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hey what is going on guys in this video

I'm gonna be talking to you about

specialist abilities inside a cold duty

modern warfare because they are

something entirely different from black

ops 3 black ops 4 and even infinite

warfare with their specialist weapons in

modern warfare you have a specialist

ability and it is freaking awesome

it's not for everybody but it's freaking

awesome and we're gonna get into that in

this video as you can see though it does

add six perks to your class thank you

for the subscription whoever that is

you can add six perks to your class

which is really awesome but it does come

at a trade-off and we're gonna talk

about that in one second that being said

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Oh in the cold duty realm but that being

said let's jump into the main point of

the video which is specialist modern

warfare style because they are

completely different from specialists

like I said before and bl3 bf4 and IW

specialist in this game are not weapons

rather it's just one thing and it is an

ability and you'll notice here if I go

to my custom loadouts you'll see that I

have okay I have the P camera here if I

if you just look at it at the end Atari

base it's a normal class nothing special

about this but when I go right here to

my custom loadout v but my m13 class who

noticed that I actually have six perks

here that is the only difference between

these two classes or these two loadouts

but it is a drastic one because once I

have my specialist activated and once I

have these six perks on my class I

actually can't get scorestreaks anymore

so keep that in mind once you activate

specialist you don't have scorestreaks

please note that because you may say

okay I have six perks now I'm gonna go

on some kind of crazy a shrieks I'm

gonna get an attack helicopter or

whatever I'm gonna get the highest score

streak I'm gonna go kick some ass that

may be true in terms of gunning down

people but in terms of getting score

streaks that is false because because it

is literally impossible to get score

streaks when specialists are enabled so

just keep

that mine no scorestreaks one specialist

Sauron but you may be asking okay how do

I activate specialist simply go to the

class that you want to add your

specialist ability on this is a per

class thing it's not like again black

ops 3 4 or iw and that you activate it

before the game or you pick your

character before the game and it's just

an ability that is class specific so you

go to whatever class you want to add

this on to you select the perks and then

you press square to activate the

specialist ability then the other three

perks will pop up on the right hand side

of your screen with the different levels

activated and if you want to change this

in-game and turn all specialist you can

I believe you can also do that as well

so for example say you're you're in your

game and you're like you know what this

isn't for me or I don't want to run

specialist right now when I actually

want to get scorestreaks you can just

deactivate this within your game and

just start getting score streaks because

again for the 8000 time you cannot get

score streaks once once specialist or

activated and again keep in mind that

this is a per class basis so if I spawn

it to my game and use the PKM right now

in the state it's in I would have my

score streaks activated and everything

would be normal but once I switched to

my m13 I would have both my weapons and

my three perks but once I got two kills

it would then activate a specialist

instead of giving me progress towards a

score streak so just keep that in mind

it is per loadout specialist it is not

per per character so if you want to add

specialist on to one class and not the

other you can do so or if you want to

add them on to every class you can also

do that you have to do that manually


now you're saying I understand what

specialists are I understand that I

can't use score streaks one specialists

are activated I understand the

specialist gave me six perks and I also

understand how how to activate them but

how do I actually get them to activate

in game once I have them in my loadout

very simple all you have to do is look

at each level so you'll see here I have

perk 1 / 2 / 3 you spawn in with those

by default but once you get 2 kills

within your life in game you'll notice

that a one of the first perks will

activate and then you can pick whatever

perk you won from this list for

specialist to activate and then once you

get 4 kills within your life in game the

second perk slot will activate now

you'll have a total of 5 perks active in

your game instead of the basic 3 or 4

once you got to the second level and as

you can see you can pick whatever you

want so for example let me actually go

ahead and put restock on and then once I

get 6

works within my specific life in-game

I'll actually be able to access my um or

once I get six kills within my game I'll

be I'll actually be able to access my

six perk I'm gonna explain this a little

bit more clearly right now so let me go

ahead and put on scavenger and I'm gonna

explain why this is kind of like a

