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it's 2020 y'all listen it's 2020 and

today I'm gonna teach you how to get

ladies in 2020 okay I know I told you

guys last year okay in 2019 year before

that in 18 and 17 and so on and so forth

okay but it ain't no difference okay

we're gonna still teach you the same

thing basically when I say the same

thing but you guys will see the

difference and what my ways look like

now - and I look like then I should boy

360 Jeezy come along for this ride cuz

there's a couple of stuff that I need to

pick up from the store so let's go part

you guys we outside a Walmart right now

I'm gonna go in there and pick up some

360 wave products that I think is

affordable for your average person you

know I mean when I first started out I

was basically using what I could get and

in Walmart they basically got it all for

a beginner starting kid let's go in



listen I had to buy other things as well

okay chill alright so before I talk to

you guys about ways and what waves are

let's just jump right into a better

setting how about that aren't you guys

what you need to know about waves is

that waves is basically curls laid down

once you grow your hair out your hair

tends to curl and all it is is just

laying down those curves now when it

comes to getting waves all you do is

brush to the point where your hair

starts to curl when it comes to my

experience and what I know I'm basically

seven years into really just being a

hardcore waver right so all of this

information that I'm telling you guys is

basically built up information over time

right this is not something that I

researched in got information on this is

just something that comes from

experience so when you're trying to get

waves basically which is what the hair

is doing is that if you ever grabbed a

piece of hair a piece of long hair and

you add tension to it and you pull

basically the curl starts to snag back

and just kind of retract and curl so

that's basically what you're doing with

your waves all you're doing is brushing

your hair trying to get that same effect

and getting your hair to curl up so as a


one of the main essential products that

you need is a hard brush medium brush

and a soft brush a do-rag and some wave

grease or oil now keep in mind when I

first started I didn't go out and get

all the expensive brushes all the

expensive greases and do-rags I had to

work with what I could afford so I went

out to Walmart Walgreens different

places that was cheap to just start off

my journey you don't have to get all the

expensive things right away now what I

can say is once you develop your waves

and get your ways to a certain point

where you know you want to upgrade

that's just like anything in life you

want to upgrade you got the finances

then you want to start getting into your

torino pros your royalty products you

papi blasted goat drip even though

that's a little expensive we all know

that it's expensive but at the end of

the day you're paying for the quality of

the product and the name at the end of

the day so those are some products that

you can get once you want to step your

game because I kid you not man waves can

really be expensive but it ain't nothing

like getting a new product to motivate

you to brush and motivate you to just

you know continue on your journey

because lack of motivation like a

consistency like a drive and

determination that can kill off your

waves and make you want to do something

else you know to me so try venturing out

and doing certain things with different

methods using different products this

all motivation for you to actually start

brushing because brushing brush brushing

is 100 percent key to this whole process

if you're not spending time brushing in

the mirror actually paying attention to

what you're doing then your waves are

not gonna come out like you running or

like you see elite wavers and it's best

that you put in the time and effort the

consistency to get your waves to a point

where you feel like they're good now

when it comes to the time you should

spend brushing I would at least spend an

hour a day brushing now this doesn't

have to be a full hour of you just

brushing you could break it up in 15

minutes if you want but if you're really

gonna get dope waves if you want to get

the ways that I have or anybody else

your favorite waver has you have to put

in the time brushing and about an hour a

day is really minimal but by this being

a beginners video that's what it take to

get your ways to the next level now as

far as getting a haircut and this is a

whole nother side to waving that you

actually put your your waves in the

hands of someone else so I recommend if

you can start cutting your own hair but

if you can't understand that too what I

recommend is you go to a barber that

actually cares about his craft as much

as you care about your waves when it

comes to getting your first haircut when

you're getting waves

and you're starting from scratch you

want to cut your hair and low alright it

doesn't matter whatever whatever is your

loan because all different type of hair

texture is different when it comes to

guards so whatever is load for your hair

texture you got to cut it all off

alright and start from scratch you got a

brush until your hair reaches this curl

length for me it's around a 2.5 that's

when my hair starts curling but anything

under that my hair is just gonna be

