How To Have More Than Six Pets || Warrior Cats: Behind-the-Paws Series

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hello everyone and welcome back to

another Sims 3 Warrior Cats challenge

behind the paws episode and today I am

going to be telling you guys how I have

more than 6 pets on my Sims three lots

so as you guys may know if you play Sims

3 you are normally only allowed to have

6 pets per family you can't have more

than 6 cats or 6 dogs six horses

whatever combination thereof that means

six of those animals on a single lot but

clearly I have a lot more than that just

in moss clan alone we have several pets

we've got let's say 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

13 we have 13 cats you have been asking

Siri how is this possible what black

magic is this well I assure you guys it

is no magic it is just the amazing in

wrasse mod and I will be showing you

guys how to download and to install the

inner ass mod in just a moment here but

I want to put a little disclaimer I have

this many animals because my computer is

extremely nice so we custom built this

computer specifically to be able to run

the absolutely gorgeous world of sims 3

but sims 3 is very very very hard on

computers so if you do not have a newer

computer if you do not have a lot of RAM

and if you do not have a really great

video card I do not recommend using

these mods to have more than 6 cats at a

time unless you are willing to put up

with your game potentially crashing

quite a bit and having some other issues

so just keep that in mind when you are

getting ready to install this that there

may be issues with your game you may

have your save files corrupt you may

have problems if you are pushing your

computer beyond what it can normally

take so do not add in more than the max

setting of animals and sims into your

household if you are not sure that your

computer can handle it and always make

sure to backup your folders your save

files before you try out new mods and

this also won't be a guide into how to

make mods for the sims 3 or how to like

put the mods in the game for the first


there's tons of documentation out there

I highly recommend checking Google

because it's so easy and once you start

dabbling in putting mods into your game

it can be so much fun so let's go ahead

and look at the website where you can

download the in-house mod and I will

talk you guys through which ones you

specifically want to look for to be able

have more than the max number of pets in

your household how to move them in

between the households using the Edit

town ability and how to set it up so

that you can be sure that you can always

try for baby even when you're over the

max number of cats in your home so you

can continue to add to your clan so

let's go ahead and check out that

website alright so you guys ready this

is the website that you will be going to

in order to find the mods that you need

from the in wrasse collection in order

to have the more than the max number of

sims and/or pets inside of your

household it is an absolutely amazing


we are just touching on like the very

very very tiniest tip of the iceberg for

everything that the interest mods can do

for you I actually have almost every

single one installed and I highly

recommend if you really love customizing

a game and you're comfortable with

installing mods into your sims games

that you look into all of this because

it can really transform everything about

how you can play sims 3 so I adore these

mods however it is a little complicated

in order to figure out how to use them

for the first time so I know when you

come to this website it seems like a lot

and there's just news everywhere and

you're so confused you don't have to

join anything don't be confused and

think like all of this about posting and

joining you don't have to worry about

that that's just if you want to interact

and like the discussion post and the

revisions that have to do with updating

this wiki space don't even worry about

that what you guys are here for is a lot

simpler if you want to dive into this

mod and kind of discover the complexity

of what it can do and how it can

permanently alter your game in amazing

ways I highly recommend that there is so

much help and documentation in order for

you to understand how to use these mods

so before you start leaving comments

everywhere like help help I don't know

how to do this stop and use Google for

one thing because usually somebody else

has already had that question this is a

mod that's been around for a long time

it's very stable I personally have zero

problem with it I don't worry about it

in my game whatsoever

I just backup my game as usual before I

try it out it's amazing but if you guys

are having trouble there's so much help

there's Quick Links there's like

frequently asked question guides there's

gameplay guides and tips the tips are

really cool just to give you a hint at

what you can do with these mods if you

come over here you can look for your

question like how to

- sim - the household and then this will

tell you a quick description of what

that page will tell you about how to

adopt children workaround for the social

worker not coming up so this is also a

great mod if you're having issues with

the game just not working properly it

can often provide workarounds to those

things you can set up aging you

shouldn't set up aliens you can set up

so many things look at all of this look

at all of this big lemons I want the

game to stop giving big lemons and the

sloppy jalopy to inactive families which

is so many of these things you might not

understand unless you're actually a long

time Sims 3 player and you'll recognize

the sloppy jalopy ends up being like

tossed into people's inventories when

you're not playing with a family you can

work on like issues with bone Hilda

adding bone Hilda in so this covers all

of the games and all of the things you

can do in the game so you can tort-like

tweak and just to change and tune so

many different things for all of the

expansion packs like fairies I have

altered the fairies quite a bit you can

make hybrid like supernatural creatures

there's so much you can do just look at

this this is amazing this is just

absolutely amazing now what you guys

want to focus on though if you want to

add more pets and more sims to a

household is coming in and you want to

go to master controller so we'll go back

to the front page just to guide you guys

through it again this is not a easy it's

easy but it's not simple it's an easy

mod to install but it is not simple so

if you want to actually understand

everything about how to do it you need

to come and just spend a little bit of

time doing some reading yourself but it

is pretty simple to install if you're

comfortable with installing mods in Sims

3 so we're on the main page we're going

to come on down and you need to get the

master controller so click on master

controller and you need to install one

of the versions of the mods so you're

looking at these versions the newer

versions right here and you're probably

going to want the base mod

that's the version that I use you need

this you need the master controller in

order to run all of the other modules

all of the things you see here are

modules you can add on to the master

controller you need to have the master

controller first though so I have the

base mod and that gets everything

working that allows you to add in more

than the max number of sims to a

household but to be able to see them

