How to End Your Period in 3 Days Almost 100% Working!!!

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how to end your period in three days

almost hundred percent working

menstruation is always very painful for

all women but sometimes they're worse

for some women extreme pain and

uncontrolled flow during their situation

from bad to worst their situation make

women to think about shortening their

periods there are many ways to do this

you can even stop your periods with

these ways here are some few tips to do

that but it's always best to consult

your doctor before doing anything to

lighten up or to stop your period take

ibuprofen ibuprofen will minimize cramps

and help ease the pain caused by

menstruation follow the directions on

the box and take the recommended dose

drink lots of water water is crucial

component in feeling better

it keeps minimizes headaches and

irritations caused by your period eat

lots of fruits and vegetables the

vitamins in fruits and vegetables are

the best your body can get and help

reduce the length of time your period

hangs around they also taste great to

use herb already

nothing beats the natural way when it

comes to healing your body and speeding

up the recovery process take a warm bath

or shower this will help relax your

muscles which makes your menstruation

and quicker it also feels amazing try

swimming swimming helps keep the muscles

strong and healthy and the movement

helps reduce the negative effects of a

period use a heating pad have you ever

reached for a heating pad to deal with

wickedly painful period cramps if you

have you also reduce the flow and length

of your period this is true because he

encourages fluid to leave your body when

you apply a heating pad to your abdomen

you're encouraging the fluid in your

uterus to leave your body the faster all

the fluid leaves you the sooner your

period will be over sex can shorten your

period many women aren't keen to have

sex on their period but the truth of the

matter is it can help shorten the length

of your period sex can affect flow

because of her gasma contractions

orgasms naturally send fluid out of your

body which includes blood flow since


soon your period can be rather messy

it's important to discuss it with your

partner before engaging it's worth

noting that you can also create our

cosmic contractions through menstruation

which wouldn't require a partner use

pads instead of tampons tampons are

usually the go-to choice for women on

their periods but these aren't the best

choice if you're trying to make a period

and faster to make your period go away

faster you should use pads instead of

tampons pads sometimes called sanitary

napkins allow you to bleed freely

tampons on the other hand can block your

flow which can make your period last