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I went to the media room my first week

at school and I saw a place ready for

that picture of the best students of

each year in the school and I wanted to

make make myself one of those right in

our past and wag is a big deal for

secondary school students in Nigeria and

in other West African countries this is

because they get to know about their

chances of going to treasuring

institution depends largely on the

grades they make however we run into a

smart young chap named David Okura gayi

is a 15 year old boy that did motor

skill buddha's face sucessfully or made

nine amazing asus isn't that interesting

welcome to another episode of faces of

Nigeria I'm Jamie tobacco Cola

my name is David occurring I'm 15 years

and from the other schools and last born

of a farmer that died about seven years

ago I rode like the little pistol I rode

nine subjects including maps English

students came to Ballard Civic isin't

occasional for Dharma I wasn't with my


I screwed a stuffed in Collins pogba a

degree in ego sleep hours a board at my

school because the school was far from

where I'm siding schooling was

interesting but it's also had its own

challenges but I always like to study

when toast and study and I also believe

understand me because since I got my

speech I went to the media room we my

first record school and I saw a place

ready for that picture of the best

students of each year in the school and

I wanted to make make myself one of

those people so I Delta tied myself to

study to ensure that a commodity

wonderful result and I tell God that to

the piece

like I said earlier I come from family


this is because lost I lost my my dad

about seven years ago so I know names so

they did call time for fun but I tangled

that were able to overcome the situation

now getting better both ads and brace up

and take responsibility because I was

left as the only man from tried to take

care of my mom and my eldest 7 Alaska

and anita guha since quiet and calm

bonito and just line thing class also a

good way to see when think last because

I got a dog promotion and I went when

the cramming school so I was if it's

little time she wrote read this way and

she made for is hobbies I want not math


she's are not students I believe

every hotel what's white because develop

of distractions and a lot of times I

about to meet my discovery cause my

tired or have something else to you up

to take on yourself for show clothes do

your duties and order to that assigned

to me but I think good

I still true and then so concerning

subjects I'm not to be I'm also giving

english-language I didn't actually I'll

make an LED was the best English that's

my class it's makin me so I thought our

bins we can you know what I think I was

intimately and then capturing craft also

not too good in a Soviet course most of

the things are being discussed in

subjects are not family armed by tangled

I studied for the examination and attend

garage its victims

I also become a medical doctor and

teacher no Nazis like siblings my mom is

a teacher

unless Maria : this is our cultural

science and as you know as a teacher she

instilled the habits of studying from

when I was a little child show Esther

Buddha in school to study there's no way

campus as ambitious without studying I

intended in medicine investor of Legos

but just in case I get my scholarship

study abroad alderman I offered four

subjects my damn examination including

English chemistry physics and biology

and I was able to make a total score of

Gian Villante through my jam examination

another person made 332 in miles myself

but our only wonder midnight a one's

working conditions

and don't play badminton tennis chests

on board every Friday in a school spot

the organised fortunate in his footsteps

but special so I participate in any of

these events about any emotion I advise

people at about state workers initial

study hard don't depend on what you're

going to be pulled or giving me the exam

hold because that's what most students

like they believe that they can ask your

classmates the examination world and who

depend wholly or dance that was a was

something imagine why it feels like

having nine eighteen in wag another

science student you should not Pat it

income easy and for himself being raised

by a single mom it goes a long way so

what do you two do you have an inspiring

story to share with us do you have

something extraordinary that you want

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