Triple monitor on our Laptop | Multiple display windows 10

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hey wassup it's really Pro here in we're

going set up triple my tour with our

laptop so we're going to add two extra

monitors plus our laptop that will make

it triple monitor so if you want to know

how to do that one stick around and

you're going to see yo good morning

we're gonna set up my okay 1 2 2





this will be fresh out


most of our data was only one video in

this has only HD mind so if you are

going to add in one if you're going to

add an external monitor that will be

only do one month or because we already

have one

so I have a healthy weight link Wendling

USB to DVI so as per this device it can

support up to 6 display units so if you

want more than three you can do that one

and you try to see the diagram you have

in their box see one two three four five

six this is how it's going to be set up

now let's open this one what's inside

I'm box

oops we have the manual and first this

is the device that they have you have

the USB there


and this one is a VGA adapter so we can

convert that DVI to VGA and this one if

you have HDMI then you can use this one

to HDMI to DVI since both of our

monitors only supports VJ so we need to

plug this adapter here so we are going

to convert it into VGA and at the same

time since my laptop has HDMI port

I need a HDMI to VGA so we can use it so

let's plug this one here okay and then

we're going to plug this one it over

like that

at the same time we're going to plug

this one here

like that and we need to get he do it

chemo for underneath all these people if

you have to use the cable that comes

with a doctor here funny like that


so this one already came up okay we have

a third one he's coming up and see if

always nothing holding tight there you

go we have three more tours with our

laptop so I'll try to go to find

let's go through the display we're going

to display settings and try to see why

to the three which they identified so

this is one that stood that is three

this would be for that and then we can

toggle one more window to the other

point or like that that's how you set up

their triple monitor this really helps

because it really gives you additional

extra water for that laptop and well

maybe one day he will be leading up to

six six display you might want to use

this one