Red Dead Redemption 2 - 7 Things You NEED to Know About Your Horse

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has a grown everyone welcome back to

another reddit redemption to video my

name is saints van and today i have

seven things that i think you need to

know about your horse in the game these

are some things that i actually recently

just found out about and the reason is

because while rockstar made a wonderful

game here a lot of like little things

they don't actually tell you you have to

either find out on your own which is

hard to do sometimes or maybe watch it

in a video like this but the seven

things you need to know about your horse

let's go ahead and get in the first

thing this one is kind of a cool thing

it definitely comes in handy sometimes

you can jump straight onto your horse

from higher ground so if like you're up

on a cliff that's not too high or if

you're unlike the second story of a

building especially in saint-denis

there's a lot of buildings with the

balconies if your horse is right below

you and you jump off if in midair you

hit why you can actually just hop on

your horse straight away that saves a

lot of times you don't want to fall off

of that balcony let's say hit the ground

stumble and Bumble and everything you

get shot a couple times and then you

have that on your horse and sometimes

your horse runs away just hop on your

horse straight from the balcony or from

that higher ground and you can get away

a lot quicker so I thought that was

really cool next thing and I had no idea

about this this may be kind of obvious

for some people but you can actually

dismount your horse to either side

depending on what you want it's not

random I always thought it was random I

kept hitting why and then sometimes my

guy would get off on the left sometimes

he'd get off on the right and I was like

okay why why is he doing this but if you

want to choose just hold left or right

on the left analog stick and that's the

side you dismount from so if I hold left

while hitting why my guys would be able

to left if I hold right he's gonna go to

the right I thought that was kind of a

cool thing to know next and this is

something like I don't know how the hell

you're supposed to find this if you

didn't read the strategy guide

but basically more short whistles we'll

call your horse quicker and what I mean

by that let's take a look at the actual

part in the strategy guide rocks or say

there is an additional although hidden

system that determines your horses

reactivity to your whistles and it's

called the response bar the higher your

bonding level the more the response bar

is extended for segments at level one

six segments at level two and eight

segments at level three and a four every

time you tap or hold up to whistle the

bar fills incrementally broadly each tap

fills half of a segment at level one one

segment at level two and three and two

segments at level four the more you fill

a response bar the faster your horse

gate will be when it moves towards you

and then in short you can press up

repeatedly to make your horse come to

you more rapidly and this works even

better at higher bonding levels so like

I said I don't know how the hell you're

supposed to find that out if you don't

read the strategy guide but basically if

you just keep tapping up on that d-pad

when you're whistling your horse will

come quicker versus just tapping it once

this next thing is something that that

is kind of cheese in the system but it's

kind of annoying when especially in some

of these missions it spawns you so far

away from your horse because you don't

end up using your horse during that

mission you use something else and in

that scenario you either have to just

walk until you find someone's horse to

steal or you have to walk into town and

hope someone gives you a rider you know

something you have to do something else

which is kind of annoying well in order

to get your horse right next to you all

you have to do is quickly save the game

and then reload that save everything

will be fine and your horse will spawn

right next to you like I said it's kind

of cheese in the system but if you are

wanting to ride your own horse instead

of someone else's that's how you can do

it this nice thing is such an amazing

tip for hunting the one problem with

hunting is that you can only carry one

big pelt or one big

animal on your own horse well you have

multiple horses you can use all of them

to hunt you can see in the gameplay I

have three horses you may even be able

to push this up to four I don't know the

limit if someone wants to test then you

guys can let us know in the comment

section but I have three horses here and

I have three pelts and three animals so

I can get you know triple the money the

way this works is you have to have your

main horse and then you also have to

have at least another horse tamed and on

the mini-map you'll see that's like the

horse icon it's not the satchel icon and

then the third horse is just another

horse that you can either steal or that

you can get out of your stable honestly

the two horses that I got they are not

even stapled I literally just stole them

and it only takes a couple of minutes to

get it to level one at least so it will

follow you but if you are going out

hunting this is such an amazing little

helpful tip to allow you to get more one

of the final things this is something it

makes sense but I think a lot of people

may not realize what's happening if

you're like me and I know if you guys

watch my streams I am the worst at this

I crash into trees and rocks so often

when I'm on my horse and the reason is

because I am actually controlling the

horse well when you're in forests and

stuff if you just hold the a button or

like tap a button and don't touch the

left analog stick your horse will

naturally guide itself and it will dodge

rocks and trees and other obstacles in

the way and I think the problem comes

when you try to dodge it yourself it's

sort of conflicting with what the horse

is doing and that's why sometimes you

run into the trees and the rocks so if

you're in a forest or if you're in a you

know crowded area just hold the a button

let the horse do what it wants to do and

you should be good and then the final

thing that I think is such an awesome

little trinket the boar talisman

this thing is really helpful for your

horse I believe what it does is

permanently decrease the speed that the

horses health and stamina cores are

drain by 10 percent and that doesn't

sound like a lot but it does come in

handy if you buy this or you have to

craft it and the way to craft it you

need this I think it's like the

petrified wood which is unfortunately

found way up on the top of the map I

think by Lake Isabella there's a chest

up here in a little cave and it's in

that but once you have that you do need

also the legendary boar you could find

that in the marsh north of saint-denis

and then you also need a gold earring

which by the way it took me forever to

actually get but once you do have all

those items and you craft it then that

effect takes place so your horse is

health and stamina quarters decrease by


so that's like I said not a lot but it

does come in handy when you're riding

constantly throughout the world I mean

there's a lot of stamina being used when

you're going from st. to need a

Valentine or you know vice versa so

getting this early on will provide a

pretty big benefit so those were seven

or maybe even eight things that you

should know about your horse hopefully

this makes your horsing experiences a

lot better in RDR too but thank you all

for watching please drop the video like

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redemption of two videos and as always I

will see you guys in the next one