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hello everyone here we are again for

another session of sellers choice

tutorials in this tutorial we will learn

how to create an A+ content on Amazon

seller central Amazon's enhanced brand

content or known as the A+ content

offers merchants a valuable competitive

advantage over other sellers Amazon

introduced a plus content to give

private label brands a powerful option

for boosting conversions the A+ amazon

enhanced brand content or EBC tool

allows sellers to add images line breaks

formatted text and other types of

content to their product description if

you wanted to succeed as an Amazon

seller you need to take every

competitive edge you can get this is why

a plus content is such a big deal it

gives Amazon sellers an unprecedented

opportunity to differentiate their

products from similar versions sold by

competitors please be advised that this

is only available for brand owners just

register your brand on Amazon's brands

registry to gain access to the A+

enhanced brand content now let us walk

you through creating your first 8 plus

enhanced brand content so let's get

started don't forget to hit the

subscribe button you start by logging

into your account at seller central that

amazon.com fill in your email address

and password and click sign in hover

your mouse to the advertising tab on top

and select 8 plus content manager on the

drop down you can create an A+ content

right away on a certain product by

clicking the create a plus button on the

recommended products but the traditional

ways to click the start creating a plus

content button located on the upper

right of the page

add the content name and select the

language content names for internal use

so just make sure to label them in a way

that you can easily remember the content

add your company logo just click the

logo area to add the image please be

advised that for logos the minimum size

for your photo is 600 pixels by 180

pixels or else they won't accept it add

your image keywords after adding the

picture and click the Add button to

confirm add the product description text

this is what the customer sees after the


let us add another item scroll down to

the bottom and click the add module and

choose the layout of your module like

adding the logo click the image area to

add the image you can select the image

or drag and drop it then add the image

keyword and click the Add button

it is up to you if you will be adding a

text description for your image do the

same thing to your other images make

sure that when you add the item they

need to be in chronological order after

adding all of the images of your module

the next thing that we need to do supply

the AS ims search for the Asin on the

search field and click the apply content

next is to review and submit the A+

content Revere content below and if

everything is all set then click the

submit for approval button

you can also select save as draft and

edit this later the new content will be

added on top of the existing content and

it may take 24 to 48 hours for it to be

approved but once it is approved you

should see your enhanced brand content

on the product description section of

your product page just so you know that

we have a lot of tutorials and webinars

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don't forget to hit the subscribe button

to stay tuned see you soon