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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

Julien is turning 1 this month and we

are having a birthday party for him

tomorrow on Saturday it's a couple weeks

early because we're here in Michigan we

want all of our friends and family to

celebrate with us here's my confidence

no yeah but I did a little Instagram

story telling you guys how I was kind of

prepping and planning it's a Mickey

Mouse themed party he's turning 1 and I

got an overwhelming response that you

guys would love to see a video basically

just sharing how I'm setting up the

party kind of like the food decor all

that just to get some good in spell if

you're planning a Mickey Mouse birthday

you will be vlogging it yeah but this is

just more of the party prep all that so

I've seen people do these awesome cheese

boards my mom's really good at them so

she told me like a list of what to get

she's actually at our house watching

Julianne right now so I'm gonna go get

all these things I'm here at Whole Foods

and it's probably gonna cost me an arm

and leg to buy all these like fancy

cheeses from here what because I just

feel like fancy cheese you know it's

like so expensive are we gonna fancy

cheese well I'm not gonna get like

slices of cheddar so we're gonna do like

a cute and good cheese board for all the

adults and then we're also doing pizza

so that will just like pick up tomorrow

and then we're gonna get drinks in here

and stuff like that so we're gonna get a

kind of an array let's go in


I got all the goods from Whole Foods and

it wasn't too bad we also got dog foods

that kind of added up our total but now

I'm gonna go to probably Target and get

wrapping paper for his presents I'm

gonna get like Little Red Solo cups

they're actually think it'll be cute

because they're kind of like red the

party's already white and black so that

kind of goes with the theme and I'm also

gonna get just like Coke and pop and

stuff like that they're to have four

drinks for everyone I don't like to get

stuff like that Whole Foods cuz I just

feel like first of all they don't even

have Coke there and second of all why

waste money on things like that so

Julian loves that eco but he doesn't

what everybody else does it's also gonna

be really hard you guys know I've been

doing no dairy or gluten to be all

what's hidden like just do all this and

not have a bite of his cake I wasn't

planning on it but I am gonna make a

gluten and dairy free cupcake so I will

show you guys that in this video too so

you guys know I've been trying to do a

little bit of a different diet lately so

I'm making these for myself and also my

really likes them so if anybody wants

them there are these simple Mills

chocolate cupcakes these are the

ingredients so super good ingredients

they taste amazing

and I also love the frosting that goes

with it so I'm gonna be making these and

then I will show you guys everything

else in the morning

don't tell anybody I'm having one before

hey guys so it is the next day I am

literally in the middle of doing my

makeup I have like foundation on my lips

my eyelashes are all wonky but you can

see my hair so I think it's really cute

we just did some lowlights and we toned

my highlights so it'll probably get

lighter the next couple times I wash it

but I wanted to go darker and a little

bit shorter this is all my natural hair

so I'm really liking it but I do want to

get like the rest of my makeup on so

it's 11:15 Julian's party is at 10:30 or

12:30 and me you can probably see him

back there

eating his awful he woke up super late

this wine which was actually really nice

because I got to do the dishes and clean

the house up so that is like the most

important part it's just you know

getting your house in order and I feel

like as long as you do that and you have

food and drinks for everyone the rest is

not that big of a deal but I enjoy doing

stuff like this and then it gives me

something to film for you guys so what

I'm gonna do now is show you everything

that I bought yesterday and then I'm

gonna set it all up so Michael went to

Julian fabrics and bought me this craft

paper it's like a light brown color and

I'm gonna lay it across my counter and

use this as like my tray

I saw Marina McEvoy do it on Instagram

and it looked so cute and it just looked

like so like plush and it was like so

much food it looked awesome so and you

guys should definitely follow her she

has like the best fashion and beauty

stuff but I got the idea from her so I'm

gonna lay it down and fill it up with

the food but first I'll show you what

food I got so here's the food spread

I've got some apples grapes and then I

always think some berries are really

good on a cheese board so I've got

strawberries blueberries blackberries of

course got the meat we've got some

prosciutto some salami and yeah just

different types of salami they didn't

have the hugest selection of me at Whole

Foods I normally would go to like this

little Italian market we have here

that's really nice but I just didn't

have time so I went to Whole Foods so I

also got

some caramelized pecans some Spanish

cocktail mix always think some little

nuts are good to have of course all the

cheese I got some soft cheese and some

harder cheese like Parmesan I got the

brie stuff like that I mean you got your

crackers these are our favorite crackers

oh my god ignore my nails they're so

good they're better than Ritz rosemary

olive oil these are really great if you

want something super crunchy and then I

thought these do be nice if you wanted

something more like buttery and

Mediterranean with the olives I got the

little pickles sea salt caramels I'm

gonna cut these up in fours it's always

nice to have some sort of chocolate but

I also have chocolate chips too I have

some dates I thought it might be nice to

lay out I got some fig spread I have a

ton of honey and then I do have some

toothpicks too so let's set this all up

and I'm in my pajamas still let me tell

you having the baby out other than in is

so much man yah yah way so I did see

this craft paper on Amazon too but I

just forgot to order it but I will show

you all the like decorations and stuff

because most of those I got on Amazon

too and then if you guys actually want

to see the party we're gonna vlog it

later today too

oh wow


now I guess we just lay everything on

the table it's really weird to not have

like platters and plates a cheese board

is done I went ahead and added

everything that I showed you guys and

that any kind of like spot so there

wasn't I just did like some chocolate

checks to kind of fill it in but I think

that was just enough food it filled the

counter like it looks really good so

good and I went ahead and just kind of

already chopped up some of the cheese so

it's easy to grab and like the

prosciutto I put it in bite-sized pieces

so that way it's easy to just pick it up

with your hand and we have the little

spread here and everything that's dry I

put on the paper so you just want to

make sure like the grapes and the

berries once you wash them that you dry

them so that doesn't like seep

everywhere you know what I mean like

this kinda cuz you don't want to get

soggy since this is paper so the little

pickles and olives I put in bowls look

it yeah that's really cool and then I

got these little plates off of Amazon

just easy kind of like paper plates and

forks and spoons and then this is like

the table with this cake it looks so

cute so this tablecloth is from Amazon

and then I got the little runner I

thought the black and white looked cute

since everything's black white red the

little pops of yellow I got the napkins

off Amazon where'd you get these other

things where did I get those target

target yep turgut in this candle

actually it's like wait yeah it's good

yeah got a yellow cuz Mickey the thingy

back made her famous cookies famous

cookie so assistant colors and I even

following these little straws that have

Mickey ears on them and stuff and the

red cups that go perfectly so the cake I

just searched like a Michigan what did I

search something kind Instagram like


kake's or something like that I found

this woman her name was big savvy and

she did a really good job yeah that's

really nice try it and look super

professional and really good she did a

great job so this is the one that he's

gonna like smash into and eat and then

we can all meet this one oh but it also

made those cupcakes there to get those

out too

those are good ones you're healthy

cupcakes I didn't see I had to rebuy it

boy I checked out and then I saw that

one yeah there's six yellow six black

six red and then two like Mickey ones

I almost forgot to grab all of the

Mickey ears for everybody okay you guys

this is a setup I did for the cake smash

just this little banner and these

tassels on his highchair this is just

from Amazon here's his little smash cake

stand we had the cute photo props I

bought all those Mickey Mouse ears for

everyone off of Amazon they were super

cheap so I will make sure to link

everything that I purchased for the

party and used down below in the

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and I'll see you guys next time bye