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hi guys welcome back to my channel so

today I'm going to be doing a blog

showing you guys why eat in a normal day

when I'm not following the Cambridge

plan if you haven't seen my previous

video where I spoke a little bit about

my weight loss journey so far and what

I'm gonna do to continue on the path of

losing right then I will eat without the

top if you want to go and check it out

but it's really really useful if you

guys are thinking about lose and some

way or if you're thinking about joining

the Cambridge pan and you wanted to know

a little bit more about it so I'm

actually gonna be vlogging throughout

the day and showing you guys what I

actually eat I think there's a massive

misconception when it comes to Cambridge

people were led to believe that is

pretty much a shake diet and it's really

not you can have quite a few different

products on it you can have porridges or

kind of viously have the shakes you can

have pastors and you can also have

dinners as well so it's quite versatile

and also if you're a busy mum like I am

then it's perfect but if you don't have

to think about what type of foods you

need to prepare to eat to lose weight

that makes sense so it's all pretty much

done for you that's know little bit

about my journey so far I've lost just

over a stone I've lost that stone in

about a month I have no idea how much

I've lost since I have my baby I stopped

buying myself wouldn't have dragged a

ferb but I think that I've lost around

two and a half stone that stone and a

half so pretty much came off it was

loads of water retention and that type

of thing and then I lost a stone in the

last month or so on the Cambridge plan

so I would like to continue losing

another two stones just to get to where

I want to be and then I can assess from

there for no lose a little bit more as

well so I'm actually on step 2 of the

Cambridge plan which means that you're

allowed 800 calories a day which means I

have three Cambridge products and I was

200 calories dinner I know it seems

quite drastic and it seems quite know

but after sort of four or five days she

begins to feel so much better you have

more energy

you sort wake up with a spring in your

step and yeah it just sort of ready to

get on with your day so I really like

how I feel at the moment I feel like my

skin is a lot clearer after drinking so

much more water and yeah it's just

really really works for me so if you

guys would like to see what I eat in a

day to lose weight then just keep on

watching so it's actually 9 o'clock I'm

quite late having breakfast today but

this is what I'm gonna have this is the

chocolate mint shake this is one of my

favourite products out of the whole

entire range so I'm just going to mix

this in the blender I put about 200 mils

of cold water and also put about 6 ice

cubes in it and I blend it out so guys

it just popped up here to get ready for

the day and I thought I'd show you what

I'm wearing so this top is from like a

local boutique near where we live and

kind of stand back so you can see it'll

pick I really like the detail around the

neck it's just a quite a nice contrast

so it's the leopard print and it's

really nice and flowy yeah just lit be

perfect to walk around the shops in then

I've got my Gucci crossbody bag and

obviously I just live in because it's

just such an easy like a man bag and

then I've got my jeggings on these for

next super comfortable wear them all the

time and I've got my Chanel espadrilles

on just because if they're super

comfortable as well so it's lunchtime

now so I normally have a bar around this

time we like to have lunch to get back

to family so you can see the baby in the

background he's happy in his daily

sandwich and big Adam you've already had

your lunch

so anyway I'm just going to show you a

few bars if you play a purse if you have

anyway so I'm just going to get them out

the puppet I might have a lemon yogurt

that one's really really good so yeah

I'll just show you a few here so this is

just a few of the bars that I picked up

this week so I'm gonna have this one

today and yeah they've got so many

different varieties of drivers these are

pretty much

favorites and I think that there's any

that I don't like I just kind of enjoy

eating them all they're pretty much the

same calories I really enjoy having one

of these with a cup of tea Adam

they're nice mmm this is the bottle that

I'm using at the moment to track how

much water I'm drinking this

I just bought of Amazon I think it's

just don't want me to standard bottle of

water such as we fill it every time I

need to so I'm I need to have about

three of these a day and I also have to

use the Cambridge water flavoring as

well this one is the pineapple flavor

also really like the lemon and lime - so

guys I'm back we actually really nice

afternoon shopping

although the baby did have a bit of

meltdown in the shopping center which

wasn't fun but yes so I'm back I have

got changed put the baby to bed and now

I'm gonna tackle dinner so normally what

I would do is I wouldn't actually that

this lates have you know it's actually

I'm not too hot past seven and I've only

had two products today so I'm really

hungry I have had pretty much three

liters of water already I didn't want to

try and maybe have another one before I

go to bed and normally what I would do

is say four o'clock five o'clock when I

get a bit hungry I would have another

Cambridge product before my dinner so I

like to have these pastures they do like

spaghetti bolognaise or my cottage

cheese and yeah I really really like

these and they kind of like fill the

hole basically before you actually have

you did enough so yeah that's what I

would normally do this contrast and

about the products so I don't get super

hungry all the time but obviously so can

we help you because we had a really busy

day if I was home you got home it was

time to put baby to bed and yeah so now

I can just sit down and relax you know

so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna

make this 200 pound do you know that

when you guys about earlier and I'll

show you how to make it it's just really

simple and it's such a good dinner for

like 200 calories you get quite a lot of

food on the plate which I mean I think

and then what good it because I missed

out on that product at four o'clock I'm

actually gonna have a

eeeek I'll probably have another

chocolate mint one for I can deserve

probably about mine a club or something

like that for a boat of it and yet and

as I said I'll try and drink another

liter of water and yeah that's pretty

much where I'm good okay so I'm actually

going to use a whole pack of these king


I believe that's about 150 brands I'm

also going to use this packet

cauliflower rice this is like 40

calories for pretty much the whole bag

so I'm really been enjoying cauliflower

rice at the moment it's amazing and then

I'm gonna be using some tender stem at

play this one is I think it's actually

brands in the pack which is what Combes

recommends you actually have so I'm

gonna have that I'm also going to cut up

to three onions a little bit chilly and

also going to season it all with some

soy sauce I'm actually going to be

stirring the whole lot so it's just

really quick really easy and really




so guys I happened you know and now I'm

just gonna finish off this chocolate

mint shake I'm gonna have this as a

dessert so I really hope that you

enjoyed watching this video if you did

don't forget to give it a big thumbs up

for me and subscribe to my channel and

I'll see you again see