Iphone 3 way call instructions

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okay this is a video on how to do a

three-way call first you tap on your

phone you're in your contacts could be

here could be there could be favorites

it could be recent calls but you just

got to start with calling somebody so in

this one we're going to use Walgreens

which is W a oops L which is this guy

so we tap we tap the number we're

calling take note of right there

add call once the call has begun then

you hit add call now we're going to use

this one right here ready to go

you can punch the number in if you want

like if you have it right here like I

said we're going to use this one so we

hit this one we call this one now you

see how it says hold now once that's

done and once this is begun and this one

is on hold then you see you've got merge

calls and you hit that and now it says

Kenny road oops

and Abington so that's pretty much how

you do it now you've got both of them on

the call and yourself and then if you

want to add another one you do it again

and I think you can do up to six people

all right I hope that really helped if

it didn't I'll try it again