How To Get 6 Pack Abs in 1 Week

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this is how to get a six-pack how to get

a six-pack by definition my body type is

endomorph the endomorph body type stores

more fat than the average gets tired

easily and has a large appetite thus

making it difficult to lose weight their

build is wider than an ectomorph or a

mesomorph with a larger bone structure

more strength and accompanied by

significantly more fat if this is you it

may seem like you're destined to

struggle to achieve your fitness goal

but endomorph simply have to play a

different hand to achieve their weight

loss add muscle building goals this

applies to me every winter dream my

bulking phase I pack on a significant

amount of fat and right before the

summer I cut down following three simple

steps this year I documented my six

weeks and I'll share everything with you

to get six pack abs now hundreds of

videos in YouTube complicated workouts

complicated terminology it is not

supposed to be that difficult and in

this video I'm going to show you three

simple steps that you have to follow and

that I'm following right now and I've

followed every single year let's go on

to the white board all of us have abs

that's the story we're born the same

biceps shoulders and chest

however genetically we are predisposed

to storing fat on our terminal areas

however for you to see your abs to

reveal your abs you need to follow one

simple equation and that is calories in

versus calories out now see the term

calories is energy calories out is any

sort of energy your body's expending

that is running breathing jumping

exercising walking any form of calories

out and this variable you can manipulate

the same of calories in it which is any

food that you're ingesting burgers

pizzas protein shakes protein bars Mars

Snickers whichever and for you to

achieve fat loss need to have a higher

calories out verses the calories in

now for the past six weeks I've been

tracking my movie Mack Tiffany using my

watch now this is inaccurately accurate

because I use it every day and on

average it says that I've been expending

as you're seeing over the last six weeks

roughly three thousand four hundred

calories I've been expending these

salaries through training cardio and

walking mainly novice leave my body also

uses calories to be able to have a

heartbeat and etc but an average of been

expending 3,400 calories the calories

have I been putting into my body by a


I've been consuming roughly 2,100


via food which I will show you in a bit

and when you have this difference

between calories in and calories out you

have fat loss because your body needs to

get this energy that is missing and it

gets it via your fat cells considering

that your diet is set up the right way

and that I'm consuming this amount but

that's the first bit and this is the

simple equation you need to follow to be

able to achieve fat loss now let's dive

into both variables and how we can be

able to manipulate this in the first

step let's talk about calories in and

let me take you over to my diet we'll go

to the first variable which is calories

in your diet and as you guys can see all

these meals here are exactly 2065

calories one three hundred and fifty six

calories meal two three hundred and

forty-four calories meal three 191 meal

for three hundred and eighty-six meal 5

256 and meal six is 220 with a protein


you guys will notice from this diet each

and every single one has its protein

carbs and fats now this diet is

predominantly protein

modern and car and low in facts I

consume this every single day to support

my fat loss to summarize step 1 a

negative energy balance is essential for

fat loss to finally reveal your abs I

spent years doing crunches every morning

and only until I was consistent with my

diet that I finally started to see my

abs and for those who are curious my

calories at this very moment is 2065 and

Matt Kozar 185 grams of protein 230

grams of carbs and 45 grams of fat it's

gone into training what's the key here

we go

know the name no flow send me up a

little mo setting traps I'm alone you

know you work I'm a mini yes well you

know I'm black to the ball training this

falls under calories out and the most

important factor we don't just want the

six-pack you want a silverback gorilla

chest cap shoulders a wide back they get

the hook you guys know where I'm going

with this training burns the most

calories and why it's so favorable for

fat loss and getting a six packs that is

I've shown that college from a training

session is burned 36 hours post workout

I train six times per week following a

push-pull leg split each split starts

with a heavy compound such as a deadlift

you saw earlier and then I do eight to

nine other accessory exercises at four

sets and a 10 to 12 rep range now a lot

of people will ask what should i do

first training or cardio the best

recommendation I can give you is to

allocate most of your energy towards

training all those calories to be able

to lift heavy and for quality reps as

you guys can see here in the way that I

train I focus on muscle contraction

squeezing going for that quality this is

where you're going to be able to burn

all the calories and have the fat being

utilized as energy and finally having

your abs revealed as you guys can see as

you lose body fat there'll be more

details that you'll see in your body but

now I know a lot of you guys want to

know what are the best exercises you

should do to finally see

tails in your abs now besides the

component of being able to reveal your

abs it's extremely important to be able

to build your abs so after I've done all

my training with the 8 to 9 exercises I

finish with either 1 to 2 ab workouts

which I'm going to show you now these

ones are for exercise that I believe is

a must-do

now the first ab workout that you're

going to be seeing here is a cable

crunch now the cable crunch is very very

complicated if you're not doing it

correctly but very simple at the same

time so you want to keep your body in a

fixed position your arms and your fixed

position as you see and you want to curl

into your stomach imagine you want to be

able to touch your belly button with

your nose and as you can tracked down

you want to breathe all the air out so

you can maximally contract your

abdominals the second workout that you'd

like to target is your lower abs now the

lower abs in a beginner form you can do

knee tuck ins and as you guys can see I

want my hips to touch my belly button

this forces maximum contraction on your

lower abs if you consider yourself to be

intermediate extending your legs extends

the center of gravity and adds more

weight onto your lower abs so you

control it down and up and you try and

have that curve between your belly

button and now to be able to contract

your entire rectus abdominis the best

workout that I say is app goes on a

decline bench as you guys can see I am

curling into my abs and I am breathing

out if you'd like to make it harder you

can extend your arms to take out the

center of gravity and this adds more

weight onto your rectus abdominis adding

weighted ab workouts is very beneficial

the same way you would add weights to do

a chest movement is the same way I say

you should add weights to an ab movement

so you can get thicker abs and the

combination of thick abs

a combination of low body-fat will

finally reveal the six-pack


Hey my third and final step that I

considered the most important and falls

under caloric output is cardio a cardio

tends to be extremely overcomplicated

with terms such as light intensity

steady state and high intensity interval

training yes they do have their place in

fat loss but overall what is most

important is the amount of calories

burned now the amount of calories burned

doesn't matter as long as you're doing

cardio that you enjoy so typically for

me at this very moment I am doing 45

minutes of cardio five times per week

however I did start at 30 minutes and

you'd like to slow drip that in and

increase it over ammount of time so I do

30 minutes on a treadmill and then 15

minutes on a rowing machine and I try

and aim for a heart rate at 140 beats

but this allows me to burn calories as

well to create that caloric output

now those are my three simple steps if I

can give you a bonus step that would be

to be consistent

neither follow your dives PA to follow

your training and your card consistently

and you'll see her ass being revealed

over time now I'm gonna leave the video

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