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hey guys miss Indies yeah and welcome to

you a quick tutorial so I wanted to do a

tutorial showing you guys how you can

have more than eight sims in your

household because I've been getting

quite a few questions actually

especially on this series here at the

save we're in right now is my single dad

life save so I thought I would show you

guys in this saves since this is the

save where I have more than eight sims

so you can do this with MC command

center and I'm gonna show you guys how

to set it up it's actually super duper

simple so this video will actually

probably be pretty short into the point

so yeah hopefully this helps you guys

out if you're wanting more than eight

sims in a household that is the limit

when you have no mods and stuff but if

you have an MC command center you can

increase it and I'm also gonna go over

some ways that you can make sure your

game doesn't glitch out or you don't

lose household members so yeah

definitely pay attention to that part

because then you may end up Rangeley

having missing household members and you

definitely don't want that if had that

happen and it is literally very sad so

um basically if you go on oh my gosh

we're flowing if you go into the

computer when you have MC command center

you'll see MC command center here and

most of you guys probably know how to

install MC command center if you're

watching this video because you probably

have mods in your game and you're

looking on how to do this but if you

don't there's tutorials on how to

download mods I actually have one too so

yeah you can check that out if you want

to and then MC command center super

simple to download luckily so when

you're in MC command center you're going

to want to go to um CC settings and then

you're gonna want to go to gameplay

settings and then you're gonna want to

go to maximum household size so you

click on that and then as you guys can

see it says defines the maximum number

of sims allowed in a household so note

that if this has changed to more than

eight Sims casts will not function

correctly to show all the sims in the

household so not only does cast not

function correctly when you have more

than eight sims you can also add

cos and suddenly some of your household

members are missing it doesn't always

happen but it definitely can it happened

to me once so minimum value is 8 and

then maximum is 25 so I actually have

mine set to 25 I'm definitely not gonna

have 25 cents but I just set it to the

highest because it isn't like do

anything that would like slow down your

game it just means that you can have up

to 25 cents in your household so that's

pretty cool and then you just set it

like that it may tell you you need to

restart your game so if that's the case

then just restart your game after you do

that and then you'll be all good to go

so once you do that you're gonna be able

to just have more hustled numbers your

Sims can get pregnant even when there's

already a sim so as you guys can see

here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and because pets

do count and then we also have a

pregnant sim over here she's a teenager

she is pregnant and then we're gonna

have 10 so she was able to get pregnant

and just like easy it didn't say that we

have like the maximum amount of

household members so that's awesome so

next thing if you want to give your sim

a makeover or anything like that

basically let's say we want to give a

Sophie out makeover we would go ahead

and click on her and then go to MC

command center and then we would go to

sim commands don't click modify and Cass

don't do that don't go in the mirror

don't like don't hold shift and click

modifying cos don't do that

does MC command center symma commands

make sure you go to send commands and

then modify it in casts so you want to

do it here because it's modifying just

this sim so then modifying cost and then

you'll see then when you get brought in

to create a sim it's just this one sim

and that way you'll be sure to not mess

up anything with the other sims

you know you're just editing one sim so

yeah you can't do make over system like

multiple Sims at a time but you know if

you really want more than a sims it's

honestly so worth it so you know you

just give her your makeover this version

of kratom looks a little different you

can't see their name and stuff but

everything still works you know you can

edit them hungry would like to you and

then once you're done just you know of

course checkmark and it won't mess

anything up so if you were should just

go in to create us in the regular way

you do have definitely a chance

you go back in your game and suddenly a

household member is gone it doesn't

happen every time but it definitely can

and you're not gonna be able to edit all

your household members to you because

the creative self only lets you do eight

so you're gonna have like certain

household members that you just can't

add it in there which sucks so doing it

that way will prevent all of that and

everything will be good as you guys can

see all the household members are still

here so yeah super duper simple you

can't I don't believe you can change the

household members through here like you

need to do it on a computer's and make

sure you have a computer and yeah it's

really that simple you guys that's

pretty much it like so simple but I

definitely wanted to do a video like

actually showing you guys for the people

asking because that's just easier

because if I mentioned in a random video

a lot of people asking won't even see

that video so definitely wanted to do a

separate one so yeah like I said just

MCC settings and then gameplay settings

and then maximum household size change

it you probably have to restart your

game go back in and then you're good to


and you can have up to 25 cents how

awesome is that you guys that's awesome

he looks so emotionless but that's

basically a super short to the point and

yeah I hope you guys found that helpful

if you guys were wondering how to do

that and I haven't experienced any

glitches or anything like that I haven't

even experienced any extra lag I mean

this save is pretty huge anyways and

there's a lot of mods using the save and

increasing the household hasn't like

increased lag in any way I'm not sure if

you were to have like 25 Sims it

probably would but yeah if you just have

like a few extra maybe you want like 12

Sims you should be fine um I guess every

computer is different so I don't know

for sure but I haven't had any issues

having 9 Sims and then number 10 is on

the way so yeah you guys that's pretty

much it I'm gonna wrap this up here I

hope you guys enjoyed this I guess there

was really short but yeah hopefully it

was helpful I hope you guys are all

having an amazing amazing day and don't

forget to leave some positivity at

downbelow I love you guys also so much

and I will see you guys in my next video

bye guys