properly you need a couple other things

so you have your master controller what

you're gonna do is you're going to come

down you're going to click on this this

is going to go ahead and kind of guide

you through and you are going to look

for the download you're going to hit

download and you're going to download it

and then eventually move it into your

sims 3 mod folder but you need to make

sure that it is the correct version for

what kind of game you have so just

always double check to make sure you're

not downloading a mod say like the

occult mod if you don't have any

supernatural sims then there's no point

in having the occult mod in your game

so you need to make sure that you're

using the right type of the mod for

whatever you may have whatever version

of the game however many expansion packs

you may have but the main thing you're

going to need is just right here the

master controller come hit download and

then you can tuck it from your download

folder into your sims 3 mod folder and

voila that's all it takes to get the

master controller into your game now you

also need to have the portrait panel err

so portrait panel this replaces the

display in the game where you can only

have a certain number of portraits up on

the left side for you to be able to

click from your sims this lets you have

up to 24 portraits at the same time in

any order and you can actually set

filters so if you have more than 24 Sims

on a lot which if your game can handle

that with the master controller you can

get it to be that many sims on the lot

in one community then you can swap

between like which portraits you want to

see this one's a little bit more

complicated I have not yet gotten to the

point where I've used more than 24 Sims

but it is what allows me to see we often

have about a dozen sims and pets on a

single household it's what allows me to

see all of them at the same time be able

to click on them and affect their

interactions so you definitely need this

if you are going to have more than 8

like Sims or more than like 6 pets

whatever order of Sims and pets

combination you're going to do on your

lot you need to have this if you want to

be able to control them so portrait

panel er same thing come down you're

going to go to the base mod you're going

to make sure that it lines up properly

with the versions of the game that you

have and you're going to download it

same thing

pluck it up out of your downloads folder

put it into your sims 3 mods folder and

it should be working the next time you

run your game I use several more of

these other mods and the ones I find

very very useful for my sims 3 warrior

cats challenge also include the mover so

you want to have the mover if you

to be able to very easily removes the

greater-than yep yep yep you want to be

able to move your sims very easily

between households and so what this lets

me do is I can split my sims into

different households and move them back

and forth even if that lot already has

the max number of sims and that's what I

do for the movie scenes if we have a cat

from another clan who I need to borrow

for just like a few minutes over on

another lot in order to play them long

enough to get a movie scene that's how I

move them around but those are just

three and again it's the same thing you

just go to your base mod you just go in

you hit download plug it up out of your

downloads folder and you are going to

plunk it into your sims 3 mods folder

and voila there you are and I use tons

of the other ones because I absolutely

love all of these if you up the whoohoo

or I almost forgot the whoohoo R is

going to be one that you definitely need

if you want your sims your cats to be

able to woohoo and try for baby without

having to just use the master controller

instant baby cheat the master controller

itself comes with a cheat where you can

just instantly cause a pregnancy and

instantly cause a birth if you want it

to just kind of be a little bit more

along the lines of like oh they're

trying for baby every time you need to

make sure you have the whoo-hoo and so I

have that one installed as well and it

effects your stems and it affects your

animals so just keep in mind that one

can be considered perhaps a little bit

more adult for the special custom mood

lights that it provides to your sims but

that's about it just the mood let's are

the only thing that I've noticed that

might be a little bit on the more higher

rating side but those are some of the

key ones and again it's the same thing

and you can actually as you see they

have several varieties of woohoo or or

even several different things you can

add in for more places for your sims 2

woo hoo but that doesn't have anything

to do with like the pet part of things

so you guys don't really have to worry

about that unless you want to just

dabble in that and then it's just going

down and seeing if there's anything else

you think would be nifty or useful for

you I have some of the other things

installed in order to be able to control

my world a little bit better and keep it

nice and clean and keep it really

organized so I highly recommend all

these things but that's all it takes you

want to really research these mods

because I'm still learning all of the

time about new things that I can add

into my game thanks to these fantastic


but that's all it is is you just

download master controller you want to

have the portrait panel er who are

perhaps the mover perhaps and you plunk

them into your Sims 3 mods folder and

run the game so again I'm not going to

teach you guys from the very very

beginning how to install and use Sims 3

mods I'm just going to point you guys in

the right direction because there is a

wealth of information out there that can

help you out so much more than I could

possibly help out when it comes to

learning how to install these mods and

honestly Google is your a plus plus plus

best friend for doing this because it

will really help guide you through any

of the bumps I promise if you run into a

problem somebody else is probably run

into the problem and if you google it

it'll already have the solution that you

can work with or a workaround Sims

community is really great at that they

don't really put up with having

something broken for very long so don't

forget that the help documents and all

of the frequently asked questions and

some amazing tips and advice you can

just like jump in here and find out

things that you can do with these mods

or even in the game that you may have

never known you would be able to do are

just waiting right here for you then you

just come to the website so all the

links will be in the video description

below and I wish you guys luck at being

able to have your lots is filled with

Sims and animals as you want and do not

forget my warning you guys just because

you can add the sim salaat does not mean

your game will handle it very well if

you do not have a computer that can

handle a lot of Sims or a lot of pets or

a lot of cats on a single lot then this

mod isn't going to change that you need

a computer that has a little bit more

updated space for RAM and a better

graphics card if you want to be able to

have tons and tons of animals on one lot

so don't stress your game out and crash

it too much

never forget to back up your saves on a

regular basis not just when you add a

new mods but definitely before you add a

new mods and I wish you guys luck in

whatever you choose to play so I'll see

you guys next time bye bye