Sims FreePlay - Dance to Remember Quest + Hobbies (Tutorial and Walkthrough)

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hey summers all of you will welcome to

make - in the next episode in our let's

play The Sims FreePlay series this is

the dance to remember quest this quest

unlocks at level 9 and it's a discovery

quest which means you can choose to

start it whenever you want you don't

have to start it when the game pops up a

notification or whatever and this is

actually a good strategy to not start

discovery quests until you're all done

with the mandatory quest which we have

been doing up until life dreams and

legacies so if you guys have noticed in

our other episodes we've had this couple

dancing in the parks it's basically

level 9

they're like the bonus they just keep on

going yeah but now we're ready for them

so we're gonna tap on them and it says

it dance remember complete this to get

the following hip shaking content the

salsa dancing hobby the incredible Latin

villa house the breakdancing hobby Latin

rugs for Sims homes dance lighting for

Sims homes so cool a load of cool stuff

begin quest alrighty

a pair of fine salsa dancers has

appeared near the thinking man statue in

the park and have brought their passion

for dancing with them can your sims

advance well enough to move to their

beat probably not watch the dancing

couple there are two Sims dancing the

park and they move with such grace and

poise nothing has ever been seen like it

watch their mesmerizing display of

dancing yeah so as it says you complete

this and the salsa dancing copy will be

made available then if you complete

within a time limit of seven days you

unlock a set of latin rugs for your

floors so let's bring over somebody come




to watch them for two minutes so if you

don't complete within the seven days you

don't get the rugs but you will still

get the salsa dancing hobby and that

gives you an opportunity to build the

Latin villa as we'll see later enthuse

about dances they dance with such skill

you'll sim is enthralled and must tell

somebody about it immediately and used

to another sin about the amazing dancers


yeah so even though harry didn't see

them we can still do that interaction

enthuse about 12 seconds

why is Harriet Draco's house mmm just

came to hang out and it looked like I

had tons of interactions possible when

you yeah good good friends okay Eternals

questions talk to the dancers uh-oh it

looks like your sim is getting a little

star struck by the two dancing dynamos

an introduction will help break the


talk to the dancers so go back to

Hermione in the park

talk to dancers for 15 minutes and I

finally stopped dancing afterwards not


drive from the park to the villa the

couple introduces themselves as

valentina and Eduardo Fantasia they are

flattered by the interest in their

dancing and have made an invitation to a

party at their private villa the car is

waiting in the park to take your sim

down tap on the car and choose ride to

Villa I think this that Thomas stood in

my other town yeah in a cool glitch

explore the villa villa looks incredible

your sim feels another bout of gushing

come on they better get it out of their

system before the other guests arrive

have your sim explore the villa tap

anywhere on the building or on any

object and choose Explorer Villa explore

Villa for two hours

Oh in their backyard dancing how sweet


have five servers at the Villa de

fantasmas party has generated a lot of

buzz in sin town and sins are starting

to arrive from all over have at least

five Sims at the villa the more the



eat hors d'oeuvres the guests have

arrived but no one likes to socialize on

an empty stomach enjoy some of the hors

d'oeuvres that the Fantasia's have laid

out have a sim eat hors d'oeuvres found

on the table in the middle of the villa

so this is a really nice little house we

have a tour of it on our channel as well

which will link in the video description


eat hors d'oeuvres for 10 minutes have

five sims cheer on the Fantasia's much


the Fantasia's are ready for their

guests to watch their dance performance

tap on a salsa jukebox in the ballroom

at the Villa and choose cheer on Sims

can cheer at the same time so make sure

five of them are involved so tap cheer

on for two minutes

jirô that's number two number three

number four number five and number six


have two pairs of sims chat incredible

the Fantasia's sure have the moves

maybe that's why Eduardo was called the

hot salsa in dancing circles now that

your sins have enjoyed the dancing I

have them socialize with one another

have two pairs of Sims chat so that's I

have any - that's the dancer oh yeah

cause he's standing up alas and sit down

chat for 10 hours and 30 minutes so

