Sims FreePlay - Love Is in the Air! Marriage Quest (Let's Play Ep 4)

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hey summers oh everyone welcome to make

two and Episode four of our let's play

Sims FreePlay series and this is the

marriage quest quick rinse in a shower

one of your Sims needs a shower to get

them in the mood for a fresh new romance

have a sim enjoy a quick rinse in a

shower so we've got Hermione selected

this is her house so she'll do a quick

rinse for six seconds and meanwhile Ron

will just wait nearly like sitting left

in the very erotic a sim will always sit

but interestingly when at well when you

give them food they stand up no don't

sit down to eat not good food

maybe your table was too crowded get to

Sims in one house your sim smells great

now time to invite that specialist em

over for a romantic evening get to Sims

in the same house and that autocompletes

because we've already got two sims in

the same house have a sim be romantic

with another sim sim should show their

intentions for love early find a pair

and have them be romantic with each

other can always add a new sim to town

for the perfect match so where's when

why are you gone outside be romantic for

one minute

well moving fast they've known each

other for seven years of course maybe

longer cook they're adults

this is post books now yeah they've

moved into suburbia


I'm having della think together for

three whole episodes there make espresso

it looks like they're really getting

along they should get to know each other

a bit better over a copy have a sim make

an espresso so coffee machines in here

espresso for 20 seconds when I get

married I think we should at least give

them to Donnie chance that probably

wouldn't make sense yes maybe with space

to sit at the chairs

and for her to down aperture on table

it's always reminded the puffing I am I

need to expand this living room a little



flirt with another sin you can really

see the chemistry between them make one

sin so that with another 13% away

through the top floor for five minutes

so remaining has randomly decided to

change into her fireman outfit so we'll

change her out of that yeah a glitch

with the current version of the game

that we want just the world to update

form a budding romance there's some real

sparks flying here this could definitely

turn into some sort of romance have two

sims be romantic until they form a

budding romance

so now they're in a budding romance need

to have two Sims watching movie you can

just tell that these two lovebirds would

love some cozy cuddling on the couch

with movie have two Sims watching movie

no one stayed longer this lifestyle once

watching movie picks up one hour 15

minutes time want to join it and that's

good so the task is complete something

to count I'm doing it you can say that

serves two hours form and dating

relationship the night is nearing the

end and it's pretty clear that your two

cents would love to keep seeing each

other they should be dating

keeping romantic until they form an 18

action ship

time to seal the night with a kiss

magazine kiss another SEM on the cheek

or Marni kiss cheat two seconds


send us in home what a great night we

don't want to overdo it what if they get

sick of each other

send a sim home saw one but away you go


your sims are too excited about this new

romance to sleep properly so a quick nap

will have to do have a sim take a catnap

in a bed turnout for 27 minutes grow

onions your Sam just had a great idea

everybody loves and emotionally mature

soon right and how do you create an

instantly sensitive sim by growing

onions of course yeah that's why I said


okay you better have two sims in the

same house they just can't stay apart

any longer all too soon as to the same

house I wanna you sent wrong home right

so let's just call him back now those

onions you bromantic to another sim

they've missed each other so much have

two Sims be romantic to each other you

know meant it for one minute that hair

really ages let's be like a perm deeply

cleanse hands oh dear

you'll see me in their haste to see

their new love again and collected to

scrub their hands properly bad hygiene

is always a turn-off have a sim deep

deep cleanse hands in a sink one hour

and 40 minutes for us this is a long

quest become partners it's time to make

this official have two sims be romantic

to each other until they are partners

so where is one watching come on wolf

whoo-hoo things have gotten serious and

the time is finally here get to Sims -

whoohoo all righty

so excited well it's been a long time in

the making

wait they're just what I thought that

they were supposed to go for a bed with

the new update why are they I thought

they were so smoky because they're

outside but are you gonna have to be in

the picture what we can make them do it

again funny though

seriously though I thought there were

since just go them at all I haven't seen

who looks cute I really thought I was

supposed to go just for the nearest that

not just like go at it wherever they

were the way to something please okay

where we just stopped them from

expressing themselves and their love


by two roses things are getting serious

between those two Sims so serious in

fact that it might be time to pop the

question set the mood by placing two

roses in the house

Wow where'd we find those plants ready

on three oh three maybe you decided to a

bottle very romantic



get engaged have two things you have

antic until one of them is ready to pop

question will even give you the ring a

