80s Rocker Hair Tutorial

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hey you guys it's Theodore here and I'm

about to do a hair tutorial inspired by

Rock of Ages

we popped a wig on her but we're going

to turn this human hair wig into the

best 80s hair you've ever seen 80s hair

to me is big big big hair so we're gonna

take this sort of everyday pretty girl

look and turn it into the amazing

texture of the 80s but we're going to do

with modern products because I'm not

trying to give you a big crunch fest

today basically there's four sections to

this look decide decide the back and the

top that's your money shot I'm going to

go ahead and section this side first and

mist sort of the mid part to the ends of

the hair and I'm leaving or just going

to kind of comb that through a little

bit so the reason we added the water is

because you have to add the mineral

spray on damp hair so this is pretty

much damp hair you guys after we add

water we're going to want to add our

favorite mineral spray if you don't have

mineral spray just take a little bit of

salt a little bit of water and put it

together in a bottle

I'm just going to apply it the same way

that I've applied the water and you

don't need too much fun friends I have a

major introduction today this is a

diffuser oh yeah it's a diffuser from

the 80s with the diffuser I recommend a

high heat on a low speed from the end

down go ahead and get up to the mid shop

where you stopped wetting it down and

then go ahead and just Park it there

hang out with your friend for a minute a

really great key point with diffusing is

not to move it around literally just

keep it in place it'll save you a lot of

time in the end go ahead and continue

this technique on the back and then I'm

going to move to the side this is when

the pick comes in handy just straighten

that out of it

you guys know what mall bangs are poof

diggity hair we're making our way to the

top I'm already loving this wild texture

here the way to find the top of your

head is pretty much go from the arch of

your eyebrows and create a box so just

going to kind of eyeball it here I call

this the mohawk section this is really

where we get to give you a tease because

all of this hair is going to cover all

the rest of it

don't waste time styling hair that no

one's going to see this is my top

section now this you definitely

definitely definitely want to soak the

roots down as well

final mist of our mineral spray don't be

stingy so you want to flip completely

forward for this last section because

we're using gravity to create oil at

this point you want to really make sure

that the roots are 100% dry otherwise

you just wasted your time in the top

it's okay to really massage the roots at

this point just to even get more height

look at this crazy volume we're getting

promised is already getting a little

excited and so am I the final final

detail is dealing with these bangs now

obviously promises makeup is done so I'm

going to have you just cover your makeup

so if your makeups done too

don't ruin all your work a little bit of

water again this front section you

really want to get the roots you want to

get rid of the part mineral the roots

and we know what to do

I'm really pushing the roots into

themselves to make these bangs as short

as possible even give it a little

squeeze okay so you can go ahead and

reveal your face oh my God look how much

those bangs shrunk I'm gonna go ahead

with hot air very low speed and no

diffuser just to make sure I'm a hundred

percent dry

now is the fun part I'm going to go in

with my dry shampoo and I'm going to

start spraying from the roots outward

first I'm going to take my pick and

especially in the top here you separate

it that is where you get all of the

crazy volume

there's many pick techniques let's be

honest picks are fun basically your

detangling the hair a bit in a very

light manner so that it separates and

creates that awesome 80s frizz

especially in the bangs you want to kind

of lift it out and separate it brush

through all of it with the pick so that

you get a much height as possible so

we've got this insane volume and now

what we're gonna do is really work these

bangs out so this is an old-school trick

I'm going to go in here and split the

bangs in half kind of like a clamshell

take a little bit of hairspray miss the

roots and then literally tease the base

and what you want is the first half to

go back you can use the hairspray to

kind of form it and you want to

basically do the same thing to the base

now the bangs are bigger than the back

so we want to go in here and tease the

base so that the back is even higher

than the bangs you can imagine flip

forward fantastic give you her a little

more love with the pick and then

literally you just want to nail it with

some hairspray so for the 80s it was

kind of like the volume was on top and

the sides and then it kind of dropped

down so you can pull it with your

fingers like this in the 80s they were

giving you some major earrings so you

can actually pull the sides out with the

spray try it

that is the major 80s realness if I ever

saw it