How to Get a 1800 Toll Free Phone Number in Less than 5 Minutes

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hi this is Derek with money high comm

and today we're going to be talking

about how you can get a 1-800 toll-free

number for your new business quickly and

inexpensively so why would you want a

100 number for your business first of

all it cast your business in the very

professional light it's easy for

customers that like to reach out over

the phone there's a lot of people that

like to talk to someone in person versus

reading a website or an online chat or

something through Twitter there's a lot

of folks out there that really just

enjoy the phone so making it as easy as

possible for your customers to get in

contact with you to find out about what

you're selling or what services you

offer is definitely the way to go

now you can go with a very cheap 1-800

number that's going to go straight to

one phone number and that might run you

I don't know maybe two or three dollars

a month and you're getting very

bare-bones it's not expandable if that

company ever goes under or has a problem

you're going to lose your 1-800 number

and then you basically screwed all the

customers that you've picked up over the

years that have your 1-800 number if

there's literature out there business

cards things like that those are you can

throw them all away all that marketing

is gone and you're going to have to

start with a new 1-800 number what I

recommend you do is check out I've got a

link below that you can check out to

sign up is grasshopper com what this is

is a cool way you can get your own 1-800

toll-free number they also have one

eight eight eight one eight eight seven

one eight six twenty eight five the new

ones are 184 numbers you can go ahead

and get that vanity number that might

not be taken yet so if you're selling

soap you might be able to get one 844 by

soap or something like that

so you can get that specialized number

it's with an aboveboard company you can

check it out in the link below the rates

are very

inexpensive you can their their basic

plan entry-level plan is only ten twelve

dollars a month you have a 1-800 number

and the coolest part I'm getting ready

to talk about is you can set up

unlimited number of extensions so what

that is you could have the caller

customer call be greeted with a recorded

greeting that you could either record

through the website upload mp3s or

they've got standard kind of entry

greetings and you can set up an

unlimited number of extensions sales

customer service support all those sorts

of things and you can send those out to

any phone number you want so guess what

you can send tech support to your phone

that you can answer while you're on the

road if you've got a sales buddy as part

of your business remotely in another

country or another state you can have

that go to their phone so you give the

impression to customers calling in that

you've got a huge professional a

well-established company even if you're

just an entrepreneur getting started so

it's it's really awesome in that regard

you kind of take the quality of your

business that you're presenting

customers you take it from here and you

bring it all the way up here it's

amazing and you can get all that for as

low as twelve dollars a month so I

really recommend you check it out it's

very easy to set up if you can log into

email or you even found this video you

can set up your extensions very very

easily and they like I said they offer

plans grasshopper comm from twelve

dollars all the way up to fifty dollars

a month and what's included in that is

more phone numbers that link into your


your phone tree and you can get faxes

business texts all kinds of things all

the different plans come with unlimited

extensions let's see what am i leaving

out here and you can like I said you can

go to any phone that you aren't any pho

number you want with your 1-800 number

so it's great as you scale up your

business there's no contracts you can

quit it any time there's a 30-day

money-back guarantee so it's kind of no

risk to try it out and see if you like

it and it's so easy to set up like I

said if you're watching this video you

can figure out how to get everything set

up and going you can register and get

your 1-800 number going and really less

than five minutes and what I'm going to

do right now is show you just how easy

it is to sign up for grasshopper

at grasshopper comm get your 1-800 or

your toll-free number and begin

receiving calls and you can just start

handing that number at customers you can

put it on your website all that great

stuff so without further ado let's head

over to grasshopper comm and I'll show

you how you can set up your own

toll-free number in less than 5 minutes

it's probably only going to take us 2 or

3 I'm but I'm going to say less than 5

ok let's go check it out okay I've gone

ahead and click the link that's in the

description below and you can see it

took me to grasshopper comm and these

are some of the features I was talking

about you can use an existing number if

you want to the main thing that I think

is cool is you can get a toll-free

number and you can have multiple

extensions you'll see in a minute that

you can have unlimited extensions and

the cool thing is call forwarding to

mobile phones so if you go ahead and

click up here pricing and sign up you'll

see the different plans that they have

I'd recommend if you're just getting

started and you want to kind of check it

out you can go with the cheaper plan $12

a month just to see what it's like or if

you already know and you're ready to

jump in this grow plan is a great one so

let's just go ahead and click this one

now here's the cool thing where you can

just go ahead and pick a random

toll-free number such as 844 you know

whatever this is here or the cool thing

let's just say I'm looking for a phone

number that has the word money in it

it's going to give me all of the

these unreserved numbers that I could

pick let's see if there's any 1-800

numbers no okay so there is one one

eight eight eight number so anyways you

can kind of use this too if you know

what your business is or you know what

you want your vanity number to look like

you can kind of get a pretty good vanity

number if if you if it's available and

you're creative enough to kind of mess

with that so let's just say you know I

don't know let's just pick this one okay

so I've picked that phone number you can

see here and now it's as simple as so if

you want text messaging that's cool I

don't think it's super helpful when

you're first getting started but let's

move ahead now you basically just are

going to enter in all your payment

information here and you pretty much you

know you would put in your normal phone

number your email address how did you

hear from us let's say online vidya

putting your credit card information and

when you click here you're going to

create your grasshopper comm account and

you've got your 800 toll-free number

ready to go from there you can login and

you can set up all your extensions what

it sounds like when you call in all that

good stuff in literally less than five

minutes it's pretty easy so this was to

show you how easy it is to set this up

you can create your account and be going

in about three or four minutes it's that

easy okay I hope you enjoyed that kind a

quick walk through how you can set up

your account on grasshopper comm this

has been derek with money hoy if you

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