straight so let's say you growing your

hair out to where you know it's pretty

long you see some ripples and you want

to go get your first haircut now usually

we like to say wave length all right you

tell your barber to getting wave length

for some that's a 1.5 for a straight

hair that could be a 2 or 3 or it just

all depends on how straight your hair is

when it comes to what type of cut you

should get I always recommend when

starting out just get a line up just get

all around cuz what you want is you want

your waves to develop all the way down

to the hairline you don't really want to

jeopardize it we're getting a taper or

anything like that when I first start I

just get the smallest taper right here

right so I can have all the waves coming

to the hairline and you know you don't

want to really just get high tapers cuz

that that really messes it up for your

waves to come in on the sides now when

it comes to this term called woofing

woofing is a whole nother beast all

right now wolfen is basically growing

your hair out to an extent where you

know you're trying to better your

connections and when it comes to woofing

you gotta be putting in the work while

wolfing you can't just brush your hair

and expect to just get waves by just

growing your hair out that's not how it

works you have to put in those hours

that I was talking about all while

growing your hair out because if you

don't do that it's just gonna be lack

thereof you're gonna cut your hair off

and notice that you're losing progress

your waves are not as defined so you

have to put in work this is hard work

waves is extra okay that's extra is what

the norm

won't do I putting the time and effort

into brushing your hair is takes work so

this is sounding too much for you this

might not be the hairstyle for you

because this hairstyle takes work once

you grow your hair out you've been

putting in at work and you need to get a

haircut do not cut it to love alright

always keep your hair thick that way you

can go right back on your Wolf's journey

and continue to keep going you know I

mean that's how you're gonna better your

connections that's how you're gonna

break Forks and what happens when it

comes to methods it's a lot of methods

out there alright and someone else

missing alright some of those nothing

it's just a pure waste of time there's

the hot child methods that I like to use

this basically when you put that pomade

in your hair and then you put the hot

towel on basically melting the grease

into your hair putting the do-rag on

going to sleeve that method right there

is a one alright that's typical

old-school method basically what other

method there's a washing style method

that one's a good method there's a

pomade method where you put the pomade

directly into your crown and then brush

it there's all type of methods man out

there but you really got to decipher

from the ones that's good and the ones

that's bad alright there's something out

there there's just completely

unnecessary and but there's definitely

some out there that can help you on your

journey so as far as waving goes it's

really not that deep man it's more hard

work than anything alright all the

methods at the end of the day they cool

and everything but it's about the work

you put in brushing alright it's about

how much time you spend in the mirror

paying attention to what you're doing

that's how you get dope waves it's less

about how much grease you're using it's

less about what is the silkiest do-rag

and it's not even about how expensive

your brushes are how you know means it

has nothing to do with that some of the

dopest wavers used a regular brush a

regular wave enforcer brush so don't get

wrapped up into what brush are you using

or what grits are you using or what you

know all of that is fine and dandy but

you have to work with what works good

for your

all right everybody here is different

not everybody here react the same to two

products so find out what works for you

and stick to it man is consistent so

enough of me talking let's go and see

what I'm working with as far as these

waves I cuz what's up up under here

alright it's serious okay I don't play

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why yeah


now when it come to getting dope waves

like these it takes hard work dedication

all right motivation consistency the

will to keep going when it going gets

tough and the tough kids going you gotta

go alright you gotta put in that work

alright that's what it takes to have

dope ways man our YouTube this is how

you get ways in 2020 and in 2020 and

beyond we put in a hard work settling

for nothing else waves is hard work

period and if you add that to the rest

of your life if you add that type of

grind at that type of fire to your life

I'm telling you you will succeed waves

is a lifestyle and when we talk about

lifestyle we mean really add it to your

life and it will happen for you alright

anything that you want will happen for

you your life is progress waves is

progress i life is motivation life is

consistency so if you put that type of

energy into your actual life just

imagine how your life will turn out man

waves is just subliminals alright if you

put in the work

your life will be great all right mister

boy 360 GZ if you like this video make

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with the whoa alright it's your boy 360

GZ I'm out of here