⭐︎80's π‘¨π’†π’”π’•π’‰π’†π’•π’Šπ’„ ⭐︎ // Finding Your Aesthetic #26

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hey yo bro babies and welcome back to my

channel today I am here to do another

how to be an aesthetic video and today

I'm doing the how to be 80s retro so I'm

gonna teach you how you can become super

statically pleasing like the characters

from stranger things my first tip to

becoming a retro is to wear denim a lot

of the times when you watch movies that

are set in the 80s or or filling the in

issue will see people who wear a lot of

denim and you will also be seeing super

oversized denim jackets go for the denim

if you want to look really retro

especially double denim the second tip

is crewnecks a lot of the times if you

watch 80s programs as well or just see

people who generally mimic the 80s retro

style you will be seeing people who wear

tunics a lot this also applies for

having a 90s kind of style but it was

definitely also think that was very

widespread in the 80s especially in very

bright colors with adidas or Nike or

similar brands the next thing you're

gonna be aware of is wearing stripes

this might also be a little more of a

70s thing I definitely see a lot of

people who try to feel that retro by who

wear a lot of striped skirts or striped

turn legs and the next tip that I have

is whit breakers you cannot go skiing or

be active if you don't have a navies

windbreaker or the whole windbreaker

suit the next tip that I have is

accessories you have to be very certain

about the accessories if you want to

have that kind of a deist look instead

of just going for a different look you

could also maybe get a dad hat or maybe

a JanSport backpack or a Polaroid camera

which would also make you look kind of

retro it would definitely make you seem

like you know something about being

retro another tip that is super useful

when going into the retro setting is not

buying from new clothing stores it's

going to the first store a lot of the

times people will go to brandy Melville

or forever 21 thinking I'm gonna look

retro or 80s but in reality if you


dat should go to the birth store you can

find Tommy Hilfiger jeans Levi's jeans

you can find actual authentic age

clothing in thrift stores and sometimes

you might be a little surprised about

what is actually a tease because people

who tend to think that ease is just only

stranger things but a lot of the times

people also wore really weird things in

the eighties the last and final thing

that is a great tip on how to look age

is choosing your shoes correctly in the

80s the sneakers that we see around

today or not really the same one that's

back then you would see converse as we

do see today but we would also see

Reebok shoes and Reebok shoes are not

shoes I've seen for a very long time but

they were definitely super popular in

the 80s and if you really want to be a

tease you should definitely get yourself

a pair of Reeboks and wear tennis socks

and denim jeans and a denim jacket and

one of those Hawaiian kind of like neon

kind of like Laurel shirts and then a

headband and then a scrunchie that is

neon in your ponytail then you will

definitely have achieved that 80s look

and no one will probably talk to you

again because it's not that attractive

to think that that combination of

clothing will look remotely good but I

mean if you want to be 80s retro you can

do this and I did this once and those

are embarrassing times honestly

nevertheless thank you guys so much for

watching and always remember these are

stereotypical videos they're not meant

to offend anyone they're just meant to

be funny or just helpful in general kiss

yeah if you want me to make other how to

look like certain certain style make

sure to go comment that in the comment

section so I'll be able to carry hold

your dreams in this video nevertheless I

want to say thank you so much for

watching and I'll see you guys in the

next video make sure to go comment

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things that you do love you guys bye