Customizable headers and footers in Google Docs

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people using Google Docs can now use

different headers and footers on the

first pages of their documents which

comes in handy for following academic

formatting guidelines such as MLA CMS or

APA or maybe just making a title page

without headers or footers after

inserting a header or footer in your

document you'll see a new check box

ticket and you'll be able to set a

different header and footer on the first

page let's go ahead and demonstrate this

so I have pulled up an example research

paper and you can all see that from what

we were used to doing we have to start

doing this running head putting that

practical application paper title on the

top there and then in subsequent pages

we'd have to do something different

now if I was doing this formatting wise

in Google Docs before if I insert a

header or a footer it would put it on

all subsequent pages so what we can do

is we can just go ahead and let's say

for example we're just going to cut this

piece and we're going to delete the rest

of this now I'm going to go up to insert

I'm going to go down to where it says

header you'll notice that a new little

box here if I select that I can do a

different first page header so up at the

top here I can go ahead and paste that

what I had before

now if I go down to my second page

you'll notice that the second page does

not have that exact same header if I go

ahead and click inside here I can do

whatever I want so for example I'm just

going to tab over and I'm just going to

write data collection just make sure I'm

in the same font so we got Times New


select that

and now what I've done is I've created

that second header that's just a little

bit different than my first one so I

have data collection here if I go up to

the top you'll see here is my practical

application paper header that I put up

top now if I have already created this

instance what I can do is go ahead and

deselect this box when I do that you'll

notice that the first one goes away in

that upper left corner and it has taken

on the property of my second one that I

created on page 2 click it again and it

allow allows me to go back and actually

put into whatever I want in that case

that's that practical application paper

header and I can go from there so the

same thing is going to apply for footers

where you can do custom and unique

headers and footers on page one and then

all subsequent pages something different