How to Make Two Separate Facebook Accounts on the Same Laptop : Keeping Up With Technology

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hi I'm Jane Ratliff with blue hair

technology and today I'm going to show

you how you can login to Facebook on

your PC and actually login and have two

different Facebook accounts open at the

same time it's actually very simple

because each person has a unique

Facebook account you can you can log in

to multiple Facebook accounts on your PC

you just need to know the username and

password so what I have here is I have

gone to facebook.com WWF facebook.com

and I have logged in to a Facebook

account of Edie castner's Facebook

account you can see it up here you can

see it's Ed's account he's logged in

with his username and password now let's

say I want to log into my account on

this PC I have two options i can

actually totally log him out and then

log in as me or I can open up another

tab in internet explorer and I'll show

you that option first so if I tap on new

tab I actually would go to facebook.com

it brings up Ed's account again because

it remember that from the last time but

I'm going to come over to into the

Facebook toolbar click on the Settings

and log out now I have the option to log

in to my account which I'll do now

now my Facebook account is up Jayne

Ratliff and then I can come over here

and click on this tab and have Ed's

Facebook account up now let's just say

that we didn't want to do it that way

we just wanted one web page open I'm

going to come over to this web page and

delete it by pressing this X button so

now we're on it we have one tab open we

have one Facebook account open we don't

want to have EDS open anymore we want to

login to ours or into mine come over

here into the settings I click on the

Settings icon

I click logout it logs me out of that

one it automatically assumed that I

wanted to have mine open because I open

up this app that one a lot but we can

actually log out of that one I'll log

out and now we can log into anyone's

Facebook account so it's very easy to

have multiple Facebook accounts open on

one laptop whether it's logging out of

one logging into another or having

multiple tabs opened I'm Jane Ratliff

with blue hair technology and that's how

you log in to multiple Facebook accounts

on one PC