Using Six Multiple Screens in Mac OSX Mavericks - Pros & Cons

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or something YouTube how you doing this

is mr. ty box one two three and in this

video and we shown you how multiple

screens work in the brand new OS 10

maverick welcome back everybody and as

you can see I now have OS 10.9 Mavericks

installed on the Mac Pro I just thought

I'll take you through some of the new

multi screen multi monitor functionality

that we've got now built into Mavericks

that we all got so excited about but

since I've been using it I've come

across a few problems that probably

won't allow me to use it but what I

thought I'd do is just show you guys

exactly how it works now what I've

actually got South now is I've actually

changed it back to the original way of

working how it did in OS 10 mountain


so as you switch between your different

screen spaces it actually changes all of

the screens all in one go now the actual

downside to the way it worked in OS 10

mountain lion was that when you took an

application full screen it actually

blanked out the rest of them so you

could actually no longer use any of your

screen real estate now this is obviously

a major problem and this is the thing

that pretty much everyone has been

complaining about now the thing that I

really like about the way that it works

in OS 10 mountain lion is the fact that

you can switch between all of these

different screen spaces and if you've

got these multi monitor wallpapers that

all add up to be a single picture it

actually works quite well so really the

only negative about it is the fullscreen

issue within applications now one of the

other things that I actually really

quite liked about the way that it works

in the previous way of doing it is that

you can stretch applications between

multiple different monitors now what I'm

going to do is I'm just going to change

this back to the way that it actually

comes by default in the brand new OS 10

mavericks I'll be back with you in just

a second because you actually have to

log out and log back in to change the

setting so here we are now

with the default settings within OS 10.9

maverick and this now is set up exactly

how Apple have designed it with this

completely new way of working in terms

of multiple monitors now the good side

to this is that they have fixed the

issue with going fullscreen in an

application enabling you to still be

productive and be able to use your other

screens whilst you've got a full screen

application on the go on any one of your

monitors now the new way that they've

dealt with spaces is that instead of

actually being able to change all of

them in one go it only changes the space

for the monitor you're on at any one

time which for me is a complete

nightmare because if you've got these

wallpapers that spread across multiple

screens giving you a single image it

just doesn't work out and it's totally

impossible to actually match them up so

as you can see when you flick between a

space it only actually does it on the

screen that you're using at any one time

the other issue that I've got with this

is that you can no longer spread an

application across two monitors as much

as I'm trying to move the application to

appear across multiple screens it just

doesn't work you can only ever fill one

screen with an application now on top of

this when you actually go to Mission

Control and look at all of your multiple

desktops they're all numbered in

completely random orders so you could

have desktop 1 & 3 on one monitor and

you could have desktop 2 & 4 on another


if you introduced more screens in SAP

maybe three or obviously six like I've

got here it really does become

complicated in the way that you actually

go about flicking between those screens

now for me I really like the idea of

having a image that spreads across all

of your screens and makes up one single

image and like I say this way of doing

it you just can't do it at all with this

new way of working in Mavericks and that

second issue of being able to not spread

applications across multiple screens for

me again is a huge issue so it seems

really they've only fixed that one issue

of being able to make a full screen

application and still use the rest of


this state but while I was doing that

they seem to have made a bit of a mess

of the other way of doing it now

obviously we've six screens this is

potentially different in terms of

whether it's a success or not as to

whether you maybe got to which is

probably the more popular option but you

guys let me know in the comments below

what you think about this new multiple

screen way of working in Mavericks is it

going to work better for you or are you

like me where the disadvantages are just

too much to over weigh the advantages

with the full screen application and

still being able to use other screens

whilst you've got a full screen

application anyway guys thank you very

much for watching this video please do

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you've got any other ideas that you'd

like to see from this new operating

system let me know in the comments and I

will see you all in the next one

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