The Sims 4 Tutorials~ (NO MODS) How to get sextuplets!

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quintuplets quadruplets and six tablets

now first you obviously have to get her

pregnant and you go here so well first

to open up the cheese menu you have to

do ctrl shift C I'll put that up on the

screen now

okay see you saw that so you do control

shift see and then so you do that's how

you open the cheats menu but we're gonna

do that in a minute so we're gonna have

her take a pregnancy test hopefully

she's pregnant okay yay she's pregnant

yay so now that we've done that let's

never change clothes okay then we've

done that let's pause a second

alright so ctrl shift Z as you saw now

testing cheats space true okay I'm going

to put that on the screen now

okay you saw that - nice so now that I

have testing teats true enable again

it's testing cheats space true by the

way guys if I don't say space it's not

spaced so like testing cheats is all one

word so testing cheats space true

now here comes a long one Sims I will

put this wait what I do know I always do

this ok calm down I'm good all right

watch this on the screen now

it's Sims dot get underscore sim

underscore ID underscore buy underscore

and then their first and last name now

you put your four Sims first and last

name but mine's my Sims name is Shanna

wait bye

sorry bye name you put their name my

Sims name Shanna Parker so now I get her

idea ID again you saw as a flashed on

the screen what flash on the screen the

cheat and now you get your Center ID

code it's right up here right here so

now that you have that you need to do

testing cheats true again because

sometimes after commands they it stops

so always want to make sure with

multiple commands you do that twice now

pregnancy pregnancy I'll flash sunscreen

to dot force offspring sorry I

misspelled offspring count and you'll

put your Sims ID I'm gonna put mine so

it's for one you put you again your Sims

ID not mine so my sims ID I'm typing in

right now so

five nine three okay then you put righty

and then you want the number of babies

so we're gonna have the maximum of six

tablets there we get now she'd be

pregnant now

you could either win it out well first

you cannot let her leave the block or

else this will totally erase and she

won't have six tuples anymore so can't

do that but you can force it well you

can either wait for her to have the

babies just keep her on the lot or you

can do what I'm about to do and just

have her have the babies right now so

without mods you do testing cheats true

again then you do Sims dot ad but

underscore buff buff buff space buff

underscore pregnancy underscore in labor

oh space in between and labor and now

she's in labor see that now I have a

weird thing where my cribs are invisible

because I have a mod where it makes him

invisible and we're gonna place down one

crib so don't worry the cribs are going

to be invisible I don't have my game

it's not broken it's just a mod I have

so I can use custom content cribs so

she's gonna go have the baby right now

six templates just wait for it it's a

girl all right I'm just gonna randomize

names justice whatever so here's one two

three four five six now I have no idea

what the names I just chose where so I

don't know but you saw it right here

first having six children well six

tablets you can also again do

quadruplets or quintuplets if you don't

want six but I just did the maximum of

six tablets tablets without using any

mods without doing any of that so it's

it takes a little while to load - just

like it'd take a little while to load

with any of the others just cuz you're

adding six new Sims into the household

at one time and that's the maximum

amount of Sims you can put in your house

well that's eight since there there

there since those two are already here



oh yeah yeah yeah