Sims 4 - How to Get Quadruplets and More! (7 KIDS AT ONCE!!??) (NO MODS)

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oh my gosh we have five kids hello

everyone couldn't get you here welcome

back to another video so today I'm going

to show you how to get quadruplets and

more in the same sports look if you want

to have like five kids six kids this is

the video for you in one pregnancy by

the way so I do have another video

called how to get twins and triplets you

could follow this tutorial but I would

really highly recommend clicking the I

in whatever corner of the screen this

because the video of my tutorial for

that is there it's almost at 500,000

views and that's crazy so watchable

click on that if you need that but for

this tutorial I'm going to show you how

to get like mega children and mega

pregnancies but before I start just

really quickly I want to tell you in

case you're here for the first time my

name is Quinn Gigi and I do rumor videos

and tutorials like this so if you have

any recommendations of what I should do

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below I don't want to hold you up any

longer so let's go to the game leg

alright guys we are here in the game now

and we are going to basically have her

have I guess we're going to do five kids

so this not like this cheat works up to

seven kids because you're only allowed

to have eight in the household there's

only one of us we can have up to seven

kids but I for the sake of showing you

guys what you probably really want in

your game I'm going to do five because I

just feel like that's the better way

because you know five is more reasonable

so all you need to do is have a pregnant

sim whether you get them from the

gallery or you get them in game you know

to sell out here you don't even this is

just for example so this will work with

any families you're going to press ctrl

shift C which will bring up the cheat

bar if you didn't know that and you're

going to type testing cheats

true and then this thing will pop up

that says cheats are enabled after you

do that you're going to do Sims dot get

underscore sin underscore ID underscore


underscore name and then you're going to

put the name of this end so - Lori

Grimes and then you see right here it'll

give you the same ID after you do that

you want to do testing cheats true again

just to make sure everything is working

and then this is a long one so stay with

me it's pregnancy stop force underscore

up offspring underscore count and then a

space and then you're going to do these

numbers right here so for me it's this

one you're not putting in mind remember

guys you have to do this for your sim

otherwise it won't work because you're

literally going to make my son have a

child have more than one child not yours

so it's very important to make sure you

put in your own string of numbers and

not mine then you're going to do another

space and then you're going to do the

baby numbers I want five so we are going

to do five and they're going to enter

and now that we've entered that we're

going to make her pregnancy speed up so

now she's pregnant with five kids

there's five little sim babies in there

and now all we have to do is make her

have the baby so if you guys this is for

any any pregnancy if you guys don't want

to wait for your pregnancy to end you

have a cheat that'll allow you to make

her go into labor instantly in your

cheat bar you're going to type Sims dot

add underscore buff space buff

underscore pregnancy underscore in labor

and now you will see she has gone right

into labor and we don't even have to


all of this time we don't have to wait

the three days for our sim to give birth

so let's see how many kids she truly

comes let's go ahead you have to keep

them on a lot by the way make sure they

do not leave the Lots we have our first

girl we have our second girl we have our

third girl we have a fourth girl and we

have a fifth girl so it looks like we

gave birth to five girls and there

should be five girls placed on the lot

there we go there's your five kids

I think this Chi is absolutely amazing

because I'm going to use it all the time

and as you see you'll get a buff here

that says have some converts to triplets

that's because this is not natural this

could not happen in the sense for so the

fact that you can do that now I think

it's really cool so if you guys liked

this video and it helped you a lot

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all again next time good bye