How To Enable 5G On iPhone 12 - How To Disable 5G On iPhone 12 Pro

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hey everyone welcome back this is dan

from dhtv and today i'm going to be

showing you how to enable or

disable 5g on your iphone 12

or 12 pro as always the playlist to

all of the great iphone 12 tips and

tricks videos is in the description so

be sure to check it out

let's get started

so now that apple's iphone 12 12 pro 12

pro max and the 12

mini are all 5g compatible you can

actually choose if you want to have 5g

turned on or if you want to turn 5g off

so we're going to start by opening our

settings application

and we're going to tap on the cellular


from cellular you're going to want to

tap on the cellular data options

and from here we have two options that

are going to work with our 5g


so we'll tap on the option voice and

data and from here you'll see that it's

set to auto

now 5g is going to be set to auto by


when you first set up your new iphone 12

and what auto does it's going to try to


the best times to use 5g unless it's

going to significantly reduce the

battery life and you can see it does

have that little message down there

now if you wanted to bypass this and

always be on whenever possible even when

it's going to burn through the battery

you can set it to on now at this point i

don't think that's a good option

unless you're in a pinch and just need

that speed

and then if you want to turn it off you

have the lte option here which brings

you back

to the traditional lte connectivity now

when i switch over to 5g on you can see

mine is still at lte

i don't have a 5g tower or i'm in range

of a 5g tower where i am right now so

it's not going to pull that up

but as i'm driving around if i do get

close enough to one or it does pick it


you'll see 5g and you'll have some other

options there as well

now with that being said to turn off 5g

you would have to set it to

lte meaning that it's always going to

use lte

whenever possible now i did talk about

this in my previous tips video if you

want to set

up a specific button here you can

actually use this button which is the

low power mode

so when you pull down your control

center i've set a low power mode

button here so anytime i want to

disconnect from 5g

i would just turn that on and because

the phone in low power mode actually

disables 5g

it'll be like a disabling 5g button now

if you want to watch that video

the link is in the description it's the

tips and tricks video and within that


i kind of go through this as well as

showing you how to set up that button

but this is where you're going to toggle

between 5g on auto and lte

now the other option that we saw here if

we go back is in the data mode section

and right now you can see it's going to


more data on 5g and what that means is

that it's going to provide

higher quality videos and facetime when

connected to 5g

cellular networks and you can see right

there at the top what that means so if

you are someone who just wants quality

quality quality especially in your

facetime videos

you want to allow more data on 5g the

next one is standard and allows

automatic updates and

background tasks on cellular but it's

going to limit the quality with facetime

and video

and the last option is the low data mode

this is just going to

generally help reduce wi-fi and cellular

data usage by pausing automatic updates

and background tasks

so that's a way for you to really limit

the data you're using now i had mine to

allow more data i'm just going to

set it to standard and that's the

setting that i'm going to be using for


but my recommendation is you do modify

these at least before you start using 5g

that way you don't get shocked by how

much data you're using

so make sure you set up the voice and

data options

as well as the data mode here

additionally since we're already in this


if you scroll all the way down to the

bottom this wi-fi assist this is

something that's going to affect your

data quite a bit

uh depending on how your wi-fi is at

home if you have this on it's going to

automatically use your cellular data

when your wi-fi connectivity is poor so

if you have

spotty wi-fi at home make sure this

wi-fi assist is off especially

if your phone then switches to 5g this

way you're not going to have those

shocks and you'll make sure

it's not going to use your data to bump

that up and assist

the wi-fi so that's how to enable or


5g on apple's new flagships on the

iphone 12s

let me know if you guys have any

questions in the comments i hope this

video is helpful for you and if it is

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