How to make a chart with 3 axis in excel

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okay so first of all select everything

and insert a chart

then to make a secondary axis is nice

and easy just double-click on one of the

lines to open up the formatting bar and

change it to the secondary axes then to

make a third axis is more complicated

but we are going to make two charts so

press ctrl D to duplicate the chart

then on the second chart delete the blue

and the orange lines then on the first

chart delete the grey line and on the

second chart change the fill to no fill

and we are going to line these two

charts up over the top of each other

to make it look like we have an excel

chart with three axes there's quite a

lot of formatting we need to do before

them go to view and remove gridlines

then remove the border from both of the

charts then on the second chart remove

the gridlines we can't delete the chart

title because if we do the size of the

chart will expand and we want this to

stay the same size as the other chart so

instead go to text options and change

the text fill to no fill

Virna the next thing to do is to add

axis titles to all of this to make it

clear which axis goes with which data

set so I will make it equal to this

column heading here and then change the

color to match the lines make the font

blue and bold and bigger and also change

the font here then on the axes change

the line to be blue and to make it

thicker and I will do that to the other

two axes as well making sure to change

the color


okay and now if I line the two charts up

over the top of each other we get

something closer to what we actually

want but at the moment the gray and

orange axes are overlapping so in order

to fix this we will change the maximum

and minimum on this x-axis we will

decrease the minimum a little bit and

this will cause the gray line to be

shifted to the right and create a gap

between the gray line and the gray axes

which is where the orange axis is going

to go so I will change the eight to a

five then I need to change the maximum

back to what it was before in order to

match the other charm then I don't want

this x-axis to have labels on it but I

can't just delete them because that will

change the size of the chart so go to

text options and change the text fill to

no fill then for the time being I will

change the axes line to be a nice bright

color and to be really thick to make it

easier to line up the charts so line up

the end of the pink line with the

beginning of the blue line then hold

down control to select both charts and

go to shape format and align and align

middle to make sure both the charts are

perfectly lined up horizontally then

expand the chart with the gray axes on

it until the gray dots line up with the

blue and the orange dots so we'll just

move it to the left a little

okay and now that that is lined up we no

longer need this pink line down here so

change it to no line and also take the

legend here

and move it to the side now we will

change the axes maximum and minimum

values so that all the lines aren't

squashed together so for the orange line

I will change the minimum to be 60 and

the maximum to be 120 then for the gray

axes I'll change the minimum to 5 and

the maximum to 30 and now the lines are

more spread out now if you want this

chart to have a border go to insert and

insert a rectangle and to draw it over

the top of the two charts

then send it to the back and change the

shape outline to black and the shape

fill to white then select one of the

charts and press ctrl-a to select all go

to shape format and group everything and

now we have everything grouped together

so we can move it around as if it were

one object okay so in this video I have

made what looks like a excel chart with

three axes by creating two charts and

lining them up over the top of each

other okay and that is everything