How to make a 3D photo post in Facebook

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so I'm perusing around on Facebook and a

friend of mine post this photo and I'm

scrolling through it and I'm like hold

on this is strange there seems to be

some kind of weird movement and it's

it's a 3d photo so how did he do that


plane I'm gonna get to it hold on okay I

think it's good this can only be done

firstly at least I know on an iPhone if

it's a phone that has portrait mode so 7

plus 8 plus or one of the 10 series that

has portrait mode because it needs that

depth mapping we're gonna come down here

to look at my phone and I'll show you

how to enable it and it's a feature yeah

that you enable in the Facebook app

again at least I know about it in the

iOS version alright let's let's come

over here okay so here's my phone and

it's hopefully you guys can see this ok

I'm just gonna do this so number one of

course is we're gonna open up the

Facebook app so here it is and we have

to come up top to the search and you'll

see a knife search for this already but

here it is and this is for searching for

Facebook we're searching for Facebook

360 so once you search for this and you

go to it what you need to do is like

this because if you don't like this it

doesn't come up as an option so we're

gonna hit the like button it's now liked

now once we do that we're gonna close

Facebook so come down here now key is is

to really close it so right now it's

sitting in that kind of multitasking

mode so we're gonna go and actually for

an iPhone 7 and 8 and stuff we're gonna

double click the home button you'll see

Facebook here we're gonna kill it okay

so off it goes now after that we're

going to go back into Facebook and

because we've liked that page once we go

into a post for instance and we come

down here you'll actually see it says 3d

photo 3d photo which is awesome now all

we have to do is come up scroll through

for me you'll see I have mine set to

portraits it's not going to naturally do

that so I've gone through and changed my

album I don't think it does it me I'm

not actually sure I mean it doesn't

really give you an option so we're gonna

come in here pick a photo right so I'm

gonna find photo in here that I'll pick

one of my daughter right it says create

creating a 3d photo next and at this

point in time when that photo is moving

it's gonna be able to shift the

background around so it looks like you

can only you guys can see it there all

right I'll bring it up a little closer

maybe so tell me that's not cool

right how awesome is that

all right guys quick video 3d photos and

Facebook that's awesome

all right my friends I'm gonna leave you

there we will talk to you again in the

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