How To Create A Second Instagram Account With One Email (2020)

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are you wondering how to create a second

instagram account with one email

or how to switch between multiple

instagram accounts on

iphone or android in this short tutorial

i will show you how you can have

multiple instagram accounts with one


and how to add multiple instagram

accounts on one device

it's actually very easy but you may be


why you would want to add a second

instagram account well there are many

different reasons but one of the main

reasons is you may have a personal

account and a business account

and you don't want to have to be logging

in and out each time you're switching


and sometimes you might even forget your

password so it becomes very inconvenient

therefore you can miss some of your

messages on either account

also because you may may not want to

have to set up an additional email

just make another instagram account when

you can do it from your existing one in

just two minutes or less

so let's dive in but before we do

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now the first step on how to make

multiple instagram accounts with one


is to go to your existing account and go

to the very

top and before we do that i actually

just want to tell you that you can

actually add

up to five different accounts on one


so the way to do it is by clicking the

very top the three

uh lines at the very top right

next you go into your settings

and from settings you scroll down

and you click on add account

and you'll create new account okay so

once you do that you basically just put

in your new username

and your password and it's very


you can definitely do that on your own


that's it that is how you make multiple

instagram accounts with the same

email okay now when you're on your home


the way to toggle between the two

accounts is if you go to the very top

you can either click on the down arrow

or your name

and it'll show you your other accounts

all you have to do is click on the

account that you want to toggle between

it's really that simple if you enjoyed

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