6 Monitor Setup Tutorial

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hi everyone I've gotten a lot of

questions about how I configured my six

monitor setup that I use for work so I

thought I'd put together this quick

video and show you guys how to

accomplish this it's very very simple

so my computer is a Dell XPS making you

tank a B so any computer welcome I'm

going to show everything on a PC because

like PCs better than max sorry Mac

lovers out there obviously this is the

front here we're going to go ahead and

I'll show you the back of the graphics

card where I connected everything so

here's the back of my computer you can

see the graphics card I'm using a 2

gigabyte graphics card which I really

like I'll put a link in the description

because it's on sale now for less than I

paid for it and I think it's a really

good value you can see it has six active

me display ports which will allow me to

connect my six monitors as far as

monitors go on using the dell ultrasharp

you 24 12 m there 24 inch LED lit

monitors I really really like them and

again I think they're very very good

value I'll put a link in the description

to where you can buy them just to make

it easy on you the output that I'm using

is a DVI so the back of my graphics card

is our six mini ports so I'll need six


and then a port adapters so I'm using

six DVI too many DisplayPort adapters

it's important that you get active mini

DisplayPort adapters if you're going to

use them with a multi-monitor setup

otherwise it won't work these are

literally plug and play so all I had to

do is just connect them to the monitor

connect them to the back of the graphics

card and windows pick them right up

as far as stands I did a ton of research

I wanted to make sure that they're super

sturdy and that they could accommodate

both vertical and horizontal orientation

I ended up getting two different types

of stands I've got two stands for the

horizontal monitors and then one stand

for the vertical monitors I'm really

happy with the stands that I got they've

been super reliable very very sturdy and

I'll add a link in the description so

you can see that ones I got

mounting the monitors was really easy I

may end up doing another video just to

show you how I did it but that would

mean I'd have to take one of these

monitors down so I'm not going to do

that right now

here's the Windows 10 display settings

screen you can see it automatically

found all six monitors and you've got so

here you can see I've got minor number

one selected and I can change it from

landscape to portrait and or I can flip

it which is important when you get to

portrait if you don't mount your monitor

the correct way you'll just need to flip

it which is not a big deal I can drag

these around so I can really create any

configuration that I want and it's

really really straightforward when it

comes to multiple displays you also have

the option of duplicating any of your

monitors you want the same picture in

more than one monitor or extending the

desktop which is what I want so that I

can just drag this around from one

screen to another I hope this video was

helpful as I said I went through several

configurations that didn't work out for

me and came up with this one which ended

up being really simple if you have any

questions at all just put them in a

comment section below

and I'll get to them as soon as I can

have a great day