How to connect three or more monitors to your laptop

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hello everyone I'm going to show you

very quickly here how to connect three

monitors to your laptop is easier than

you think

I looked everywhere and I just could not

find an easy fast tutorial to tell me

how to do it

so I'm going to tell you here in less

than five minutes exactly what you need

to do to connect three or more monitors

to your laptop okay so here we go there

is the three of them and here is my lap

okay so if your laptop has HDMI output

obviously that will go to one of the

monitors over here in the VGA will go to

the VGA monitor most of them have VGA

but some laptops may not have HDMI so

what do we have here okay we have the

VGA all laptops have these we have USB s

over here and right here in the middle

we have HDMI now if you do not have HDMI

that's okay

these can this can also work okay

remember that a laptop can only output

two monitors at a time only two now for

three you need extra equipment in here

it's these little device and there is

many of them around this particular

device is called a USB display adapter

that's what you need it's a USB display

adapters what it does it allows your

computer to use a USB connection which

in this case is this one right here it

turns that USB into a display adapter

through this particular little adapter

right here okay these really handy

device over here has also an adapter

right here for either DVI or VGA I

happen to have a DVI monitor over here

so I just use the DVI that is justa that

is what comes

with the adapter over here is just right

out of the box is VBI but if you have a

monitor that is VGA meaning it takes

this particular blue connection that's

okay this little device comes with an

adapter that you can use that you will

plug in over here and then will convert

the signals to VGA for you so you can

have multiple VGA s if all your monitors

are VGA s then you can have all of them

like this one okay then you will have

the same connector coming out of here

through the adapter that you will plug

in here it comes in the box when you buy

this little device these little device

you can buy a an electronic store like

Fry's or computer say you know a store

like that so there we go three monitors

right here

to summarize one more time my setup over

here you have one for VGA one which is

the USB using this particular adapter

and then the other one is using my DVR

my HDMI and again if you do not have

HDMI in your laptop that's okay you will

need to have more of these

unfortunately okay I've seen people

using like a hub a USB hub and also

works in case you only have one USB over

here then you will go it will go up from

the USB out to a hub a little hub that

will give you more connections to USB

and then out from the little hub into

these devices but hopefully you have at

least a two or three USB most laptop

these days have you know at least three

USB this one would still have one extra

over here and then I have another one

right over here which that's for my

wireless keyboard mouse right there

alright if you were curious to know what

laptop I'm here

this one is it Lenovo ThinkPad Edge it's

an e 530 it's a core 7 that's beside the

point but if you wanted to to know what

laptop art was using so there is if you

have any questions about how to do this

feel free to let me know and I'll be

happy to help you well I hope you

enjoyed the rest of your day

see you later