Three Way Calling on Your iPhone

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hey guys today's video is in a slightly

different format than normal because it

involves placing a phone call and my

recording software doesn't work while

calling so I have to do this video kind

of with a with another camera while I

use the phone so hopefully that will

suffice it's actually a really simple

video today I'm just going to be showing

you how to place a 3-way phone call it's

a simple process but it's really

important and a lot of guys don't know

how to do it so you're going to start

just by placing a normal phone call so

I'm going to just call my own cell phone

here for for this example so once the

phone call comes through you'll notice

this option will kind of light up and

that's the add call it's not let up

there to goes so that is the add call

button I don't know if you can see that

how well it's focused here in the video

you'll you'll click on this and then now

you'll select the second person you'd

like to call who you'd like to add to

the call so I don't have any other

numbers in here so I'm just going to

call the office wait for the automated

automated machine to answer so there's

these options down here merge calls and

swap currently I'm on the line with the

office take speaker off I could swap

back to to my first recipient but what I

actually want to do right now is I want

to talk to everybody at the same time in

a conference call so I'm going to hit

merge calls and just like that I have a

conference call so now all three of us

are connected in so my phone is

connected to this phone here and also

connected to the office line so it's

that simple

so hopefully that helps you guys out if

you guys need any clarifications just

shoot me an email or give me a call or


they'll address is G wolf at Timberwolf