How To: 4C Natural Hair Tutorial

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hey uh welcome back to my channel my

name is Tommy Alisha and if you're new

to me I'm interested in everything hair

care and beauty so before you judge this

is my sister she is a type for seen

natural if you're interested in hair

typing and things of this sort and

sometimes she's not able to get to her

hair as quickly as she like because

she's a busy woman as she should be and

so I'm gonna step in today and give her

the hook up a very deep treatment as a

sister should so the first thing that I

do is I head to her roots and I break up

the tangles that are intertwine with

each other I find that most of her knots

and naps if you're triggered please

don't be

and her tangles are located at her roots

and then I work my way to her ends

that's how I do it I say give it a try

it will work and if you guys haven't

done so already if you would be so kind

please hit that subscribe button and

turn on the bail notifications

and now that I'm finished with that

section I'm just going to grab my water

mr. bottle because as you guys know our

hair some rides off of water I'm gonna

go in with my shampoo bar lather up my

hands and then apply it to the length of

her hair I wholeheartedly believe that

shampoo gives the hair a great sudsy

lather that makes it easy to detangle

with our fingers and with our brushes

and combs just look at how my hands are

gliding for her strands it's amazing but

it's not shocking 4c hair is just as

easy to work with as the other textures

you just need to know the right products

to work with so I'm just going in with

my Felicia Leatherwood brush to make

sure that I'm not missing any tangles


next I'm just going to part the section

and turn this into a two strand twist to

make it easier for her to wash out the

shampoo in the shower when you wash your

hair and twist you won't have to go in

and detangle again after you've already

rinsed out your product in the shower as

you guys can see I'm working with a

hefty tinkle right here and that's why I

start at the roots because I can get to

the root of the problem

no pun intended I'm just saying and you

want to be very gentle during this

process because we don't want any

unnecessary breakage whatsoever

very very very gentle you see what I'm

doing they're breaking it up so again

I'm going to go in with my water bottle

after breaking up the roots saturating

the hair with warm water and then I'm

going to take my shampoo bar and lather

the hair up

look at those suds honey and then I'm

just going to make sure that I've gotten

all of the tangles out with my Felicia

Leatherwood brush if you're not

interested in using combs or brushes

please feel free to use your fingers

sometimes it feels really good to have

others in our hair that are very gentle

and very calm so I was very happy to do

my sister's here

she knows how does like but I just

wanted to take care of her she's such a

hard worker so I'm just gonna finish up

the rest of her sections

and here's her hair completely detangled

after she's washed of all of the shampoo

I'm going to apply an amazing deep

conditioner this one is from 22nd

century natural hair on YouTube this is

a liquid deep conditioner which I love

because it penetrates my strands with

ease and I am not afraid of this product


I am very heavy-handed because it can

also function as a leave-in conditioner

so no harm no foul go ham girl

and I make sure to apply a hefty amount

to the crown area because sometimes want

to be protective style

we don't really allow our hair to get

the moisture that it deserves so I want

that sensitive crown area to be just as

pliable as the rest of the hair to avoid

breakage now that that's done I'm going

to go in with the Harris to this

treatment is amazing for the scalp it

has a refreshing nature and it's very

great for reducing breakage and shedding

I'm making sure to work that in around

her edges and then I'm just gonna apply

a plastic cap to her hair so that that

greenhouse method can kick in in

addition to that I'm just going to be

applying a dryer to her hair because he

allows that product to penetrate our

cuticle and now that her hair is all

rinsed out I'm just going to go on with

my brush one more time to make sure that

there are no tangles and then I'm going

to apply my air dryer this air dryer is

a magnificent it reduces the amount of

work that we have to do and as you guys

can see the results are fantastic so I'm

just going to start on the other section

going through with my brush and then

applying the air dryer on high heat this


y'all see it you'll see it isn't this

amazing and trust me we know we're going

to give her a trim very soon as you guys

can see we use low heat and high heat

but we're going to stick with low heat

because it gives us the stretch that we

need without the fear of heat damage and

she's gonna try it on her own oh my

sister energy encourage us guys I love

her so much and I was very happy to do

this treatment for her look at the

luster and shine of her hair don't mind

our little afro beats dance party I'm

going to attempt to do a flat twist but

if you know me you know that I cannot

bring it but we'll see where this goes

and if you guys are interested in seeing

the same easy methods apply to a

different texture of type 4 hair please

be sure to click that information icon

above and I'll leave the link to this

upcoming tutorial at the end of this

video and if you haven't already done so

please be sure to subscribe and click a

bell notification and guys I know this

isn't the best looking hairstyle in the

world but it's going under a wig it's a

protective style I repeat it's a

protective style but I am trying to

better my braiding skills and my flat

twist skills

thank you guys so so so much for

watching I'll see you guys in my next

tutorial I upload on Tuesdays and


see you soon have a blessed one