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so I'm about to show you how to fill out

a 1099 form for the people who work for

you this past year if you own a business

okay this is for the people who weren't

w-2 employees you didn't take any taxes

out but you still want to be able to

write off the income that you paid those

people know how to claim them on your

company's taxes so this is how you fill

out I'm going to show you right now by

the way I usually do mine through

QuickBooks Online because that's how I

do all my bookkeeping in accounting

however I'm going to just do this quick

video just to show you how to fill out a

two ninety now for anybody who wants to

see exactly how to fill out a 1099 all

right so here we go everybody so what's

up y'all AJ Simmons and my job is to

make sure that everybody he's so in this

video I want to show you how you can pay

your 1099 workers okay basically it's

going to show you how to fill out a

simple 1099 form so we go we're just

gonna go search

can I have forms and you want to look

for the PDF form straight from the IRS

okay thank you simply fill it in it's

quite simple alright so they have these

fillable boxes already here for you

well not on the rail one but on these

ones you can fill them in so you don't

want to put anything in the rent so

royal to you the other income and if

that all you want to fill in is for non

employee compensation okay so let's say

you pay the person 8,000 bucks for the

year okay and that's how you fill in and

over here you put in your companies

the company's name he address

okay and then you put your EIN amar you

okay then you put your workers Social

Security number

or you can put their kid there he I am

with will if they actually have one okay

you put the recipients name you put

their address city and that's pretty

much it I don't put anything for the

account number that doesn't apply to me

I don't check that box and I don't check

either these boxes okay and that's all

it is to it those are the only things

that you need to fill out if you just

have general 299 workers so you are not

taking taxes out for this is not applied

for w-2 workers but it's a blast for

anybody that has been a worker for you

you are required to fill one of these

forms out anybody who made at least six

hundred dollars or more in the year

worker for your company okay these forms

this year are actually due back tomorrow

January 27 2018 so yeah if you haven't

done this already I recommend that you

go ahead and fill this out submitted to

the IRS as well as give it to your

workers who have worked for you this

year okay if you're going to mill these

in print of a metal man you need to also

fill out a form 1096 to go along with

this as well as soon as a copy of the W

now form that the workers fill it out

for you when you first out okay and

those are the three things that you need

to turn on every during that worker that

you have it's gonna file online I don't

believe that you have to do 296 because

the preparation software will turn

everything in for you electronically

alright so I hope this video was able to

help I was actually doing it for my

everybody's mastermind group when I

decided you know what I'll go ahead and

put this one out on YouTube or for you

because I'm not a CPA I don't know

everything when it comes to taxes but I

can tell you what I do know based off of

my experience so hopefully this was able

to help if you see anything and I can

make corrections on or you have any

advice leave it in the comments to help

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y'all everybody

better should be the time and motor but

y'all just trying to see change like

Obama boat money ain't my only lover

that's the main goal and I'ma get it

Deal or No Deal like the game show we

like to see