How To Do A 3 Way Call

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okay so in this video I'm going to be

sharing with you exactly how to do a

three-way call for your network

marketing business it's very very

powerful if you're doing them you're

probably doing well if you're not doing

them you're probably not doing so well

and it's kind of nowadays there's two

ways of doing it the way the world is

and especially with me I love building

my business using Facebook right

especially about using my personal

profile and in the messenger so people

are now doing physical phone calls

people are now doing them on zoom'

people are now doing them on skype but

also people are now starting to do them

in the facebook Messenger but there's a

particular process which works always

alright and there's three people

involved in a three-way call obviously

there's you there's your prospect and

then there's your upline and the offline

can be your immediate upline it can be

your plans or plans or plan up signs or

plan Chum I don't even know if I said

the word upline there but chances are

your immediate applying might not know

or might not be the exact best exact

best person to do a three-way call with

and here's why over 90% of what plans

aren't capable of getting you to where

you want to get to but that's the great

thing about network marketing because

you can leverage someone else so if you

you know if your upline says hey you

know I can share my story but I might

not be able to answer the questions you

just asked an offer another apply

another upline another real plan alright

it's it's a crazy statistic because

guess what guys the large majority of

that percentage

unfortunately it's made up of people who

quickly industry and quit the business

right it just happens right or not

taking it very seriously or it's just a

hobby or I'm happy making one hundred

dollars a week

one hundred dollars a month whatever it

might be which is which is still great

but okay there is something called the 3

Way called triangle right you might have

seen this you might not have seen this

but there's obviously three people the

blue represents the three people

involved you your prospect your upline

and then the red represents what happens

between each person so for example there

is trust built between you and your

prospect so you might have seen another

video of me where I've mentioned you've

got to make trust to sale especially

nowadays on social media trust is

everything okay now your job is to edify

you rot plan so you have to basically

make your outline look super super good

which then creates respect between your

prospect and our plan because your

upline chances are is a massive stranger

to your prospect at this stage so that's

basically take a screenshot or write it

down scribble it down whatever you need

to do alright because I'm now going to

talk to you about how you actually do

this so let's talk I'm going to talk

about two things maybe a zoom call a

Skype call a phone call and then the

messenger how you do it in the facebook

messenger so here we go now on a

physical phone call a lie sorry zoom or

a Skype you're going to start the call a

lot and you're going to introduce your

prospect you can introduce your prospect

to your plan so you're going to say

something like this Bob I want to

introduce you to my awesome upline Simon

Simon is my op plan he's the person who

introduced me into this opportunity and

he's absolutely incredible he's been

involved he's been involved me industry

for 20 years five years three years a

year however long it might be and he's

had remarkable results even better than

than I have all right I'm done that's

all I really need to say okay then you

can go on and that's a very simple

simple way to edify now what I highly

encourage you to do is go to your upline

and say to them how should i best edify

you because they might give you because

everyone's different they might say

listen I've been involved for this long

I've made this amount I've recruited

this many people I've helped X number of

people get to six figures I've traveled

to this all these different things I

can't teach that on this video because

everyone's different alright hence why

it was might not sound as powerful as

when I've just done it right so with

that being said you then go and say to

your upline - how exactly you met so how

you met your prospect compliment them

okay and then get them to share their

vision belief and story and experience

alright so something like this Simon

this is my great friend Bob we met

recently on Facebook or we met at the

supermarket six months ago or we been

friends for 20 years I think he would be

absolutely incredible at this


and he's seen some of the information

but with it I would love it if you could

share your story your experience your

vision and belief for this opportunity

and maybe answer any questions you might


all right then guess what's going to

happen you'd say absolutely nothing

because your plan is going to use their

experience to leverage your relationship

and take over the process hey hey you

they might even actually close the

person for you all right especially if

they know what they're doing they'll do

that and help you out all right so that

is how you do a powerful three-way call

the three people involved that you need

to create you've got you've already got

the trust or you need to create the

respect by edifying your plan and

remember my challenge my challenge to

you right now is to go to your upline

and ask them how do i best edify you all

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