that's one pack no just for my knee here

Chuck for 10,000 30 minutes that's a lot

of El peace


thank the Vantage's that was a fantastic

time at the villa have the sim thank the

Fantasia's for the wonderful party and

their impressive display of dancing


thank the Fantasia is for one minute


have all the Sims leave the villa the

Fantasia's have welcome to everyone to

come to their next party and dance along

how exciting but now it's time to go

home have all your Sims leave the villa

you can use the car the funds of the

villa or just use the sim track of

similar legend this one drive home yeah

because I think that probably only sons

one sim home at a time so master to have

a sim hibernate whew what an incredible

day your Sims mines are buzzing with the

desire to dance but they need some sleep

to process their experience at the villa

have a sim hibernate in a bed hibernate

for 19 hours oh I think this is a

three-stall bed is it ok I think it's

also technically wrong Hermione's bed

but you know I guess they're all friends


salsa dance to a stereo waking up

inspired your sim dreamt of majestically

dancing with the same poise and grades

that they saw the villa it's time to try

their hand at salsa dancing tap on a

stereo and choose the salsa salsa salsa

whatever here we go with the stereo

salsa for 16 seconds

oh no what's wrong fail epic fail little

tyke read the spicy salsa from the

workshop well that didn't go so well

perhaps you'll see at least to study

dancing more thoroughly before trying


spicy salsa from bookshelf so we've got

our three-star bookshelf here and spicy

salsa will be for seven hours and 30

minutes bronze reading it well he needs

dancing tips too I'm sure


place an ad from the computer the book

on salsa dancing had a lot of useful

tips in it including the most important

tip of all having a dancing partner use

this computer and place an ad for a

dancing partner in the bedroom to star

computer dancing plasma full 10 minutes

Chlo pumpkins perfect now for the oddest

place the only thing to do is wait until

the reply arrives while your send whites

distract them with some gardening have a

same grow some pumpkins couldn't have

gone for carrots grow pumpkins that's

gonna be a super long one down at the

bottom bottom bottom here 24 hours Wow


check email those are some smashing

pumpkins your famous groan perhaps

someone has replied to the ad for a

dancing part go to a computer and check

email check email for 40 seconds it's

cute how there's always these weird

pop-culture puns and references in the

game and for those of you who don't know

who the smashing pumpkins are look them

up on the Internet


send us into the park not one but three

potential dancing partners have

responded and we'll be waiting in the

park send us them to the park now you

know what if one of these is one bulls

I'm gonna throw something okay

one of them may well be one of us


wait excitedly on a bench in your Sims

eagerness to meet the dancing partners

they arrived here too quickly not to

worry they can wait on a nearby bench

for now let's have fun a bench and

choose wait excitedly waits excitedly

for eight and a half hours assess

answers the dance partner candidates

have arrived at the park and I'll buy

the statue it's time to put them through

their paces tap on each of the

applicants and choose assess answer make

sure you check all of them hopefully

there's only three yes so who do we have

we have a mummy and Explorer and a night

assess this dancer for five seconds a

kingly night they're taking a little

step back


okay oh my goodness me

clean that mess up wha well done Harry

that's the second answer for six seconds

um I think that okay the kind of a

wipeout set starts at eight seconds

I have faith in the oh yeah look at that

she's got some moves yeah not quite

salsa moves though but she could be on

So You Think You Can Dance and learn

some salsa moves she goes mad a tude

have two Sims at the park oh dear these

applicants aren't right for salsa

dancing at all although that money had

some pretty fresh breakdancing moves all

the commotion has attracted the

attention of another sim have two Sims

at the park be hilarious to another sim

the same here was assessing dances in

the park looks a little deflated perhaps

they could use a laugh be hilarious -

another sin where did her

he said that'd be hilarious for four and

a half hours of course


dance with another sim hmm that joke

required fancy footwork and was no

laughing matter

dancing might be in their blood try to

salsa dance with them well it's like

that scene in the penultimate movie

dance within their sim for three seconds

something tells me this isn't gonna go

so it's good well a little bit awkward

