Triple Monitor Setup Guide

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the sight of three monitors arranged

perfectly together it does something to

a man or woman once you've seen

something like that in the real world

you can't just go back to your pathetic

boring existence some sort of one

monitor created it's okay it's okay

don't worry we're here to show you how

easy it is to set up three monitors for

gaming and then you'll be happy until

you see six monitors that's even better

now there's a few main things we have to

consider when constructing a triple

monitor setup a your graphics card

manufacturer and model the first one's

actually not that important the model is

B the monitors obviously and see what

you're going to be using your setup for

so we're going to be talking primarily

about triple monitors for gaming but of

course there are many benefits to using

triple monitors for work as well now

first up you want to see if your current

graphics card can support 3d displays if

you purchased a mid to high end video

card in the past three to four years it

will most likely support multiple

monitors so the i/o will probably

include at least one DVI DisplayPort and

HDMI or some combination of the three

and if you have at least three outputs

then you're probably good although you

can use one DisplayPort 1.2 port with a

3-way hub like club 3ds MST hub if that

works for you as well of course direct

port port connections are preferable

because there's other ones I've my

experience have been a little bit on the

flaky side the next part of the equation

is the monitors triple monitor gaming

works best when all three monitors are

the same model particularly on the

Nvidia site this not only ensures that

they're the same size and resolution but

they'll also likely have very similar

color appearance similar response times

and all that jazz so you won't end up

with any kind of disorienting or

nauseating kind of differences in

appearance from one monitor to another

it's also important to note the

available inputs and whether they match

up with what your graphics card is

output and if you know what I mean as I

said plugging a video output into its

corresponding input on the monitor is

the best-case scenario but of course

there are adapters and hubs available to

get around that now normally when you

plug three monitors into a PC it'll

treat each of those monitors like a

separate display great for work not

great for games in order to play games

with triple monitors your PC needs to

treat them all as one like gigantic

glommed together display so AMD and

NVIDIA both have gaming modes built into

their graphics drivers that allow this

and ease is called Eyefinity and in

depth affinity there's only three of

them and NVIDIA calls their surround

which is stupid because they don't

all the way around you they just

supposedly sit in front okay I'm sorry

I'm just being a troll here both of them

are pretty easy to set up but one thing

is especially important to note I finna

T requires at least one monitor to

connect with DisplayPort if your monitor

doesn't have a DisplayPort input you

will have to buy an active display port

adapter active adapters translate the

DVI HDMI or VGA signal from a native

DisplayPort signal so that the GPU can

output what it wants and the monitor can

get what it wants another important

thing to note is that I Finity requires

all monitors to be plugged into a single

card nvidia surround that does not now

invidious around generally works with

whatever ports are plugged in to the

monitor no DisplayPort required but if

you want to double check you can use in

videos surround system requirements tool

on their website Andy also has a list of

GPUs that support Eyefinity as well as

recommended active DisplayPort adapters

now once you know your video card

monitors will play nice it's time to

plug them in and get them set up first

off make sure you've updated to your

drivers to the latest versions and

reboot your system in Windows

right-click on your desktop and select a

screen resolution here you can detect

your displays it identifies them with

big old numbers and you can drag and

drop them in the right position now for

radeon GPU owners the next step is to

launch catalyst control center and go to


eyefinity display group for GeForce GPU

owners launch the Nvidia control panel

very creatively named and go to

configure surround + PhysX both of these

sections let you correct for the

thickness of your displays of bezels so

you don't end up with lines kind of

looking like this and not aligned get it

aligned because it's aligned haha

I'll move the displays around change

your resolutions and so on

a calculator can be handy here because

you know some people might not

necessarily know exactly how many pixels

1920 x 3 is and it's good to do a little

sanity check to make sure that you're

compensated although it should be noted

that if you do use bezel compensation

that number will actually be plus some

virtual pixels in between so it's more

like looking out through a window and

less like not having it aligned Sun

after you applied the Eyefinity or

surround setup your three monitors

should act as one giant one so

time to head into your game of choice

and change the game resolution to match

the total resolution of your combined

displays as displayed by your control

panel for example 3 1080p monitors like

I said would be 57 60 by 1080 promise a

little bit for those on bezels alignment

etc etc and you may also want to tweak

your field of view settings assuming

your game supports it to get more of the

game in your peripheral vision instead

of just kind of a stretched out mess not

all games do support this though and I

recommend heading over to widescreen

gaming forum if you're having any

particular trouble with any of your

games they have a cool little tool that

should sometimes it doesn't work should

automatically adjust the settings of

your game to make it better for surround

gaming or even just ultra wide gaming

but some games just straight-up

won't work at all so let us know in the

comments guys what do you think is

triple monitor gaming worth it is it

better to go with an ultra wide or 4k

for better pixel density sound off below

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