A Beginner's Guide to Get 6 PACK ABS in a Month

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hey just do 30 seconds of these


and you'll be done in eight minutes side

to side crunches

to give your obliques a boost get on

your back

with your knees bent and feet flat on

the floor

bring your chest up and try to reach

your right foot with your right hand

do the same on the left side make sure

you pause for a sec

as you touch your heels don't do it fast

do it right

your abs should be engaged the whole


scissor kicks hit those lower abs and

get rid of the belly pooch

place your hands palm side down under

your glutes

lift and extend your legs knees slightly

bent below you

alternate crossing your feet at the

ankles or just kick

up and down while still in position move

on to

straight leg raises they'll also

strengthen your lower back

of course your legs are straight or

slightly bent raise them

until your body forms an l then lower

your legs

and repeat avoid lifting your shoulders

off the floor

or letting your back arch all right next

we have

up and down plank it'll tone your entire


bend your right arm and bring that elbow

down to the floor

do the same with your left arm now do it

in reverse

place your right hand on the floor and

straighten it

switch sides and repeat make sure your

back is always straight

and your core is locked vee ups

keep your arms and legs fully extended

raise both your legs and torso at the

same time

and try to reach your feet many people

fail to bring

all their limbs up at the same time

because it feels a bit painful

don't get discouraged you'll get it with

time let's continue with

windshield wipers keep your arms

straight out to the sides for leverage

lift your legs to make an l shape with

your body again

rotate your hips to one side but don't

let your legs

touch the floor lift them up and swing

to the opposite side

now if that's too hard you can start out

with bent legs

and straighten them as you build


crunches hands behind your head use your

abs to lift your shoulders off the


hold it there for two seconds go back

down and repeat

avoid yanking your head it can hurt your

neck your chin should never

go down toward your chest keep that neck


and make sure not to lift your hips off

the floor

back to those obliques with bicycle


place your hands behind your head lift

both your shoulders and legs off the


bring your right knee and your left

elbow close to each other by

crunching at the same time extend your

left leg

under you repeat on the opposite side

remember not to let your legs or upper

back touch the floor throughout this


side leg lifts lift your legs while your

feet stay close together

and hold it for one to two seconds lower

your legs back down

and switch sides keep your hips engaged

and breathe out as you come down

pulse ups place your hands beneath your


lift your hips and hold it for two


lower back down and repeat keep your abs

engaged and lower your hips slowly to

prevent any injuries

plank hip dips get in a low plank


rotate your hips to the left and

slightly dip your body lower to the


don't let your hip touch the ground

though do the same on the opposite side

many people move their legs while

rotating their hips don't do that

they should be planted firmly on the

ground avoid hanging your head too

your body should form a straight line

side plank

let your forearm support your body

weight and keep your legs extended and


engage your abs and lift your hips stay

in place for four

seconds switch sides and then repeat

avoid rolling forward and sagging your

hips as a beginner you'll notice that

your hips will want to go

downward focus on keeping a straight

line if you want to shave fat off your


reverse crunches bring your knees up at

a 90 degree angle

your hands are behind your head for

support but not pushing your chin down


as you crunch your upper body off the

floor bring your knees toward your nose

lower back down and repeat avoid

bringing your elbows to your knees and

lifting your lower body more than your


we're now focusing on both your abs and


plank with alternating leg lifts get in

a low plank position

and keep your body in a straight line

your forearm should support your weight

elbows in line with your shoulders lift

your right leg

hold it for one to two seconds and lower

back down

do the same with your opposite leg once

you feel like you've built up enough


start holding your leg up for up to five

seconds before switching

time to finish with some stretches for

your cool down time

the first one is snake stretch lie

face down with your arms in a push-up


slowly straighten your arms until you

feel a stretch in your abs

you're not lifting your hips or core off

the ground

stay like that for 30 seconds and then


cat stretch get on all fours with your


under your shoulders and knees below

your hips

make sure your back is straight lower

your head and pull your abs in

to create a curve in your back hold it

for 10 seconds

and relax do the same for another 20


do cardio before every workout this will

help shed that extra belly fat hiding

the muscles you're building up

it can be jumping jacks mountain

climbers high knee runs

whatever gets your heart rate up get

enough protein

it'll reduce the number of calories you

take in and help you lose some extra

pounds and fat

it's also key for building and

maintaining muscles

you won't lose that mass along with the

fat you'll be shedding

once you feel the workout is no longer

challenging increase the time limit by 5

to 10 second increments

if you're doing reps start with two sets

of 10 or 15

and build up from there replace most of

your drinks with water

it'll increase your metabolism make you

feel less hungry

and help you lose more weight avoid

processed foods

they're high in calories carbs and a

bunch of other stuff that doesn't suit

your goal here

they require less energy to digest and

they don't have the essential nutrients

your body needs

remember to eat enough fiber every day

oatmeal has a ton of fiber

and it's a great quick and easy

breakfast trust me on that one