obviously they're not

going to have their life together at 20

and so growing up we don't have a lot of

money we weren't fairly good but you

know not taught ins and my parents were

always just tithing and showed me what

it was like to tithe and they were

blessed with a lot like I kid you not

you guys a large sum of money out of the

blue for something that I'll remain I'll

keep private but and it just completely

turned their whole life around and

like it's such a testament so I believe

in tithing I believe in giving let's say

you don't want to give your money to a

church because honestly you don't you

think it's a load of crap give to people

if you see someone homeless on the side

of the road you don't have to give them

money give them a meal give them clothes

giving them something go through your

closet donate I believe that putting

good out into the world you are going to

get it in return whether you think it's

the universe whether you think it's God

whether you think it's just karma

whatever you think

give and you will receive back tenfold I

promise you

just remember it's gonna take sacrifice

it's gonna take time it's not gonna

happen overnight but once you get

started like I said it's like an

addiction that you just can't stop

paying your bills and then next thing

you know 300 points later in three

months after paying off all of your

bills and following these steps you will

feel so accomplished at your beautiful

credit score obviously a 600 is nowhere

near close to a perfect score but I

think to take it from a 300 to if six

hundred and three months is just

absolutely amazing I'm not perfect I

still slip up and I'm learning and that

is us as human beings we are learning I

hope this video helps you if it does

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you have and I will talk to you guys in

the next video be some blessing so what

what holla'd should baby boy Bobby