70s curly hair tutorial // Stevie Nicks & Farrah Fawcett love child inspired lol

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hello hi I'm Carly um this is really

awkward look how short I am I'm like

trying to stand on my tiptoes to appear

taller I also have this lovely lovely

zit so I'm gonna be doing a the tutorial

on my 70s curls that I think I've

mastered oh it's kind of like Stevie

Nicks Farrah Fawcett feathers you know

all that good stuff inspired I look like

this today I'm not gonna do my makeup or

anything I don't really wear makeup

anyways and I don't feel like putting it

in my contacts at all so I'm on vacation

and I'm just sitting at home all day I'm

just gonna curl my hair I have time to

do this now so let's get to it so

literally all I use to do this is this

shitty what's the barrel inch like where

do you find that does it say anywhere I

write a stupid I don't know I've had

this for years like honestly it probably

since high school I got it from

Walgreens from Conair and it's like the


barrel I think like it's like the size

of my finger I don't know this is all I

use to make those curls and then if I

feel like it I use dry shampoo and

hairspray but a lot of the times I don't

just because I don't like the way it

feels but it does make your curls stay

longer so he's just fans I mean boy I'm

gonna heat this up now because I don't

know I'm not a youtuber I don't know how

to talk to the camera so my outlet is on

my light and it's the only this bit

apart they live in it was built in like

1909 or something

1902 I don't remember what he said but

there's no outlet in here except for on

the light so I'm gonna plug that in and

you'll see like multiple times

throughout this process it'll fall out

of the light like as I might trying to

curl my hair this fall because it it's

not secure at all okay so it's gonna let

that heat up and while we're waiting

brush out your mane now I get my hair

cut and styled by Rebecca she cuts it

and styles it like Stevie Nicks so I

have shags I have bangs my curls might

turn out different just because of the

way my hair is cut see like I have like

these bangs and like these layers and

these shags which is amazing and I love

it my hair is like all sorts of

different kinds of lengths so because of

that I like to use scrunchies I learned

at work once that um girls in like

middle school or like teenage girls give

scrunchies to the boys that they like

okay so I curl my hair in layers quote

unquote I start the bottom and it worked

my way up so I start very small I put

all this up so it was like very you know

just like that down yep that's it and my

curling irons been heating up but this

is like very like thin like this isn't

even like this is as much as you want

out like very thin cuz they're gonna

curl in small small small not that small

but small chunks we're gonna take like

this amount yeah that's good it's a good


and you want to rap it outwards how do I

do this I don't know how to talk I'm not

a beauty guru okay so it's looping

around try not to twist the hair in the

process like you want it to be very

smooth and just chill okay and then I

grab it when I take it out of going on I

just hold it like this so that the heat

it kind of like sets it and then you

have a cute little loop loop-d-loop

crazy straw curl I'm just gonna keep

doing that to the bottom half of my hair

and then we'll talk about what to do

next I told you

so now the bottom layer is done so this

is important so the what you should have

don't brush them out keep them in their

spiral bouncy glory what you're gonna do

is you're gonna take your second

scrunchie tie your bottom layer together

it's okay if you it's okay if your

fingers like separate the curls it's

fine don't worry about it

put a little ponytail like that so I'm

gonna take this down and now those curls

that we just did are out of the way I

just have done my hair larae since

middle school like this how I would

straighten it curl it crimp it


it's just easiest for me because I just

will miss hair if I do it any other way

next we're gonna do the same thing take

the top so you have a little bit of your

middle layer showing that's too thick so

I probably would do to separate your

middle section of your head into two

sections I guess before you go on move

on to the top so then tie that up now we

have this layer his down I like to brush

between every curls cuz my hair gets so

tangling for no reason it's horrible

it's caused problems my entire life

screaming bloody murder any time I'm

with Rebecca I'm like trying to fight

back tears in the chair just because my

hair is so sensitive so I'm gonna do

this same way nothing different that

I've been doing it's what I mean by like

twisting whenever you're doing make sure

you're not twisting as you're going you

want to stay nice and flat like this so

it is smooth and not twisted

so I recently started watching Big

Brother always curious about it I never

knew like what the deal was with that

show I never understood it but I got a

student discount with CBS all access and

I was like oh cool I can see what the

deal is with this Big Brother show

I'm obsessed all it is it's just a bunch

of people in a house like locked in the

house it's like the real world but

they're all talking on each other

trying to get each other out of the

house but acting like they love each

other to their faces it's great I love

reality TV ask Alex he'll be out in the

living room playing video games and like

at night when I'm like going to bed and

I'll be in bed watching Dance Moms which

I mean I I watch Dance Moms

like religiously in high school because

I was like really obsessed with Broadway

this is like I'm getting really like out

of hand so this should be stories for

another time but I love Dance Moms I

stopped watching it after high school

because I didn't have cable anymore when

I got when I went to college the first

