How to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night

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how to get a full eight hours of sleep

every night for adults it's recommended

to get seven to nine hours of sleep

every night but while getting enough

sleep sounds terrific it's a lot easier

said than done especially for most

people today according to studies

exposure to white and blue light from

mobile phones tablets and computers can

suppress melatonin levels in the body as

a result this inhibits a person's

ability to feel sleepy that's why one of

the common tips to ensuring you get a

good night's sleep is to turn off your

screen for at least an hour before

sleeping that and many other lifestyle

hacks which we will be discussing more

next here are some sleep hacks you can

follow to make achieving your eight

hours a little simpler number one come

up with a schedule her to the sings

human beings are creatures of habit this

especially is the case when it comes to

sleep keeping up a regular sleep

schedule of when to sleep and when to

wake up every day including weekends is

the key getting on a schedule helps your

body to know when it should be in sleep

mode preventing you from staying up too


number two no gadgets before bed the

internal body clock otherwise known as

the circadian rhythm dictates when a

person wakes up and falls asleep

it is also deeply affected by light in

other words light tells the body to be

awake while darkness makes it think it's

sleeping time and yes your cell phone

and tablet can disrupt these rhythms

making sleeping difficult hence you must

strictly follow a screen off or less

part of your bedtime routine putting

down all your devices a few hours before

bed number three keep your room cool our

body temperature naturally lower

slightly in the middle of the night it

then warms back as the body is coming to

wake up

when your bedroom is too hot it can get

in the way of your body's ability to

lower its temperature as such it will

interfere with your sleep try keeping

your room cool instead say for about 65°

number four use blackout curtains many

people cannot rest properly if there's

too much light a quick solution to this

is to put blackout curtains in your room

even during the winter season when it's

darker earlier even the tiny amounts of

light can be recognized by the retinas

when trying to sleep

therefore you should consider investing

in some heavy thick curtains that will

put your room in total darkness number 5

no heavy snacks before hitting the sack

heavy or spicy foods can be hard to

digest which in turn can disturb your

sleep but if you cannot give up on

late-night snacks there's a way eat

foods like bananas dairy products and

nuts these foods and many more contain

the sleeping aiding amino acid called

tryptophan so midnight snacks are okay

but just be mindful of what you eat any

other sleep tips you have in mind share

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