just like just like you'd expect have

two sims watch a movie marathon this

dance phobic sin might need a little

coaxing before they're ready to cut up

any rugs perhaps they need to become

more familiar with their new dancing

partner have two Sims watch a movie

marathon on a TV together so let's just

pop back to see Ron ekans and he can

have a movie marathon for eight hours

joining and his son his son joins in

with him have two Sims play a long chess

game it's working your Sims are growing

closer and enjoying their time together

have them play a long chess game

together to keep things going so let's

go back to the park so you tap on an

empty table long chess game for two

hours and 30 minutes Harry join in 2

hours and 30 minutes because there are

pairs of Sims doing these interactions

it's taking twice the LPS and normally

would see the same amount of time if you

can dedicate the time to if you need to

use Life Points to try and save your

life points for things which only one

sin is doing have two Sims eat a meal

together they are getting on famously

now before the reserved partner is

tricked into dancing something has to be

done about their growling stomachs

they're hungry have two sims eat a meal

cook whatever you like


there's some plates on the table cool

have to Sims dance to a stereo the next

dance the villa is soon so there's no

time to waste for the partners to move

those feet have to Sims dance to any

music on a stereo with a little luck

they will have so much fun that they

won't even notice they're dancing until

it's too late pop I guess and join in


practice salsa together it worked your

Sims are ready to practice salsa

together now choose practice salsa with

another synth practice salsa for one

hour and 30 minutes


have a sim hibernate perfect convincing

them to dance this exhausting work

before going back to the villa your sins

need another wrist of the sim hibernate

and Abed another long task hibernate

again for 19 hours send us into the park

excellent your Sam is excited about

Dancing with the Fantasia's it's time to

return to the villa and the car must be

waiting at the park by now send us into

the park investigate meowing wonderful

the car is ready for a trip to the villa

but strange noises can be heard it

sounds like there's meowing coming from

under the Park bridge investigate the

bridge of the park look for the alert

bubble investigate meowing for five

minutes there's no cat under there and

if there were the cat should go for the

Ducks rescue cat from under bridge a cat

has found a feast of discarded food

underneath the bridge but got itself

stuck the poor little thing

dancing we'll have to wait rescue the

cat random rescue cat for 10 hours and

30 minutes


have two sims at the Villa at last the

cat is saved and there's no time to lose

have two sims go to the villa before

they miss the dance all together

remember you can get to the villa with

this red car so ride to Villa and now

you can whistle over another sim


apologize for being late finally arrives

and the Fantasia's are still waiting

fantastic have a sim apologize to the

Fantasia's for being late it's only

polite apologize for 12 seconds not kind

of Tomsk


I really like that dress and I wish we

could have it always in the game they've

been waiting so patiently for so many

months dance at the villa the Fantasia's

appreciate the gesture but there's no

time for apologies now only time to

dance with a sin selected tap on the

jukebox at the Villa and choose wait for

partner while one is waiting so that's a

difference in then tap on the duplicate

and choose dance with partner so wait

for partner for five hours and now we've

got Ron selected so dance with partner

for four hours and 30 minutes yay look

at the slices Ron and Hermione dancing

together they haven't actually been able

to dance together this entire time have

they come on they look good cute they're

still learning Oh

Hermione's trying to lead well yeah they

haven't got perfect form

oh I wouldn't be running for my knee if

they didn't bigger something oh they're

gonna give their arms more stiff

spaghetti arms if you guys get that

reference and good on you okay

let's see what I got because this is the

start of the hobby night swimming won

the quest finishes but I got an Opie

have all Sims leave the villa valentina

and Eduardo Fantasia are impressed with

your Sims enthusiasm for dance it's time

to say goodbye for now have all your

sins leave be Villa congratulations keep

dancing the promotions RS store is now

stocking salsa jukeboxes grab yours

today and get started on the salsa

dancing hobby congratulations

energetic moves have earned you these

lush Latin rugs for your floors decorate