time and I didn't have any way to watch

it because it wasn't streaming on

anything yet cuz that was in like 2013

when the only thing like the noise

streaming service was Netflix and Hulu

then I got an Apple TV and then I

started watching it recently from the

beginning now I'm on like season 7 I

just watched all them grow up and I was

like oh my god I missed out on so much

so yeah I love reality TV I've been

watching Big Brother and it's Big

Brother 21 like the most recent season I

think I'm gonna like this is like the

most wrong way to do it but I'm gonna go

backwards and watch Big Brother 20 next

oh yeah I remember where I was going

with that

I have Big Brother on the living room

right now but I didn't posit or anything

so I'm gonna miss like so much

so speaking of reality TV where are

there good reality TV shows I love

90-day fiance

I love Dance Moms Big Brother we talked

about this I have also been worried

watching for your factor on Hulu cuz

they put every single episode on there

and I used to watch fear factor all the

time with my sister at her apartment

when she moved out in the early 2000s we

watched fear factor and whose line is it

anyway and I'm America's Next Top Model

from oh and Deal or No Deal those were

like the four shows I would bug

my sister and go down the basement and

watch with her and her friends and then

I would get banished back to upstairs to

my room well it's kidding Nikki I love

you oh I also really love RuPaul's Drag

Race Steffi Webby got me into that one I

love I love the challenge on MTV I have

the MTV app it's like my most used app I

love watching the challenge I love

watching are you the one tearing out my

guilty pleasures okay so now we're done

with our I'm really only on the second

leg I need to quit talking so much same

thing just gonna put all that back in a

ponytail down this bad boy cut short my

hair gets I went as um Alex and I went

as please tell me you've seen the

wedding singer I mean we went to a

Halloween party and no one knew who we

were but anyways we went as Robbie and

Julia for Halloween and I just like had

only my shortest layer out and I curled

it but I win they're like they thought

Alex was Prince or Lionel Richie and

he's like no I'm clearly Adam Sandler in

the wedding singer this is the top layer

I'm putting only the top layer up right

now this time I think I'm gonna do that

seriously when I was little my mom would

try to comb out my hair after a bath no

just scream bloody murder my scalp is so

annoyingly sensitive like I do not get

it it's always been like that my whole

life it's never gotten better I hate

getting my hair done because I just want

to cry the whole time it hurts so bad so

I only get my hair done like three times

a year

like I'll let my roads go out until I

you just can't stay anymore

and then I'll suck it up and go get my

hair done I kind of want to go see

what's happening on Big Brother once I


oh shoot no don't do that don't do what

I just did

don't do what I just did i just mess it

all up okay okay yeah don't do that take

this one out first top of the top one

they got your hair should literally look

like this like bouncy curly you know I

guess I should mention I'm curling all

the way up to my root I'm not like

stopping in the middle it's like your

best judgment like if you have like a

little bit of like a thicker piece like

that was a little bit thicker hold it

for a little bit longer but if you have

some piece that's extremely thin like

this one in the front that's obviously

those are baby hairs at hand those don't

need to be curled as long so once I get

like more towards the top I like to keep

all my curls going the same way which is

outwards away from my face that includes

the back in the top in a second

that's just how I like it because I like

for my curls to all kind of flow one way

like Farrah Fawcett's I'm sure everybody

else has better outlet than I do this

will be battling your outlet Bowl time

put all that together like we've been

doing and a ponytail take down your top

knot I have your top layer I'm gonna do

my bangs last so up here it's obviously

really thin layers we don't stay for a


up here like as far as like using the

curling iron it's so infuriating I'm

telling you like it's the most annoying

thing so I can't wrap my hair around

more than like twice up on my top layer

because my top layer is so short yeah

you always have like this tiny tiny

little curl and again I'm going out away

from my pen not towards my head not a

big fan of like curls towards my face

kind of person but you know that was

like kind of like a big thing in like

the sixties but as far as like doing my

own hair

I like my curls like the 70s to be like

away from my face let's do the banks

this I'm gonna count as part of my bangs

because it's so close to my bangs how

many times can I say it bangs I'm gonna

take out a ponytail all of this business

so I realize that these are completely

straight compared to the rest of my hair

we're gonna fix that and guess what

we're gonna do the same thing but I'm

not gonna do as intensely because I do

still want my want to frame my face and

not look like a perm

so these I am since it's like the ones

that are right on my face I think I'm

just going to go around like once not

even just like hardly just like a little

little bounce see I'm almost done I'm

almost done something was happening I'm

Big Brother and I'm missing it like

people are screaming alright folks

now we're gonna get rid of the balance

we're gonna do that by brushing it all

out so literally just go to town

my phone died this is the Finnish

seventies curls something look like you

um you could style it however you want

I'm not going anywhere so I'm just gonna

keep it like this so yeah this is it

you put what the hell wise cat on the

blog hey how did Nick get off the block

oh my god I missed something big big

bouncy curly