abs in 2 weeks? | 8 Minute Ab Workout

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what's up everyone welcome back to the

channel my name is Kyle Kyle nut before

we get this video started if you just

want to skip straight to the workout

skip ahead to this time right here

somewhere around here that's gonna be

the beginning of the ab workout so in

today's video I'm gonna be answering a

frequent question I get here on YouTube

probably the most frequently asked

question I get on my DMS and Instagram

what I do for a workouts what diet plans

I do more than anything else what kind

of workouts I do for my ABS honestly I

just use Photoshop it takes a lot less

time than actually going to the gym and

working out and putting in all the work

so yeah I'm a free all know I do workout

quite frequently and I really need to

find a new word synonym for frequently

in today's video I thought I would put

together my complete eight-minute ab

workout that I do quite often this is

the exact workout I do at home I might

switch a couple of things here and there

but this is exactly what I do to achieve

my fitness goals so I really hope this

helps when you guys achieve yours as

well anyway so about a month and a half

ago I really kind of just stopped

lifting I got the dopest set up ever

going on them check it out right here

got my blender

um and I'm out dug that I'm using as my

tripod this is the best lighting in the

house anyway as I was saying I just

added way way too much to my plate and I

just had to put working out on my health

on the back burner for a couple weeks

and by doing that I definitely lost some

of my mad gains I really wanted to get

back into my workout routine as quickly

as possible so in about two

two-and-a-half weeks I went from looking

like this to looking like this

granted the lighting was a lot better in

the second photo I'm not gonna lie but

to me it was a huge difference it's in

just a very very short amount of time

this might be the workout I'm doing but

I'm not showing you guys any of the diet

or anything if you want to see a whole

diet video if that's something you guys

are interested in seeing let me know in

the comments below

and another thing is whenever you're

doing this ab workout don't do it every

single day for two weeks

maybe like every other day

you're able to do this ab workout every

single day but you're probably not

getting the best ab workout in the first

place there's a little time stamp at the

very end of the ab video so you can skip

there if you want to just pick up where

we left off after the ab workout but

let's get to the ab workout in ten nine

eight seven six five




































alright so we just finished I suppose a

brutal workout indeed he was doing the

ab workout with me at the same time here

let me get it it was really good dude

very consistent 10 out of 10 go get your

six-pack nope

in two weeks guaranteed six-pack if not

you can all your buddies back alright

there's also one more thing I wanted to

show you guys this ab workout that I'm

about to show you I actually probably do

more than even this one and I don't see

a lot of other people doing it so I'm

just gonna show you it right now I guess

alright let's snap it's a little long

let's walk over there right now and I'll

show you the next one alright guys so

for the last workout what we're gonna be

doing is leg raises and personally I

find these to be the absolute best ab

workout and I think I definitely see the

most results by doing this workout the

reason I didn't squeeze this workout

into the whole routine was because it's

it's really different for each and every

person also if you're not quite to the

point where you can lift your legs up

straight then just try lifting your

knees up like this do this until failure

for a couple sets but I won't bore you

guys with going through the entire

routine so I'll end it here and we'll

get back to the video and the biggest

secret to getting that cut ripped

six-pack ABS as that healthy good old

diet and just plowing some good old

smoothie bowls smoothies papaya pitaya

pitaya Bulls shits fire that literally

tastes like heaven

you eat way too damn fast can't lie I

was just trying to annihilate that so

you know it's a really good bad six-pack

as fast as I possibly could

alright they're doing blender stuff so

peace so hopefully you guys enjoyed this

video if you did make sure you give it a

big thumbs up really hoping that I can

start posting twice a week in these next

few weeks to come so make sure that

notification bell is on and dinging

obviously this video was taken from your

guys's comments and suggestions so if

there's anything else you guys would

want me to do or make a video about and

let me know in the comments below or DM

me on instagram you can follow me there

at Kyle not one one seven and I'll reply

to you on there thank you so much for

watching I'll see you next week peace

that was the weirdest I've ever done