Do not wear this to a Great Gatsby or 1920s theme party.

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hey dudes you like my outfit it sure

gets me party next Saturday what have

you at least watched one of the two

Great Gatsby movies well I looked at

pictures from the last event and

everybody's wearing stuff like this dude

it's an evening event at least buy or

rent a dinner suit welcome everyone to

another episode of vintage Porsche today

I would like to give you some tips how

to dress for a gets B or a 1920s themed



so this is a definite no-no don't wear

slow waist denim don't wear a slim fit

shirt don't wear a bowtie especially not

one of those that you can't tie yourself

and please don't wear clip-on braces

this is basically a very very trashy in

1920s newsboy look and hence nothing you

should wear to an evening event instead

golfer a clean black tie look the dinner

suit or tuxedo

as you would say in America actually

replaced the tail coat during the 1920s

as the official Black Tie attire don't

worry about an historical cut too much

but of course you get bonus points for

white lapels high-waisted trousers and

especially short waistcoats if you want

to stand out go for the mobster look

pick a dark blue dark grey or black suit

three-piece or double-breasted including

pin or chalk stripes even though it's

not an evening attire it's ok for most

themed parties I wouldn't recommend the

newsboy look but if you really want to

do it then do it right

braces are considered underwear so you

should cover those with a waistcoat

simply leave the bowtie it has nothing

to do with the noose girl look go for

high waist pants and short waistcoat a

light blue shirt and a white detachable

collar might give you a certain peaky

blinders Bible if you really want to

show off your braces then for God's sake

take the buttoned ones and not the

clip-ons no clip-on braces understood ok

cool I hope that helped thanks for

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