5 MONITORS! WHY?!? | 5th Monitor Setup Showcase

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of running my name's Austin Wilcox and

you may have thought that four monitors

was plenty for me I know that's not the

case actually say hello to monitor

number five to get started I want to

first tell you that this is not an

unboxing in a review video this is more

of a showcase video showing you guys the

v monitor how I set it up and how the

arrangement of the five monitors looks

and operates first let's take the

monitor out of the box I always love

doing this because opening the

electronics gives you that sense of you

know opening a present right and you

know I don't know why monitors come in

such hefty boxes my 50-inch TV came in a

thinner box than this but you know I

understand that manufacturers want to

protect their products so I won't

complain too much I originally wasn't

gonna get this monitor which is the

Lenovo think vision X 24 I was wanting

another panel that matched my newer

monitors but upon spending almost four

hours in two different stores I kind of

impulse bought this monitor I was taken

by its impressively thin IPS panel and

slick design plus the 1/4 inch thin

bezel caught my eye and the price tag

wasn't nothing to complain about either

when I saw this monitor and it's

extremely thin bezels I figured that it

would be better than the panel I was

thinking about getting so that when I

were to setup the 3 monitor surround

panels I wouldn't have to overlay the

screen edges like I had previously done

I can actually put them side-by-side the

setup was the most difficult process

obviously the reason I had waited so

long to get more monitors was the fact

that I had reached my limit for the gtx

970 graphics card that i have in my

computer i figured that in order to get

more monitors i would have to get

another graphics card which is pricey

unfortunately I did have to get another

one but I didn't actually have to buy it

when I bought my fifth monitor I already

had a GT 635 lying around from a long

time ago and through that card in now I

know what you're saying a gtx 635 what

an old crappy card why would you use

that let's get something clear I know

it's a bad card

it's old and can't run any games but I'm

not using it for games I'm using it

simply as a display output you see my

processor doesn't have integrated

graphics being that I use an Intel Xeon

e3 12:31 v3 so this card is to

temporarily hold me over until I decide

to purchase another card all my games

will be running off of the GTX 970 via

the Nvidia surround setup now going into

this I knew that the fifth monitor

doesn't have a base amount on the back

so I had to improvise see I made a stand

that was no bigger than the base that

elevates the monitor up to match the

height of the other two monitors next to

it you know in the end this is actually

good because I didn't have to worry

about height differences between all

three monitors being that the other two

are Acer brand and not of the lenovo

brand the top monitor attaches perfectly

to the single arm stand which is

attached to the three arm stand and the

bottom monitor is completely separate

from the other four I had to custom make

a stand for it that angles the monitor

at a 45 degree slope while keeping it

under the bezel of the middle monitor

and yes it is made out of cardboard and

hot glue don't judge it works in terms

of cable management it was actually

pretty straightforward I didn't have to

remove or rerun all the cables that go

through the three arm mountains main

Pole luckily all the cables were just

long enough for connection the three

monitors in the middle and the monitor

at the top are connected to the gtx 970

and the bottom angled monitor is

connected to the GT 635 the three middle

monitors are set up in nvidia surround

as said before and the top and bottom

monitors are set as they appear in other

words i have a plus of workspace all in

all i think this was the worthy addition

to the setup it didn't cost much money

and i didn't have to buy any additional

items which has been a routine every

time i upgrade or add something to the

production booth in the future i am

hoping to replace at least the two other

monitors in the middle with the same

lenovo think vision x24 so that both

matches and has an extremely thin middle

separation bezel but i'm not gonna worry

about that for a while thank you

everyone for watching i hope you enjoyed

this showcase and i shall see you in the

next one