How to Use Group FaceTime on iPhone

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hi everyone welcome back to genius

lounge I'm your host Matt Troutman

genius lounge is the place where we take

tech and we make it accessible to mere

mortals today we're gonna talk about

group face time in this current climate

where we're social distancing ourselves

and making sure that we're not

interacting with people in real life we

want to make sure that you can actually

contact the people that you love and not

just one at a time so group face time is

a great alternative to actually meeting

in person so let's go ahead and jump in

on our phone and I'm gonna show you how

to do that so the first way to do this

is actually through the FaceTime app so

I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna tap on

FaceTime in the upper left hand corner

here and from here I'm gonna tap the

little plus in the upper right hand

corner this allows me to add people to

my chat so in this case I'm gonna go

ahead and I'm gonna add myself and I'm

going to add my add then for genius

lounge and now you'll see both of these

items show up as blue which means that

they're both able to receive FaceTime

calls in this case I can go ahead and

click video and it will initiate a

FaceTime video call now you can also do

group chats kind of like a conference

call if you want to do just audio you

can click the audio button right here

and that will connect you all together

as an audio call for this video we're

gonna go ahead and we're gonna take a

look at video calls so I'm gonna tap

video and the parties that you've

invited should get a notification on

their devices inviting them to the call

and while we're waiting for them you'll

see this I'm gonna go ahead and from my

other device I'm gonna accept the call

so now that I've accepted I see my face

on both screens here we're still waiting

for admin at genius lounge he's kind of

lazy and he doesn't like to join in to

these calls so what I can do is actually

if I wanted to focus on one particular

individual I can tap on them so let me

show you how that works

you tap on that you can then take that

mostly fullscreen and give them focus so

then you can look at one particular

individual if they're the one talking

you can definitely give them that focus

and then you can also tap and you can

return back with the two or three

parties if you've got multiple parties

in here the person who's speaking well

actually come to the foreground and it

will kind of float bigger and it's kind

of this fluid feel to the whole

experience which is kind of fun because

that way it gives focus to the person

who's talking another great way to start

a group FaceTime is to use your messages

app if you've got a group chat going

with all of your friends that use

iPhones you can do so super easily from

the messages group so let's take a look

at that I'm just gonna tap on messages

down here and I see that I've already

got a group chat going and fishie wants

to know if we want to group FaceTime so

the really cool part here is all you

have to do is tap up here on this group

of people and then you can click on

FaceTime and that's going to launch into

a group FaceTime call alright so now we

know how to make calls let's take a look

at how to join a group call if we're

invited when you're invited to a group

FaceTime call you'll see a notification

on your phone pop-up or if someone

chooses to ring you that can actually

send a call notification to your phone

just like you were receiving a regular

phone call or a regular FaceTime but if

you miss one of those and the call is

still going on you can still join in so

let's take a look at that so if I open

up my FaceTime app I can see that this

is going on right now and it says tap to

join so I'm gonna go ahead and tap that

and join the group FaceTime

and to confirm I'm gonna click the green

join button and there we go

now the other thing I can do is I can

actually join straight from my messages

app as well if it was initiated in that

group chat so I'm gonna tap the messages

app right here and I see that there is a

group FaceTime going on right now and I

can tell it join and just like that

you're able to join in with an ongoing

FaceTime call I hope this video helped

you so that if you're not able to meet

with your friends and family in person

that you'll be able to join together

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much for watching

I'm Matt Troutman and we'll see you

around the Genius lounge