Warframe: 4 Syndicates Guide

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what's up guys it's boondocks and today

I want to make an updated guide for

raising force into kids at once now the

really good thing about raising four at

once outside of the obvious reduced

financial concerns is with the overlap

of the warframe mods you have access to

all but a few so with that in mind

there's only two things that should be

focused on with regards to which should

be chosen first the weapons what weapons

are you gonna get from those individual

syndicates and then the second being the

cosmetics so in all honesty because the

cosmetics cannot be changed

this should be your primary focus what's

it Sai and Donna's do you think are the

best to me personally cephalo soo des

arbres of Texas and still Meridian are

bar fought far by far the best sorry

about that but you might want to change

it up depending on what sigils you like

or what particular weapons really speak

to you for starters there's three

primary combinations that we can go with

and I'm gonna be listing them and every

time that I say a name first that's

going to be like the leader of that

particular pairing so for starters we're

gonna have the red veil paired with

steel meridian and you can go with new

loka paired with the parent sequence or

you can go steel meridian paired with

red veil along with cephalo sudha and

arbors of hexxus and then finally arbors

of hexxus encephalo sudha along with

parent sequence in new logo patient's

out of the way let's talk about the very

basic math part so let's do that by

looking at red veil as you can see red


enemies with arbuzov hexes opposed with

cephalo sudha and allied with steel

meridian what this means is for every

point of red veil rep you get you're

gonna lose an equal amount with arbiters

of hexxus

whose half that amount with suppli sudha

and gain half that amount was still

meridian now it's this unique half loss

and half game that we're gonna take

advantage of in order to raise for

syndicates so let's move on to the heavy

Mac and I'm gonna be talking about all

this math in terms of 20,000 just to

make it a little bit easier so for our

first grouping it's gonna be if you want

to raise Redvale and steel meridian

along with new loca and the parent

sequence and the math breaks down as

follows gaining two days worth of rep or

40,000 with Redvale will gain 20,000

with steel meridian new loca and parent

sequence are not affected then gained

one day's worth of rep with new loca or

20,000 this will give you 10,000 rep

with the parent sequence and lose 10,000

rep with still reading at the end of the

three days you're now looking at follows

40,000 with Redvale 20,000 with you loca

10,000 still meridian and 10,000 parent

sequence what this really boils down to

is always game more Redvale than you do

new loca and all four will race if this

combination is what you choose never

gain steel Meridian or parent sequence

rep if steel Meridian and Redvale along

with arbiters of hexes encephalo sudha

is more your style here's the breakdown

game two days worth of rep or 40,000

with steel Meridian raising Redvale by

20,000 then for one day gained 20,000

with cephalo sudha this will give 10,000

with arbiters of hexes and lose 10,000

with Redvale at the end of the three

days it'll look as follows 40,000 with

steel Meridian 10,000 with Redvale

20,000 with cephalo sudha and 10,000

with arbiters of axis what this one

boils down to is always gained more

steel Meridian they you do suppli sudha

in all four will race never gain red

veil or arbiters of hexes rap and all

four will race nice and naturally for


as a side note this is the combo I wish

I had chosen the final combo of arbiters

of hexxus encephalo sudha along with

parent sequence in new loka is the

easiest and at the same time slowest to

raise this is because all syndicate

factions will raise at the same slow

rate for one day gained twenty thousand

with arbiters of Texas law school also

gained ten thousand of suppli pseudo

while losing ten thousand with the

parent sequence the next day gained

twenty thousand with the parent sequence

this will gain ten thousandth you Lucca

and lose ten thousand with arbiters of

Texas this means that at the end of two

days all your factions will have raised

by ten thousand never gain rep with

cephalo sudha or new loca and you're

gonna be good to go with that being said

the way that you raised rep is by

wearing a sigil from the desired

syndicates and then just going out and

playing the game other than that you can

also complete daily syndicate missions

during these missions you can hunt down

syndicate tokens that you could trade in

for even more rep so get out there and

get all four syndicates going until next

time guys like comment and subscribe

good luck have fun and peace