Is a Triple Monitor Setup Worth it?

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how's it going guys it's Josh here

welcome back to the channel so today we

are going to be answering the question

is a triple monitor cell worth it

because I think a lot of people

including myself a few years back look

at a triple monitors help and think wow

that's got to be the ultimate cell but

I'm just going to go through a few pros

and cons with you guys today to help you

make a better decision as to whether or

not you should invest in this kind of

thing now found myself for over two

years now so it's kind of gotten to the

point where the novelty has worn off and

I feel like I can give you an honest

opinion about it we'll start with the

pros so for a start I mean they do just

look awesome I mean come on there's no

getting around it

there's just something about a triple

screen cell that looks a little bit NASA

mission control esque it's quite

visually striking when you first see one

especially in person I remember when I

first did mine and I was super blown

away with it all right next up

productivity if I'm honest this is

probably the biggest Pro about a triple

screen setup there's not only a huge

amount of screen real estate but you've

also got three separate screens to snap

programs into there's no resizing or

anything you just drag something on to a

screen and it's done it's very handy for

video editing or even just day-to-day

stuff I can have Spotify open on one

screen Amazon on another and even then

you've still got one screen free it's

just really nice to have a physically

separate screen for everything and it

makes multitasking extremely easy as a

result I think you definitely get more

done in less time

next up now I think everyone associates

triple monitor selves with gaming and

perhaps rightly so it can be super fun

when you're playing a game in this

ridiculously wide resolution it's

extremely immersive you have lots of

stuff kind of rushing past in your

peripheral vision especially in racing


now I don't really play racing Sims but

one of my favorite thing to do is to get

the racing wheel out and play a bit of

Forza horizon 4 it's kind of difficult

to describe the sense of immersion you

get in cockpit view you really feel like

you drive in a car and the same is true

for space Sims as well to have such a

wide set of screens really adds to that

immersion again elite dangerous is just

absolutely killer on this kind of setup

admittedly I don't really have my screen

self specifically for this true racing

sim enthusiasts will have a much steeper

angle on the monitors so that it fills

more of their vision but either way

three screens is mostly great for gaming

I'll come back to that in just a minute

so here's the cons of a triple monitor

so the first is space you need a lot of

space I had to move my whole self from

this alcove in fact to the biggest wall

in my room because they just wouldn't

fit if you wonder in my desk the one

behind me is two-and-a-half meters long

and the monitors are 27 inches each so

you know how I said they were good for

gaming honestly guys when I originally

planned myself I thought I was going to

be playing everything in triple screen

surround I mean that's what a triple

monitor setups for isn't it but the

reality is I'd say about 80% of the time

I don't anything that's first-person and

competitive it just sucks for it doesn't

help at all having a screen either side

of you you're basically stretching what

a person would normally see on one

monitor over three they can move their

eyes an inch to the corner of the screen

and you've got to turn your whole head

you're basically at a disadvantage stuff

like rocket League as well basically

anything that's not a space or racing

sim it's just not very good for and that

brings me on to another disadvantage

it's a bit of a faff to set up every

time you want to play a game in triple

screen mode you have to basically n a

blip from Nvidia control panel and it's

not the easiest piece of software to

deal with there is a program I found

that helps a lot with this I made a

video about it so I'll link it in the

description but in general the thought

of having to set something up every time

you want to play a game can kind of

discourage you from doing so

altogether and finally I don't really

count this as a disadvantage because

it's kind of just the nature of it but

yes it is pricey if you want to play

games on all three screens you need a

lot of power for a good framerate due to

having to push all those pixels so you

need a good graphics card obviously the

price of three screens itself can be

expensive as well so is a triple monitor

setup worth it 100% if you're doing it

for productivity in my opinion three

screens is just absolutely amazing you

can't beat it if you're thinking about

doing a triple one itself specifically

for gaming I would say it's honestly

just not worth it guys it's just not

practical for most games unless that is

your big into your racing Sims in which

case you'll love it and finally if

you're one of those people who just

wants it because it looks cool I mean

it's up to you what you spend your money

on at the end of the day and I'll be

honest yeah that was one of the appeals

for me it really does feel like having

an ultimate sell but then again I

sometimes look at people's really nice

single monitors helps with the PC at the

side and everything and they look

amazing as well so definitely don't feel

like you need to have three monitors to

have an impressive sell I hope that's

helped some of you to make a better

informed decision let me know if you

have any other questions in the comments

guys and I'll be happy to answer them if

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see you back here again with that being

said guys thanks for watching I'll catch

you all in the next one