rooms in all new ways they are available

in the rugs section of the home store so

let's go ahead and take a look at the

rugs going into the home store there

should be a new section now which says

rugs and these are the rugs so they go

for social points all of them and there

are nine types these are these sizes and

patterns that you get all of these rug

styles except for the blue breakdancing

that are available in the latin villa

and how do you get the latin villa well

first of all if you don't finish this

quest within the seven day time limit

you won't get any of these rugs but you

will still unlock the salsa dancing

hobby and that is the key to getting the

Latin villa as soon as this quest ends

the salsa dancing event begins and that

is a seven day time period when you can

start working on the salsa dancing hobby

collection and it can complete that

collection within that seven day time

limit you unlock the Latin villa so guys

this seven days is counting down from

now whether you say you want to start

the Hobby or not so if you want that

Latin villa you basically got to get

this going now and you want it because a

lot of furniture

items are exclusive to the Latin villa

and you can't get them otherwise by

completing it we mean you need to

collect all of these items and if you

don't complete it within the seven days

you don't get the Latin villa but you do

unlock the breakdancing hoppy which is

an opportunity to get more decorations

such as lights so let's go and get the

thing we need for the salsa dancing

hobby which is at the promotion's RS

store and you go to the hobbies tab

towards the end is the salsa jukebox

which is for five thousand simoleons

you only get one per town to begin with

while you've got the Hobby working for

the first time later you'll be able to

get as many as you want

per town but you'll still I think only

be able to place one per house yeah so

you go into the inventory you go into

your hobby and career section you get

these jukebox out of there place it in

your house and now in order to get

started working on it you need to have

two sims going at the same time so I

guess we'll just get running doing it

you have two options quick salsa for an

hour and thirty minutes

or extended mambo for seven hours and

thirty minutes

obviously you get more chances to get

the items in the grid if you work with

the shorter time tasks over and over

again but you're gonna need to level up

all the way through the Hobby in order

to get all of the items so as you can

see only for level one are these first

two boxes white the other boxes are

grayed out but as your sim levels up you

will unlock all of these and they'll all

turn white and you can get all of them

so basically just have your Sims the

salsa dancing over and over and over

again for seven days to get that Latin

villa and again if you want to tour the

Latin villa we've got a video of it on

our Channel

as soon as you complete the salsa

dancing hobby collection for the first

time you unlock the breakdancing hobby

and this kicks off another seven-day

event centered around breakdancing this

time get started on the breakdancing

hobby by going to the hobby store in

town buying the breakdancing boombox

there again you're only allowed one per

town the first time you do this hobby so

one good strategy is to have one sim in

your town working on the breakdancing

hobby and a second sim at a neighbor's

town working on the breakdancing hobby

so if you have two sims going at the

same time you increase your chances to

collect all of the items in the grid

before the seven days is up and this is

what it looks like once you've collected

every item in the Hobby grid if you do

it within the seven days you win this DJ

booth if you don't do it within the

seven days you don't get the DJ booth

but you do still unlock a set of lights

so this is what the hobby grid looks

like fully completed so checking out the

breakdancing booth it comes into the

electronics section it's a hundred

thousand simoleons and this is what it

will look like set up in your house as

far as the breakdancing pack goes it's a

number of lights and here they are in

the home store under the lighting

section they go for a range of samolians

like points and social points so that

has been the dance to remember quest a

salsa dancing hobby and the breakdancing

hobby again if you want to see the Latin

villa we've got another video of that on

our channel which will link in the

description below

and otherwise stay tuned for the next

quest in this series which is the sunset

maul quest if you're new to our channel

please feel free to subscribe because

we've got plenty more Sims FreePlay

videos on the way thanks for watching