decent loadout um so again as soon as I

spawn into my game I have my m13 and my

shotgun that's the weapon loadout that I

have but then I have my three main perks

that I spawn in with okay so I have

overkill I have ghost I have tune-up

those are active at all times regardless

then once I get two kills within my

single life once you die these reset

just like scorestreaks but once I go

ahead and get two kills within my life I

will then have four perks activated okay

my first specialist perk activated on

top of my three main base perk slots

that are already part of the part of the

loadout by default no matter what so

I'll have overkill Ghost tune-up

once I get two kills double time will

then activate on top of that for a total

of four once they get to four kills

within a single life then it restock

will activate and then I'll have a total

of five perks the three basic ones plus

the two from the specialist and then as

you guessed it once I get to six kills

I'll have a - I'll have a total of six

perks three from the main base game and

then three from the specialist ability

as well and that's pretty much it you

and the really the point of this is to

kind of strategize say for example you

don't want to get score streaks and you

just want to go right for that nuke you

want to straight up gun down every

single person you see you want to make

sure you're in the best possible shape

you could be in obviously score streaks

would help with that but if you just

want to definitely gun down every single

person you see and not have a streak

steal your kill or whatever then you can

add on perks like these for example to

kind of aid within to aid your gameplay

so maybe I don't need double-time right

off the bat or maybe I don't need one of

the perks in the perk 1 slot right off

the bat but once I get to two kills

maybe it would be a little bit more

beneficial to have that on my class same

thing goes for 4 kills once I'm at 4

kills ok maybe restock would actually be

really important to have as well cuz

I've been surviving a little bit longer

I can start recharging my equipment now

now I'm at 6 kills at 6 kills okay I'm

gonna make sure I have scavenger enabled

this way you know I've gotten a decent

amount of kills runny it Sun low wears

near a nuclear obviously I still have

another 24 kills to go or whatever I

still have a lot of kills to go

but right after my six kill I now have

the scavenger ability and I can start

resupplying ammo from dead players I

don't have to waste a main perk slot for

that I can use my main three perk slot

so if I die I'm not wasting scavenger

but once I get to my six kill it's

essentially becoming useful because

that's when it actually activates this

is awesome

again this completely can change the way

you play your game within coal shooting

bottle warfare especially because you

don't have yes because you're around

streaks but especially because it gives

you the ability to you know play play I

guess more recklessly the more you go on

not really recklessly but I guess that's

that's the only word that problems

popped into my head because I can just

picture somebody spraying as much ammo

as they can once they realized or after

they six perk because they can kill the

person and resupply that animal you know

what I'm saying

you can definitely change up your

gameplay regardless of how you do it you

can definitely change up your gameplay

with perks and we're with the specialist

inside amount of warfare and that gives

you the ability to have six perks on

your loadout so one more time let's just

recap by the way if you did enjoy the

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notifications thank you yes I'm pointing

at you look quick recap in order to add

a specialist to your class because it's

only a per class basis it's not an

actual character in game it's not an

ability or sorry it's not a weapon in

game it's an ability that is on a per

class / / loadout basis all you have to

do is go to your weapon settings and

then go to edit load outs pick whatever

weapon you want to add your specialist

onto you're gonna select the perks menu

and then you're gonna go ahead and press

square to activate your specialist

weapon and then again if you want to

deactivate it you just act you do it

you've deactivated the way you activated

it simply by pressing square but once

you have it activated you can pick

whatever perks you want at each and

every single kill level so for example

I'll have my three main perks once I

spawn in once you get to two kills I'll

have four perks with double time plus

the three I had once I get to four kills

I'll have a total of five perks that

includes double time and restock plus

the three already had and then again

same thing goes for the six kill once I

have six kills within a single life I'll

have six total perks on my class now I

won't be able to earn scorestreaks but I

have six total perks on my class right

now which include double time restock

scavenger plus the main three I already

applied to my current loadout and that

is pretty much it

that is how specialists work inside a

coal duty modern warfare if you guys did

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