How To Use Split Screen On Windows 10

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Here's how to use split screen on Windows 10.

In this video, we'll cover

a few window-snapping variations.

Use the clickable links below

to skip around to different options.

Windows 10 expands on the window-snapping features

of prior OS versions.

To start split screening, click and hold

on the title bar of the window to snap.

Drag it to the left or right edge

until your mouse cursor disappears.

When the window stops moving

and flashes an outline of the window,

you can release the cursor.

The window is now pinned to this half of the screen.

On the left, a collection

of other active windows will appear.

Click on any of your active windows

to snap them into that half of the screen.

A handy keyboard shortcut

for the two-window process

is the Windows and arrow combo.

With the window active,

click the Windows button

along with either the left or right arrow key.

The window will now automatically

take that half of the screen.

Repeat that process with another window

on the opposite side

or click one of the options that appears.

You can do three or even four snapped windows as well

on a larger monitor by dragging into corners.

Take a window and drag via the title bar like before,

but instead, bring it to a corner of the screen.

As this window is now snapped to a corner,

you can take another window to fill the space below.

With the right side filled,

the left will present options

to fill the remaining slot as a larger third window.

If you'd like to add a fourth from here,

take that left window

and drag it into a corner like earlier.

Then fill the final space with your fourth window.