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if you are not quite sure what comp to

play in the new set of teamfight tactics

or if you're looking for a comp to force

every game i have some good news for you

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ash brawlers has been consistently

getting good results for myself and many

top players in fact the first person to

reach masters in europe

exclusively played ash brawlers and many

top 10 players and former challenger

players in north america

korea and other regions have been

playing this every game too first we are

going to cover

why go ash brawlers second the


and then we'll cover how to play the

early mid and late game

so first let's get into why we should

play ash brawlers the first reason is

that there are only three crucial units

which are ash warwick and set

and they all have viable transitions and

item holders before you hit them meaning

that you can play this composition

almost every game and not get punished

if you don't hit those specific

champions in a timely

manner second this composition can use a

variety of items for the carry

and the tanks and third this composition

has many options for chosen units and

traits and can play them all effectively

and you can even throw in random

legendaries by dropping certain traits

in the super late game now moving on to

the items for ash

the only must-have item for ash is

quicksilver sash

this is because crowd control is so

prevalent in set 4

and champions such as aatrox which pulls

your units into the center of the field

or a pike who can stun your ash around

the corners pretty much makes those

matchups unwinnable

but if you build a quicksilver sash it

prevents literally all of this

for damaged items the best item right

now is a giant slayer and this is

because there are many units

which fall over the giant slayer damage

buff threshold which is 1750 health

at that point your champion deals 90

bonus damage from giant slayer

because there are other brawler players

and tons of other three star units in

the metagame right now

giant slayer is pretty much a no-brainer

keep in mind the best damage item for

her will change depending on the patch


again it just depends on what the meta

is right now it's currently giant slayer

other items that work really well on her

are rageblade

hand adjust this death blade and


items that are playable but something

that you wouldn't really prefer are

static shiv

sword of the divine and infinity edge

for your tanks

you really want a sunfire cape early

game this is by far the best early game

item for brawlers and you pretty much

auto win stage 2 and stage 3 if you get


tom kench is the early game item holder

for your tank units and

then his items get transferred to either

nunu warwick or set

depending on who you have two star

depending on your other items and what

the state of the game is

nunu likes more tank items such as

warmogs and dragonclaw and gargoyle


warwick likes any combination of tank

attack damage or attack speed items and


loves ability power but he could also

use a tank items that you have from

tom kench in the early game go for

brawler starts

but if you don't get that you could use

any generic frontline class or play

cultists until you get your tank units

i typically play for full economy in the

start of the game and even open fort

which is pretty much just a fancy way of

saying i sell off

all my non-brawler non-hunter units so

that i can make interest thresholds

again tom kench is the item holder for

all your tank items and then i like

using affilios as my ash item holder

but you could use pretty much any damage

champion you don't have to use

affiliates you could use champions such

as nidalee

vayne zedd or any range unit one fun

combination to try in the early game is

getting a chosen moonlight

and playing that with an affiliate so

that you get an upgraded defelios from

just two units it's a really strong

combination to hold your ash items

before you hit ash

in the mid game i typically do not roll

at level 6 but

if i am extremely low health i will roll

on stage 3

2 at level 6 typically i just roll

around 10 to 20 gold in this scenario

because you really need to save up to


level 8 and 9 in order to get the

legendary units that are so strong in

this composition

i go to level 7 at either 3 5 or 4 1 and

then i roll down

on 4 1 until i stabilize with either a

strong chosen champion or

ash with 4 to 6 brawlers and 3 elder


after that save up your gold since

you'll need to hit levels 8 and 9

and i typically get to level 8 at stage

5 1

with around 40 to 50 gold roll down to

10 to zero that turn

and then i decide if i need to roll

further in future rounds or if i'm

healthy enough to get to level nine

every game is different so if you're

already strong at 4-1 for example you

don't always have to roll at level 7

sometimes you could save your gold and

roll at level eight with all your gold

at stage four or five and give you a

nice power boost

because you rolled at level eight at

stage four five instead of five one

here are some possible late game builds

here's the base build with four brawlers

and three elder wood you can add

whatever combination

suits your tastes depending on the state

of the game and this could be either

more brawlers more elder woods more

hunters or more legendaries

the typical build has six brawlers and

three elder wood with either hunters or


the legendaries that can be randomly

thrown into this composition are two


yeon and ezreal sometimes even like in

azir is good too here's an example of a

nine elder wood composition

this comp is good if you have a chosen

elder wood and an elder wood spatula

as this is super strong because you can

make your set or warwick pretty much

unkillable and do a lot of damage with

the elder wood spatula on them

lastly here's a build with 8 brawlers

which i think is very strong in the mid

to late game but kind of falls off as a

game goes on

there are many other versions of this

composition you could throw in a ton of

random legendaries instead of doing all

this other stuff i've been talking about

so go ahead and do some experimentation

on your own and let me know if you find

a build that works super well for you in

the comments below

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