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I still cannot believe the growth of my

channel with terraria we are currently

around 42 hundred subscribers for this

video I collected the Stardust armor and

the needing some urn accessories like

the Heartless beetle the necromantic

scroll the papyrus scarab the pygmy

necklace and two items that have nothing

to do with cemani I also got myself a

bewitching table so I can summon more

minions and a summoning potion for the

same reason we will start off with the

slime staff then the hornet staff the

IMP spider the optic pick me Raven

pirates Zeno tempest deadly swear star

to sell stuff and finally the star

distracted stuff the remaining for

summoning weapons are stationary and

will not be included in this video let's

see how much chaos we can create with a

total of 11 minions









okay I went a little bit overboard with

the editing there so let's slow down a

bit here are some of the bunch of

different creatures to see what the

effect is


thanks for watching if you have any

suggestions on future videos just leave

a comment down below do not forget to

subscribe if you like this kind of