more expensive the ring a greater chance

Watson's partners will accept so don't

be a cheapskate vanity where he here's a

free eternity ring to make your proposal

that little bit easier the eternity ring

is the biggest fanciest and most

expensive Gregerson can get shorty

assume can't say no to something like

this that is a good buy because I know

for a fact that Sims will often say no

to proposals with a cheaper ring or

because they are gold diggers oh wow

just propose marriage okay six seconds

written warning with the free is for any

ring with a huge day Hermione

oh they're happy so do us yeah

and he walks off call about engagement

success share the big news call about

engagement on a phone sell everything

you don't have phone yet check the

electronic section I'm not sure we do

have a phone actually yeah

cheapest one is 200 tickets

all about engagement for hours and 30

minutes make to engage things move in

together now that your sims are engaged

they should move in together

tap on our since fiancee and ask them to

move in so this is her - house so she

needs to be the one to ask wrong to move

in okay so where did she run off to oh

girl look at her or my knee so Ron will

you move in with me even though I'm

smelly and I'm dressed like a fire fire

yes oh my god you

she walks away a lot faster you walk

towards it

uh-huh have three sims in the house wow

you also need to be fast they've just

decided to get married right here in the

house share the news with even more

people have threesomes in the same house

well apparently we only got two sims in

town so you know what this means we're

gonna have to make a third soon and you

know who that's gonna be

I'm going for trunks they're sweet like

Harry Potter

yeah and especially now that Ron's house

is empty because he's moved in with

Hermione we can just go ahead and make

him there how convenient this saves us

all the Duckett's yeah you need to be

male first they might change the name

again I was wrong

hurry what's called that skin tone and

up here his eyes are course green like

his mother's eyes where is that exactly

look at that and there's King I'm not

sure that there's much variety for us

here that might be the best here we can

do for him right now later we should get

more hairstyles I think we got glasses

on would hope oh here we go

accessories yes perfect beautiful yeah

you want to spend a lifestyle point well

he has Harry Potter he is the chosen one

okay those that I want to hang yes

okay tops

I think Kerry is a sort of basic kind of

guy it's not gonna be wearing anything

terribly dressy a peacoat sure good hmm

darker sure thunk let's see hold on

Rowan I wanted to check something often

what I like to do when I'm using

characters is to give them little emojis

to distinguish them forgot to do that

for Ron and Hermione

but for Harry there's a perfect one

which is the lightning bolt there you go

Harry Potter so even if he changes his

last name he will always be Harry Potter

with a lightning bolt yay

so now we take him to Ron and Hermoine

nice house okay guys so when we were

first doing this quest we had a little

bit of a problem in that we went over

time and we couldn't get the prize for

getting married within the two days for

the quest so what we did just for you

was we restarted the entire game and

we've made everything over again and did

all of it over again so now we are ready

to get these two crazy kids married in

time and unlock the wedding prizes all

right get married time to make a big

commitment have two engaged sims get

married okay

get married six seconds woohoo mine and

Ron are now married congratulations to

them both okay so your sims can now get

married so when you're going to have a

thriving town full of sin families

since you completed the Levin's in the

erequest in record time the wedding

bundle has been unlocked you can find

your new outfits in the creative Sam

menu or the costume insolence or new

quests available two and a half Sims so

that'll be our next video but in the

meantime let's go ahead and check out

the wedding costumes let's just choose

Draco for that purpose browse clothes

you can just go to any wardrobe and

that's the only requirement yeah so as

you can see keep tap on new outfits and

scroll down live wedding tuxedo number

one number two number three very nice

yeah oh here's another one so I think

since Draco is Draco let's let him wear

the formal wear even though he's

technically not getting married yeah so

I suggest you he's pulled at the wedding

fault okay and for the wedding dress

let's have hermione model that oh no I

was gonna say let's actually have

Katniss model that because she tends to

get dressed up a little more than whom I

need us well you don't wanna put Himani

in a wedding dress on her wedding day

and they already got told they already

got married though that's true so now

it's gonna be Draco comments are gonna

get married

well I don't know if Katniss will wear

it forever but this is just you know to

model it so you get a sort of silvery

one and this is more of a I guess beige

maybe and this is a pinkish version and

here's more of a pure white version so


that's the wedding outfits cool I think

this just goes to show that even

experienced practiced sinners can still

some time to not make the end of their

quests yes so hopefully it happens to

you we feel your pain so hopefully you

guys enjoyed this one and we look

forward to seeing you with the next

quest babies please subscribe to our

channel or notification for when that

drops thanks for watching