How to Balance Multiple Jobs

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so I'm in-between I have a bunch of

opportunities and I don't know which one

and I know your philosophy of work work

work and I'm trying to figure out how to

fit it all in but I am a cabinet

designer and I have the opportunity to

basically go work for a very high-end

firm and continue to do it and try to

continue to do my own stuff and become a

rep like all of these opportunities are

coming all at once and I'm trying to

figure out the best way to balance them

up without base Borneo suffocating

myself yes exactly burning out so let's

work backwards and reason what everybody

needs to do it's so easy to make

decisions when you have clarity on what

you want to happen and what you want to

happen is always short term and long

term so talk to me about what would you

like to happen in the macro from a

financial work-life balance and the kind

of things that you want I mean it's just

choices right there like life is very

simple like because I chose that I want

to own the New York Jets my work-life

balance is not as good as it would be if

I was okay with where I am now right I

don't know if you saw the news of the

pure Wow deal I wouldn't be buying this

big media company because I'm rich

enough already if I wanted to just be

rich right no I want to buy a football

team that's I have to be on the offense

at 41 years old like I have nothing and

I'm 20 got it so the biggest nights are

later so help me understand the

financial situation of all of this like

do you want to make lots of money like

your financial situation you have to

make the money like are where are you in

your life with family like how much

vacation time do you want to do and

where do you want to end up like what's

like work backwards

give me some day back so right now we're

basically an empty nester in both of our

both of our children are in college

that's huge and a lot of flex and alaric

use yep yes so and ideally like my big

picture scheme as I would like to get

into how slipping and doing Airbnb and

stuff like that because again being a

cabinet designer I look at all these

people who put houses around here and go

I know I could do that show much better

I love that and I think it will be a

great market and 12 the real estate

market you just got to not get caught up

when you got momentum going in two or

three years of having too much inventory

that you're sitting on and then the

market gets soft so as long as there's

not a cool

apps of housing or Wall Street market

you're going to cruise and as long as

you're conservative and not don't get

too big for your bridges as you're doing

and buying and flipping don't overextend

yourself even in a crash as long as

you're playing with house money you'll

be fine right and that's that's part of

my problem and looking at the big

picture is right now we're a little bit

in debt it way if I again bust my tail

for the last year I could get a

completely out of debt and again so I'm

here looking look let's start right

there immediately do that it's like I

can tell by your energy and your vibe

work your face off for the next year and

get yourself out of debt take all the

jobs do all the things pump everything

leisure right now do that that's just a

good idea

right I mean it and then I mean it oh I

believe I know and by the way billing my

husband one year is nothing Barack and I

were just sitting in a hotel in Vegas

saying like hey just daily anything is

going to be big it was five seconds ago

that was one year ago like one year goes

real fast debt compounds there's no

reason to have it if you're that close

and your energy feels so good that you

want to do the work anyway it's like eat

that crow for one year period no doubt

100% and like be smart like speed up the

process to nine months by not buying you

know $8 lettuce instead of $6 lettuce

and like flip some in your garage

like all that stuff like just make that

your core number one thing definitely do


that's number one yeah now I was waiting

for you to drop the eBay things we don't

like my husband I'm like he's really

good he like some old-school cars and

stuff like that and he knows that stuff

is using like the back of a fan and I'm

like okay you need to like figure that


look because he hasn't fine nothing's

and yet our stores and stuff like that

okay though yeah so that's my big

picture thing is trying to figure out

how to get there and also because once

we get out of debt I'm trying to figure

out how to balance that like do I go

take out them know try anything about

let me tell you what I would do let me

tell that I do the housing markets be

good for long enough here's my advices

and if you were my sister crush your

debt go crazy your husband if he's

deeply knowledgeable about automobiles

will be blown away and you live in

Atlanta which means your wide garage

sales and things

they took is a warm weather he he's by

accident going to make twenty thirty

forty thousand dollars it's going to

happen I'm telling you it's not that's

based on if he works like I do which is

all in right if he works less than only

five thousand seven thirty thousand

clear your debt year one year to 2018

work your face off and save money right

save and then whatever you save let's

say you've got forty eight thousand

dollars great that means that's your

down payment and then get a mortgage on

the wreck rest for your first flip got

it right twenty four months of eating

to be able to eat a br for the rest

of your life yeah because that's my big

picture is i want to be able to when

quote-unquote retire and I say that very

loosely because I don't want to work for

a paycheck anymore I just want to work

because the best way to do that is to go

extreme everybody's trying to drag that

out over eight years and take a vacation

here make five thousand on ebay instead

of twenty thousand work one of the jobs

not two of the jobs the best way to do

it is you never promise tomorrow even

though I talked about patience I'm aware

that you're not promised tomorrow when

you can do something do it so crush the

next 24 months clean debt get ten

fifteen twenty fifty eighty thousand

dollars in savings whatever it ends up

being that is your deposit get the

mortgage for whatever else you can and

do the flip and if that doesn't get you

the house that you want for your first

flip then eat another pile of in

2019 and now you've got ninety thousand

dollars for the deposit and then you put

that down

got it oh yeah I plan on working it up

there so it put its clouds and dirt it's

going all in for the next 24 months and

not being glamorous so that you can be

glamorous for the rest of the way the

problem is everybody hedges and then a

net they're half pregnant the whole

fifty years

no and that's what I don't want to be in

and I'm like um about the same age and I

just like I'm like okay no it's like

full speed ahead now because I'm just

like I don't want to wake up in twenty

years ten years ago that's we're still

here ideally but I have hitting me all

three jobs stuff don't watch a single

thing don't go anywhere work for the

next 24 months you will win gotcha all

right let me see it alright thanks so