How to Setup 4 Monitors with Galaxy GTX 560 MDT Graphics Card

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hi everyone this is waj from bmw

technology channel on youtube

and in this video i'm going to do a

demonstration of how you can set up

four high resolution hd monitors

using only one graphics card there's

obviously a couple of ways where you can

achieve a setup like this

and of course there's many practical

applications of why you would need these

many monitors

perhaps if you're doing a lot of

multitasking or if you're doing

any kind of big spreadsheets or any kind

of workflow application

that you need a lot of desktop real

estate for it's really great for that

now probably the most simple and

straightforward method of achieving this

type of setup

is using the galaxy mdt series of

graphics cards

which is going to allow you to hook up

any type of monitors

using four dvi connections the nice

thing is again is you can use any type

of monitor that you have lying around

the house

and using these multi-display technology

cards from galaxy

is a lot more simpler than your amd

solutions that you have out there mainly

due to the fact that amd requires that

you use some sort of

displayport technology to connect

multiple displays together

and displayport connections and

displayport monitors are a lot harder to

find and

overall a little bit more complicated to

set up and definitely not as universal

as using a standard connection such as


now there are a couple of cards that

offer this mdt technology

from galaxy so let's go ahead and list

some of these cards from low to high


so starting from the most affordable of

the mdt line is the

gt610 it can support up to four dvi

monitors and it retails for around

eighty dollars

next we have the mdt gtx 560

which is the exact same card that we are

using for this video and for our setup

and that card retails for around 160


next we have the more powerful gtx 570

which is definitely going to get you

better frame rates and overall better

performance for gaming and it has a

higher number of cuda cores

for better gpu accelerated applications

retails for about 260 dollars then we

have the even higher performing gtx

580 which retails for about 300

and lastly we have the gtx 560 ti

which also retails for about 300 but the

only difference is that it can support

up to five monitors and in order to do

that it uses four hdmi ports

as well as one dvi and one displayport

connection in order to achieve the five

monitor setup now once you picked out

the car that's best for you

the setup is really quite

straightforward most of the time we're

gonna be using three monitor setup we

don't need the fourth monitor

but just for demonstration purposes

we'll show you how to connect the fourth


and it's really simple and

straightforward we have this uh little

diagram over here each of the monitors

are connected through dvi

and all of them are maxed out to their

native resolution

now if you want to set up form monitors

you can set up in a couple of different


the way we have it set up is basically

you have one large monitor

comprising of three monitors and just a

secondary monitor

which is the 24 inch so in terms of

resolution we have three displays joined


making a resolution of 5760 by 1080

and then on the left hand side we just

have a standard 24 inch monitor

which has a slightly higher vertical


of 1920 by 1200 which is just acting as

like a secondary monitor

and all you really have to do is just

make sure each of the monitors are

plugged in through dvi

once you've connected everything

properly your graphics card should

recognize all the monitors and you just

go to the nvidia control panel driver

to just set up the resolution and


of the monitors and to actually set up

the multi-display in terms of

arrangements you go to display

and set up multiple displays and here we

have a mini diagram

of what the monitors are actually doing

we have the three monitors set up as the

number one

and the secondary monitor labeled number


and here we can actually drag each

portion so we can

change the arrangements physically if

you want one on top of the other

to suit whatever you have physically set

up but as you can see everything is

really intuitive in terms of software

it's very easy

to just plug and play there's not too

much involved in terms of

complicated setups and even if you have

more monitors i'm sure it's going to be

easy for

setting up that as well so if you're in

the market for any kind of multiple


setups with three monitors or more i

believe that this is the most

streamlined and simplest method

in order to get this kind of

multi-display set up so if you have any

questions about anything i talked about

in this video make sure to leave it in a

comment down below

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our channel thank you so much for

watching and we'll see you later take

care jaden in today's video i'm going to

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