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I'm at my sister's house right now

because their bathroom is so cute and I

have a little visitor yummy

so my hair is about I would say maybe

fifty percent dry right now as you can

see I have a really crazy Pro Pattie

washed my hair with or being volumizing

shampoo and then also their signature

conditioner when I'm doing blowouts I

feel like I love to use like anything

volumizing because it really helps like

lift your roots so I haven't prepped my

hair yet so I'm gonna do that now well

first things first

I'm going to use any oil and the oil

that you want is perfectly fine I use

the davon s OE oil now I just get two

humps in my hand like this and I pretty

much just will put this throughout the

top of my hair where I know that I have

a lot of bleach and then also throughout

the ends Meili is like wear it like to

focus everything Act next I'm going to

go in with the Devon s oi all-in-one

milk so this has a key protected in it

and just a lot of good minerals for your

hair that is super nice and because

we're gonna be putting a lot of heat on

our hair today

you just want to make sure that we are

protected in every way possible then I'm

going to go in with the kenra blow-dry

spray this stuff actually smells a quiet

it's like super crazy for those of you

guys who don't know I am a hairstylist

by trade so this is what I use and what

I do on all of my clients every single

time I give them a blowout and everybody

loves it and if I'm honest with you if

this is the question and then I get

pretty much at least three times a day

it is oh my gosh like how do you do a so

on blowout so therefore we are going to

do it today okay so now that our hair is

prepped with all of the products that

we're going to use I'm just going to

take a brush and just brush it through

and just make sure that every piece of

hair is coated with all of the products

that we just put in so now I'm going to

section off my hair I only use two

sections of mine just because my hair is

pretty fine and all

so it's not very long so I think that I

can get away with doing two sections so

all I did is I've just started it like

right above my ear that I just went all

the way back on both sides and then

we're just gonna tie this top section up

for you guys I have curly hair this

color about Dreamcoat is a necessity

100% before I started using this my hair

we just frizz up so much after I would

put all this time blow-drying all I do

is just spray this into my hair and

brush it through and it pretty much just

acts like a Brazilian Blowout in a

bottle for those of you don't know it's

like a smoothing treatment but it washes

up so you don't have to like go to the

salon and get it done every like 3 or 4

months all you do is just use this every

three times you blow-dry your hair and

it acts like a label alright so now

we're going to start the blow-dry

process I always go in with either one

of these two brushes for the most part I

like to use a bigger brush just because

it covers a lot more surface and I feel

like you get it done faster and who

wants to do blow drying their hair for

half an hour so pretty much the moment

that I'm going to be doing I am going to

show you before actually turn the iron

on you're gonna put your brush

underneath your hair like this and then

your blow-dryer goes on top of it and

you're just going to pull straight up

like this and you're gonna see me go

like this with my brush and my

blow-dryer all that suing is it's

creating your hair cuticle totally flat

so it doesn't get frizzy so and then

that's how you get like all of the

volume so when I go up like this we're

creating volume or smoothing the cuticle

and everything is just gonna lay really

really flat now





so that is one section done I will

pretty much leave these pieces until the

very end

I actually don't blow dry these a lot

I'll just use pomade and kind of smooth

it down just because these pieces are

really really prone to breakage so if

you can little heat on those as possible

and everywhere else go in with your blow

dryer it is actually really really easy

once you get the hang of it but practice

does make perfect

it took me honestly probably a solid

like I say three months until I got it

down into us comfortable with it where I

felt like I could actually leave the

house about my hair looking crazy this

side is my opposite side so I'm

right-handed so the sides a little bit

more awkward for me so same thing I'll

just put my brush underneath my hair and

my blow-dryer on top of it and just go

like this and then you see me take the

hair and kind of like a brush my hair

into it and go this way that's what's

gonna give you this little flip right

here if you can see that





so now we're going to do the back

section of the first layer I would say

this isn't gonna be the part that's a

little bit tricky just because you can't

really see it and this is why having let

the salon blow home is a little bit more

difficult just because you can't see

everything so it's like you're going out

like all of these different angles but

same thing I'm just gonna put the hair

I'm just gonna grab it like this I'm

gonna put my brush underneath it and

then I'm gonna put my blow-dryer on top

of it like this

so make sense


now we're going to move to the top

section this is my favorite part this is

where you're going to get all of your

volume and this is the best so before I

go on I'm just going to spray the top

section with my color bow drink off so

we're gonna do first we're just gonna

section it like normal we're just gonna

pull it from the back to the front and

to get this layer a little bit more

smooth than the last one like the last

one you want a lot of volume because in

that supports the top layer where this

time you want volume here versus volume

here because when your here is bigger

this way it just looks like a little

aggressive so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna blow dry it flat right now and

then I'm gonna go in with my round brush

and some tools to create volume up here










all right so now that we have the front

and the sides done now I'm going to do

the back I'm going to blow drying this

part like my crown right here is I like

to have a lot of volume right here where

I can just like go like this with my

hands and then my hair will just stay so

I'm going to section off my crown area

just like normal I'm gonna hold my hair

like this put my brush underneath my

hair and then my blow-dryer little go on

top and I'm gonna do the same thing that

I was doing here where I was over

directing and then I'm going to put my

hair and this and what it's it for like

five minutes and then it'll be perfect




right side is cooling I'm just gonna put

my arm down because it gets a little

tiring I'm not gonna lie so this is

pretty much cool I'm going to unravel it

and grab it brush it through and then

put my roller then I'm just gonna like

hold the hair right here and just wiggle

it back and forth to make sure that it's

tight and it doesn't fall out and then

you're gonna live a little crazy here we

go we're gonna leave this in for like

five minutes and then we're gonna take

it out when I take this out I'm just

gonna reel under in my bangs just to

make sure that they're nice and polished

and then yeah I'll do that in five

minutes Oh what's your name am i you're

Angie so it's been five minutes so I'm

just gonna take my clip oh sorry baby

and then take this out and just brush it

through with my brush see how much

volume thank you baby so good honestly

this is so much easier than I feel like

what people think it is

it's just mastering the technique of

using the brush with a blow dryer that

is definitely the hardest part for sure

but I don't even think I need to

blow-dry my bangs I feel like everything

what looks good and polished so yeah let

me know what you guys think if you

thought this is easy for you and you're

you know like your background noise my

niece is in the bathroom with me so yeah

but if you guys liked it let a girl know